How to Use Content Syndication to Boost Your Subscribers

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How to Use Content Syndication to Boost Your Subscribers

Have you heard of Ash Ambirge of The Middle Finger Project? It’s ok if you haven’t. Because I will share something about her that will leave your jaw dropped to the floor.

Ash Ambirge found herself in the parking lot in the slums of Philadelphia with mere $26. She was assaulted by her boyfriend and barely escaped with her life a few hours ago. Most people would resort to suicide or prostitution but not Ash. She had a weapon, a blog, which she built on the side with 2500 email subscribers, a testament to the benefits of content syndication and audience building.

She turned to her subscribers for pre-selling an ebook.

Yes, when shit hit the fan, she resorted to her subscribers to make a living. 

Do you see what I am getting at? Building email lists should be an important part of your sales strategy. It helps you reach out to your audience within a matter of minutes and sell your product or services. Neil Patel, summarizes it, by saying, 

out of all the channels I tested as a marketer, email continually outperforms most of them. Not only does it have a high conversion rate, but as you build up your list you can continually monetize it by pitching multiple products. Just look at ecommerce sites like Amazon, one way they get you to continually buy more products from them is by emailing you offers on a regular basis. 

Don’t forget the power of video content syndication as well! By creating high-quality video content and strategically placing it on relevant websites, you can reach even wider audiences and generate leads who might be more receptive to video as a format.

But, how to build an email list? There is a tonne of tactics you can use (including, landing pages, opt-ins, header opt-ins, etc). Today, we are going to look at using content syndication alongside content syndication tools to boost your email subscribers.

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What is content syndication?

Content syndication is an inbound strategy which deals with republishing your content on third-party sites. Now, think about the worst advice you have received to on how to grow your wordpress blog?

You concentrate on building it, they will come, thats mine! It couldn’t be more misleading than that. Growing your blog audience and converting them into subscribers requires a well thought strategy. 

You may write awesome posts on your blog, but if there is no one to read, you won’t get anywhere. And, this is where content syndication comes to rescue.

It essentially expands your reach by placing your content in front of new audiences on relevant websites. In simpler terms, how does content syndication work? Reputable syndication platforms connect you with websites that share your target audience.

You can then share your high-quality content with them, allowing them to publish it while properly attributing it back to your original source. This increases your visibility and drives new visitors to your blog, potentially converting them into loyal subscribers.

Specifically in the B2B content syndication space, this expands your reach to relevant industry publications and websites frequented by your target audience. By placing your content in front of these qualified readers, you can generate high-quality leads and establish yourself as a thought leader within your niche.

It gives your content legs of an Olympic athlete. What I mean is, content syndication can put you in front of millions of readers and help you gain new subscribers. 

James Clear, a big advocate of content syndication, says  an article that originally ran on my site and then was re-published by Lifehacker later on. I gained over 600 subscribers from the Lifehacker version and I didn’t have to put in any additional work writing a new article.

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600 subscribers! Now, that’s how content syndication can help to boost your subscribers (if done right!)

Lets look at a few things you need to do with your posts while submitting it to other blogs and websites

3 things to do for boosting subscribers using content syndication

1. Write great content

Instead of discussing the rhetoric on actionable, valuable and informative content, let us tell you three types of content which do extremely well. 

a. How-to posts

Leave no stone unturned. Be as detailed as possible. Use screenshots, videos, and pictures to make it easy for your audience to understand how to do something For example, this post, we wrote on how to syndicate content. 

b. Personal experiences

We all have been through ups and downs and when we share our vulnerabilities with our audience, they connect with us. However, don’t go on about it! Focus on how you overcame your trouble and give information which they are looking for. For example, this posts talks about how she built her career after being fired from her job.

c. Case Studies

A case study not only gives specific tips, tricks and strategy but it helps build credibility amongst your audience.

2. Write thoughtful conclusions

Build in a call-to-action in the conclusions so readers can get more information on the same topic. This is what Greg did and suggests his audienceSource: Coschedule

He breaks down the conclusion into three parts

  • First, he summarizes the post and showcases how important is it for readers to follow his tips
  • Secondly, he introduces a bonus (an opt-in offer to download) to the audience by making an attractive offer
  • Finally, he used a call to action for people to download the bonus directly from the partners blog.

3. Link in the byline

Always write your byline in the end. That way, you can customize your byline to match the blog post. For example, if I had to link a lead magnet with this blog, it would be about content syndication or boosting email subscribers, directly trying into content syndication lead generation efforts.

For example, ElnaCain, provides a link to her free course, in all the bylines of her guest posts. You also need to spend time creating a high converting landing page (by including a relevant offer and personalizing it) where your audience will land after clicking on the link.


If there is one thing every marketer, business or blog owners, and conversion experts agree is the vitality of building a b2b list as you grow. This is where I remember what Ramsay Taplin of BlogTyrant has to say Even if all of my search rankings disappeared tomorrow I d still be able to promote my blog to tens of thousands of people via email. 

You have a taken good look at the real value of email subscribers. So, don’t take it for granted and start syndicating content to boost your subscribers.

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