How To Embed Content Marketing And SEO For More Traffic And Leads?

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How to embed Content marketing and SEO to generate more traffic

When we invest all our time and efforts creating an incredible in-depth piece of content that’s engaging and loved by our customers, prospects, and clients – why not receive Google’s love too and improve qualified organic traffic of our website?

There are numerous ways google algorithm favors to what your targeted audience loves.

3 things which both your audience and google love are – Relevance, structure, and authority.

Now, let us jump straight to our topic, how we can embed Content marketing and SEO to attract more organic traffic to the website.

#1 Content Distribution

How to embed Content marketing and SEO for more traffic & leads - content maarketing
Content Marketing

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When you are spending so much of your precious time in developing a great piece of writing it is very important that you distribute it to the channels that will yield more traffic.

Distribute your content to get more exposure and links. Similarly, it is very important to cover the topic thoroughly. Yes! The content relevancy is the prominent point. 

It is not mandatory to optimize every piece of content. It depends, for what you are writing content. Whether it is for social or learning cause to increase conversion and build trust or for marketing and ROI. SEO should be at the bulls’ eye. 

#2 Points That Matters In SEO

We should create a holistic strategy to build the perfect combination of Content marketing and SEO to work wonders.

  1. What you want to convey – Your communication should be clear and crisp. You must understand your vision, topics and understanding before conveying it to the mass.
  2. Keyword is the key – Study your targeted audience before jumping to write. Whenever you start writing, extract the keywords of the topic this will give you a best place in the search result.
  3. Google Favors – Understand what google favors. The way to grasp this is by analyzing the 1st page and presenting something better than the others.

#3 Google Favors Structures

How To Embed Content Marketing And SEO For More Traffic And Leads - google structure
Google Structure

Content with more clarity and structure wins the Google’s search engine game.  

A topic when you write should satisfy the answers reader is reading or searching for. You can think your page as a Wikipedia.

Use keyword synonyms along with keywords to make it simple for google to catch your page. This process of keyword research helps to identify and determine the relevancy to the targeted audience. You can take help from Ahrefs and SEMrush to check the traffic, synonyms variants and more.

These SEO tools help us to get the decision driven by data and enhances the chances of success in content marketing and SEO.

#4 Analyze The Ranked Pages

Many writers Predict the users query and intent behind asking the query, after knowing this they start creating a good piece of writing.

But the smart way to write is by analyzing the ranked webpages. Review your top page on google search.

Get an idea from the top page and start creating a content that will provide more information than all others. Remember you are creating a content for google search so do not forget to add proper structure in your content and a content for reader should include interesting information. This way you are creating a pro writeup which is good for google and your audience too!   

#5 Keywords Still Do Wonders

Ensure your content is perfect for the SEO.

The content should have proper heading and well-structured page.

You should understand the Google’s way of ranking the webpage. Include keywords, synonyms, and their variations. Google is smarter now; it gets the concept and context and ranks your webpage accordingly.

How to embed Content marketing and SEO for more traffic & leads - where to use keywords
Where To Use Keywords

This not only helps google to review your webpage fast but also makes sense for the user when he comes to read your article. Congruently, when he goes to enter the search query, go for URL, and clicking the article by getting the desired heading.

So, adding keyword in the above 4 points is very important for ranking your webpage.

#6 Some Technical Affair

Content writing and marketing, it is surely important but the most vital points among these are implementing schema markup and structured data.

Technical SEO helps a lot to uplift your article to the SERP. This makes it easy for google to clearly identify your context content. 


How To Make Most Of Content Marketing And SEO?

Your content marketing has the great chance of succeeding in the organic search if give importance to the following:

  • The topics
  • Keywords
  • Review the ranked pages
  • Implement Schema markup

And voila!! This will boost the chances of the sustainable, long lasting organic traffic and yes leads too!

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