5 Reasons for Guest Blogging for Content Syndication


Guest blogging for content syndication is a tested marketing and business strategy – especially for start-ups and businesses at an early stage.


For those of you who don’t know, guest blogging for content syndication is the process of publishing content on third party websites that have a readership much bigger than yours. For example, Thrive Global, Entrepreneur etc.


You can expand your reach, build credibility, boost subscribers, rank higher on search results and generate more leads – all with guest blogging at the right places.

guest blogging

So, why not utilize it to boost your existing business?


If you are already producing good quality content, guest blogging for content syndication gives you a great opportunity to build brand awareness.


In this post, we will discuss 5 compelling reasons to go for guest blogging for content syndication.


Reach your target audience



If you are starting out, guest blogging for content syndication allows you to reach your target audience.


And, we all know that – higher the amount of traffic equals to higher lead conversion rate.

target audience



You can keep writing awesome content on your blog but if there is no one to read, it is a waste of resources.


Guest blogging for content syndication is your answer.  If you are a SaaS business wanting to reach out for startups, publishing a post on how your product solves a problem on websites like the Entrepreneur (or similar smaller names) will help.




An entrepreneur has readers in millions. At least a few thousands read your article and even though only a few hundreds visit your blog, the truth is – this guest post has put your name out in front of thousands of eyes.


When you keep guest blogging for content syndication, more and more of your target audience becomes aware of your brand.




Build credibility



If you can convince a well-known brand to publish your blog post, it will have a higher value. Websites like Hubspot, Entrepreneur, TNW etc are extremely picky about the content they publish, and if you do make the cut, you will be seen as an expert by the readers.


While it does take time to build authority in a niche, guest blogging for content syndication makes it easier and faster.


Not only do you build credibility as an author and a brand, but you can also promote the fact that your work appears on certain authoritative websites in your own marketing materials, website and blog.


Skyrocket your search engine rankings


Guest blogging for content syndication also helps you build domain authority and makes you more visible in search results.

While using keywords and following best content syndication SEO practices helps to rank higher, there is nothing equivalent to backlinks to showcase authority and credibility to search engines.

skyrocket search engine rankings
Moosa Hemani in an article on Moz says that “My blog is in its infancy – only two months old. I currently have a Google PR of 3 and DA of almost 35. Most of my incoming links are the result of guest blogging.


How awesome is that?


Drive traffic to your website



Guest blogging for b2b content syndication puts you in front of many eyes.


But, how do you get them to visit your website? There are three ways:


  • Write a strong author bio
  • Drop text links at necessary places (especially where visitors would love more information)
  • Insert a link to a lead magnet or a course that can help your target audience solve their problem


When you write guest blog posts in a manner which drives visitors to click on links, you will generate referral traffic.


This not only increases your website traffic but also boost your subscriber’s rate. Gregory Ciotti used guest blogging to add 36,733 more qualified subscribers to his email list. That’s crazy, isn’t it?


From there, you can nurture leads and convert them into customers.


Also, did you know that –


According to HubSpot, inbound marketing tactics (e.g., guest blogging) don’t just help you drive traffic to your site, but can also increase your revenue?


Helps build a powerful network



This is common knowledge because so many blogs state this.


But, what they don’t tell you is the time it takes to build a “network” using this route. When we wrote our first guest post, very few people (let alone the influencers) shared it. After constant efforts, however, influencers in the industry started noticing us and sharing our content.

build powerful network

According to Moz, Kristi Hines says –


“I’ve built great blogging relationships through guest posting on other blogs as well as inviting others to guest post on my own. The strongest relationships you will build with other blogs are the ones on sites where you contribute regularly vs. submitting one-off posts.”


If you cannot submit multiple posts to the same site, you can develop a strong relationship by –


  • Interacting with audience
  • Responding to the comments
  • Updating the post regularly
  • Follow up with the editor or blogger to know how the post did


What are you waiting for?


Hop on to the guest blogging for content syndication train and boost your content marketing ROI.


Neil Patel says I’ve tried many different inbound marketing strategies, but guest blogging has remained my most treasured tool. QuickSprout wouldn’t have been as successful as it’s become if I’d neglected guest blogging


Guest blogging can help you with lead generation campaign as well, but you need to ensure that you write for your audience.


What has been your experience with guest blogging?




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