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In recent times, there has been an increase in the practice of outsourcing remote teams to perform the same tasks as those carried out locally. Outsourcing has established its significance in our digital economy. Why purchase something domestically when you can obtain the same item for a much lower price from elsewhere?

With the availability of B2B SaaS tools and skilled workers across the world, there exists a service economy that caters to every requirement. This article explores the service economy for outbound sales, also known as “SDR as a service”, which is provided by companies that outsource SDR. You will gain an understanding of SDR as a service and discover how to identify the best SDR outsourcing firms.

What is the meaning of SDR as a Service?

SDR as a Service involves the delegation of outbound sales team responsibilities to an SDR outsourcing firm in order to minimize expenses and effort. The assigned duties comprise lead creation, lead nurturing, outbound communication, reporting, and others, which are handled by the outsourced SDRs at the SDR outsourcing firm.

Companies that wish to increase their revenue find SDR as a Service appealing because it allows them to bring on an outsourced SDR at a significantly lower cost than hiring and training an internal employee. This enables sales teams to grow quickly without the time and money required to create a scalable frontline sales team.

Hiring an in-house SDR can take several months for the company to complete the process of interviewing candidates, hiring, and training. However, SDR as a Service companies address this issue by focusing solely on outbound sales, which is their area of expertise. They have the necessary tools and knowledge to assist businesses in generating B2B leads immediately, without worrying about the time and financial restrictions of employee onboarding.

Furthermore, SDR as a Service providers offer cost savings to clients by enabling them to quickly expand their sales teams without incurring additional expenses, such as purchasing expensive hardware or software or covering hiring costs. This is due to the fact that many SDR as a Service companies already employ SaaS platforms to manage their prospect and lead pipelines, which they train their staff to use.

SaaS platforms can be a significant burden, even for seasoned sales teams. There are numerous options available for managing outbound prospects and leads, and there is always the temptation to experiment with new platforms and potentially switch to them. All of this necessitates a significant amount of time, analysis, and effort.

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Most businesses lack the time to do this. Instead, they need to focus on converting prospects into qualified leads (sales qualified or marketing qualified) and leads into customers.

This is where SDR as a Service becomes particularly valuable because they already know which tools to use and how to use them effectively.

Furthermore, it is possible to entrust an SDR outsourcing with the entire pipeline management while concentrating on other aspects of the business. It can be challenging to find time to run a flawless outbound operation when your team is busy creating a new marketing campaign or developing a new product. SDR as a Service provides expert team members who can manage the pipeline on behalf of the business.

Moreover, SDR as a Service firms ensure that every interaction with potential customers is tailored and effective by utilizing customized tools to guarantee that messages are personalized and sent at optimal times. They also utilize top-of-the-line tools to enable personalization.

SDR as a Service can take various forms, including direct engagement of SDRs with prospects or teams that handle the entire pipeline on behalf of the business while the company concentrates on other aspects of the enterprise.

What are the Advantages of Hiring SDR Outsourcing Companies?

There are numerous benefits to hiring SDR outsourcing companies.

The first advantage is that it enables you to create more sales representatives. When you reach a certain size, particularly when your business is expanding, hiring additional in-house SDRs may be impractical. Engaging outsourced teams can help you scale far beyond that point.

As discussed in the previous section, it’s much easier to get a new outsourced SDR started than an in-house one. The same applies to hiring several outsourced SDRs.

Typically, SDR as a Service companies provide the customer with at least three outsourced SDRs when making a deal. Since each outsourced SDR has already worked with other companies, they don’t need the same amount of time to onboard as an in-house SDR.

This is true regardless of how many outsourced SDRs you employ.

When hiring multiple in-house SDRs, each person must be thoroughly trained on every aspect of the job. SDR as a Service removes this requirement from the agenda.

Check out the infographic below for a comparison between in-house and outsourced SDRs.

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Source: Salespipe

There are several other advantages to hiring SDR outsourcing companies. It allows you to expand your sales team without incurring the costs and challenges of hiring in-house SDRs, especially as your business grows. Additionally, outsourced SDRs can help you achieve your lead generation goals faster due to their prior experience working with multiple companies.

Moreover, outsourced SDRs are typically experts in their field and require minimal training to be successful, given their access to cold email templates and other essential tools. They also offer flexibility in terms of working hours and location, as they are often remote workers.

Furthermore, they are cost-effective, costing 30-50% less than full-time employees while providing three to five times the productivity. This makes them a great option for companies looking to optimize their sales operations.

Another benefit of using SDR outsourcing companies is that they can serve as a market validation tool. Instead of conducting surveys, businesses can use their outbound strategy as a means of selling to potential customers and testing concepts in the market.

Guidelines for Effective SDR Outsourcing Companies

While engaging outsourced SDR companies can be a great move, it is essential to pick a company that can deliver optimal results. Some things to consider when selecting an SDR as a Service provider include:

The quality of the team provided and their qualifications. Asking about the number of customers currently served and the years of experience their outsourced SDRs have can help assess their quality.

The compensation plan offered, whether it is multi-tiered or a single tier.

The industries the SDR outsourcing company has worked with before and the ones they presently serve. Companies that have worked in multiple industries are more versatile and can help make sales in any niche.

The follow-up frequency of the SDR outsourcing companies with old prospects. The best SDR outsourcing companies re-engage with old prospects to book meetings with them. Effective SDR companies show assertiveness by following up on prospects without hesitation, thereby converting them to leads.

Hiring an SDR outsourcing company that constantly engages with old prospects can help achieve sales targets.


SDR outsourcing companies provide numerous benefits for businesses looking to improve their sales and lead generation efforts.

By hiring outsourced SDRs, businesses can scale their sales teams without the limitations of hiring in-house, and reach their lead generation goals more quickly with the help of experienced professionals.

Additionally, outsourced SDRs are experts at what they do, can work flexible hours, and are more affordable than hiring in-house employees. However, it’s important to choose an SDR as a Service company that fits your specific needs, with a quality team, effective compensation plan, and experience working with businesses in your industry.

By following these best practices, businesses can maximize their results and achieve greater success with outsourced SDRs.

And if you and your company are looking for SDRs to carry out your lead generation tasks, please get in touch with us and ONLY B2B will assist you with the same.

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