9 Demand Generation Books Every Marketing Expert Should Read


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9 Demand Generation Books Every Marketing Expert Should Read

Demand generation is essential to any marketing campaign. According to Business2Community, 70% of marketers say their demand generation budgets will increase, and 34% say their spending will grow by more than 20% – which makes it important to understand the strategies. For this purpose, we have curated a list of books that are a must-read for demand generation marketers. They give you insights into many varied aspects of demand generation. So, let’s get started. Before writing this demand generation book, Carlos Hidalgo was the founder and CEO of VisumCx, marketing director and account manager at B2B firms.

Demand Generation Books

This book offers insights into:

  • Roadmap on how companies and B2B organizations can implement change management and transform their demand generation campaigns and become a successful b2b company.
  • Case studies and excerpts from clients
  • Current research from industry influencers and thought leaders
  • Potential pitfalls that occur within an organization as a demand generation process is developed
  • Organization models that can be implemented to ensure that the demand process is adopted throughout the enterprise
  • The values and limitations of marketing technology
  • Importance of buyer knowledge and behavioral insights, etc

Mark Roberge is a senior lecturer at Harvard and former Chief Revenue Officer at Hubspot. This book is a goldmine because he shares lessons he learned guiding Hubspot from a small startup to a $100 million in revenue in seven years.

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You will learn about

  • The Sales Hiring Formula
  • The Sales Training Formula
  • The Sales Management Formula
  • The Demand Generation Formula

Gary Vaynerchuk is a Belarusian American entrepreneur, author, speaker and internet personality who took his family business worth $3 million to more than $60 million.

His book, #askgaryvee, is a New York Times bestseller. He is an internet marketing expert who had the foresight to beyond using the traditional methods of marketing and use social media tools (Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook) to reach an untapped audience that continues to grow. Robert Greene is an American author known for his book on power, strategy, and seduction.

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While The Art of Seduction is not about marketing at all, it definitely is a demand generation book. The book examines social power through the lens of seduction and was an international bestseller. Mark Jeffery is the author of this demand generation book and founder and CEO at Aquimo. In this book, he tells you exactly why only 20% of the marketers actually succeed in their marketing efforts.

Not only is this demand generation book described as ground breaking but it also named as the best book of 2011 by the American Marketing Association. If you are a marketer who is working with a tight budget and understand the relationship between marketing activities and revenue, it is a must-read for you. It helps you master various analytics techniques and maximize ROI without breaking your head over random data.

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Ryan Holiday is the author of the book and a renowned growth hacker. Out of all the demand generation books listed here, this one is the shortest at 141 pages. A few topics that it covers are

  • How to build growth hacking into your product and position it
  • Things that have changed in marketing, for example, customer empathy
  • Importance of customer retention activities in marketing strategies

This demand generation book will tell you how marketing has evolved over the years, interactive tools you can use for measurement and real-world case studies.

Jonah Beger, the author of this book, is a profession of marketing at the popular Wharton School of Business since 2007. Unlike the other demand generation books, Contagious isn’t a hardcore demand generation book. It deals with what compels a consumer and is being written with an academic perspective.

According to him, it is not quality, price, and advertising which makes popular brands contagious it is the social influence and the word of mouth. It gives detailed insights to demand generation marketers into understanding social influence. Besides this, you will also understand the psychology of purchase triggers, how to use customer emotion and how to deliver brand stories that compel and provide practical value to your audience.

Guy Kawasaki, the author of this book, is an extremely well-known marketing leader. He was formerly a Chief Evangelist at Apple, Kawasaki currently serves as Chief Evangelist at Canva and as a well-known keynote speaker. In this demand generation books, you will learn to create a multichannel strategy for long-term success (not platform specific strategies).

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You will learn ready to apply tips, how to catalog digital assets, grow a following and integrate social into their content marketing and messaging strategies. There you go. If you read these demand generation books, you will be surprised at the number of lightbulb moments you can have. So, why wait? Jump off, order a few and start reading. Is there any other book that can be added to the list? Do comment below and let us know.

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