How To Brand Yourself As Demand Generation Powerhouse

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Vikas Bhatt

Brand Yourself-As Demand Generation Powerhouse

Most businesses struggle to promote their brand effectively and create a consistently well performing lead generation funnel.   But, can you survive in such a situation?   Of course, not. You need consistency and predictability in acquiring new quality leads. This is where businesses decide to hire a demand generation powerhouse.   And, if you a demand generation expert, it is important to brand yourself correctly.   In this post, we will share 4 guaranteed ways to brand yourself as demand generation powerhouse and attract the clientele you want.

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1. Get the damn results and win clients trust

If you are looking to brand yourself as a demand generation powerhouse, it is important to get impressive results for your clients.   Each year our team gets smarter and we analyze everything we have done for our clients. While we keep experimenting with new strategies, there is always a handful of them that are guaranteed to drive results every single time. All this information guides us to perform better for our clients and we are able to win their trust.   We noticed that there are 5 activities in our procedure that fetched us great results and you can copy that  

  • Take out the time to understand and define the demand generation goals of your client. Remember, the goals depends on the maturity of the organization.
  • Define buyer persona once again (even if the organization gives you a persona, you want to be sure they have done it the right way)
  • Create content (as well as repurpose high performing content) for each stage of the buyer’s cycle and experiment with what works with your audience. Do not, in any case, try to get content written for cheap.
  • Test new strategies in intervals and redefine goals if need be.
  • Always share reports and keep your client updated (even if something is NOT working!)

These are a few examples of what we achieved for our clients –   Thumbs up for OnlyB2B! Vikas is great to work it. His team helped us generate more than 2000 MQL in about 3 quarters. Not only that, we saw a huge increase in SQL in our CRM, almost 10 times increase in conversion rates and increase in webinar event registration. I was wowed by the results. Only B2B helped us achieve above 24,000 leads in a year’s time which is difficult in VoIP & Internet industry. Out of this, numerous leads converted into sales resulting in a 252% increase in our revenue for that fiscal year. There was no looking backward from there. We immediately signed a contract with them for another 3 years.  

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2. Ask for testimonials

Look, it is simple.   We can go on telling you how we can drive results but why would you believe us without any social proof? Also, in the world of businesses, you can achieve success much faster by the word of mouth. Testimonials are the answers to both of these. They are extremely powerful tools for branding and strengthening your reputation. Ask for specific testimonials that speak for your work. For example, we received these two testimonials from our clients this year Only B2B was easy to work with. They shared regular updates and reports which were of immense help in tracking the success of our campaigns. They constantly work towards delivering better results and focus on content that had real results (through A/B testing!). They help us generate 4000+ new pipeline in a short duration, almost a 25x increase in MQL and a 40x increase in ROE. I highly recommend them. So many tops of the funnel lead delivered in less than 2 quarters. They carried out A/B testing regularly, shared regular updates and analyzed engagement at every level. Their processes resulted in the increase of highly qualified leads (Sales qualified or Marketing qualified). I think we do not need to speak anything else about their ability and credibility. The results say it all. Your business will be in safe hands!   Not only they talk about how easy we are to work with, they also mention a part of our process (for example A/B testing) and the results we have driven in brief.  

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3. Use the latest tech stack

We shouldn’t have to say this. But, if you want to be a demand generation powerhouse, not only should you have the latest tech stack at your disposal but your team needs to know how to use it to its full potential.   Look at this testimonial we received   We are a leading company in the security vendor industry and it makes sense to outsource database related requirements. We chose Only B2B because they were very promising and we were looking for cleansing our CRM database and adding the new list. They updated and scrubbed over 1 million contacts within a short duration of 120 days. Not only that, they were also able to add 500 new contacts each day. This really helped my overall business!   It clearly states how we could do a job quickly, and thanks to the tech stack we have. So, get on to the new marketing technology and don’t be scared to invest in a few which stick out.  

4. Start a blog, share your knowledge and put your name out there

If you want to be a demand generation powerhouse, you know how important it is for you to start your own blog and share actionable knowledge.   So, start with your blog and avoid making these 2 mistakes.   We started the blog, and in a year, we have been able to rank on page 1 of Google for competitive terms like Content Syndication Tools, benefits of account-based marketing, Content Syndication Myths, Demand Generation Blogs, B2b Content Creation services and many more. You know how much traffic can that translate to!   As a demand generation expert, we also love to use guest posting and content syndication to put our name out there.   In the past few months, we have written for known platforms like Marketo, Magnificient, Customthink, Pixel production, Adotas, and Leadsquared. We get new visitors from there each day!   It is only when you can drive demand generation results for your own business, can you be successful at branding yourself as a demand generation powerhouse.   There is a reason why we confidently say that we can arm your sales and marketing team with a larger audience of potential leads to keep you ahead in the game   If you follow these 4 tips, you will excel at branding yourself as a demand generation powerhouse.   Over to you –   What is your no 1 tip to be a demand generation expert?      

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