5 Lead Generation Campaigns Marketers Can Use


Lead generation campaigns are used to build and arise interest around a particular product or service. The main objective of such campaigns is to build a strong relationship with your target customers.


However, people often make the mistake of assuming that lead generation campaigns can happen instantly. Like put in some buttons, a CTA, a message and you will start getting sales leads for your business. This is NOT the case!


Lead generation ideas and strategies should undergo careful thinking and must play a crucial part in every aspect of your marketing campaign for it to be successful, including your SEO, PPC, your website design and your social media strategies.

Lead Generation Funnel

Before jumping to the different lead generation campaigns that you can use for successful marketing, let us first understand the funnel of lead generation.

Lead generation funnel

1. Awareness

The first layer of the lead generation is simple – spreading brand/product awareness. You can make people aware of your product/service through social media, emails, PPC Ads or by uploading blogs, videos, and infographics on the internet. The goal of this stage is to spread over a wide network and touch/inspire as many people as you can. It is also vital that you are able to monitor the content’s outreach through different mediums such as landing page submission forms or tracking codes.


2. Data Collection and Analysis

The first stage allows you to collect the data, which will usually be only names and email addresses so that you have a database of potential leads that can be converted into customers. You need to analyze the data so as to decide the people worth pursuing.

3. Reach out

After analyzing the data, it is now time to get in touch with your prospects. However, you should do this well within the time so that you don’t lose leads to some other offer from some other company. It is also important that you prepare your sales team properly before contacting your prospects.


4. Nurture Lead

After you reach out and your prospect seems interested in your content, you need to start building your relationship with them. You can inject your business’ personality and show them why you are the best in the market. You need to show them that you are a valuable and reliable source for them.

The steps described in the lead generation funnel should work for everyone. However, you may need to tweak or repeat the process to have successful lead generation campaigns.


20 Lead Generation Hacks for 2019 | Redefined Strategy for Marketing

Here are some lead generation campaigns that companies used to kick-start their new product/service.

Lead Generation Campaigns

1. Use Customer Feedback

No matter what your customer feedback is, simple – such as the name of your company or something complex – like the efficiency of your product, it is necessary that you listen to it. It is also crucial to let your customers know as and when you make corrections/improvements. You can make the announcement through an email blast or post the news on your website.

2. Create Original Videos

Create original videos or look for YouTube or Vimeo content creators who make content that you connect with and cover the topics that may interest your target audience. Though it is always essential to keep your audience in mind, in this case, it is significant.


As a marketer, your videos should read the individuals who are the decision makers or work with them so that they can influence their decision. This way, people can easily recognize your business when they need to change or invest in products you are offering. Brand recognition makes a huge difference in generating leads.

3. Develop Mobile-Specific Campaigns

Providing contents for the target audience in the form of a mobile app allows them to determine if your product is right for them. They can do this by looking at the visuals which are readily available on their phones.


You can also create a mobile campaign which provides content to people based on their locations. This gives a personalized touch that signifies that you are aware of the needs and wants of your potential leads.

4. Engage with Experiential Marketing

You can engage with your community by impacting them in a positive way. You are required to treat the personal side of your business along with your financial side if you want your audience to remember you.


You can tie-up with non-profitable events with your branding or take a route that is in correlation to what your business is actually doing. This shows that you are connecting with your community for promoting your brand and also because you care.

5. Personalize your CTA

You can throw in a quiz in your CTA based on your content for creating an experience that the audience can use as per their wants. It also shows how versatile you are in your offerings which sets your brand’s personality to be distinctive.


You don’t have to make these quizzes complicated but it should show your user that you are the best guy out there in this industry. Make them stay on your site for a longer period for it helps you generate leads.


Lead Generation Vs. Demand Generation

Lead generation campaigns have to be very creative so that your potential clients show interest in your product and leave their contact details for you to coax them into buying your product. All you have to do is be on-point with your marketing gimmicks and entice people to show interest in your product. Engage with your potential clients, play around their needs by sending out personalized content to match their needs and you are all set to generate leads through marketing.


What are you waiting for? Implement these ideas to generate your leads effectively. If you have any more ideas, you can list them down in the comments!

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