14 Tips to Grow Your Blog Traffic via Content Syndication

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14 Tips to Grow Your Blog Traffic via Content Syndication

Nowadays Blogging being the latest trend of content marketing, marketers certainly are aware that it can be more challenging than what others may assume. Starting from the topic hunt, brainstorming, research, writing and editing, marketers devote a heck lot of time to create an amazing piece of blog on a daily basis. And that is where content syndication kicks in. 

Content Syndication is what gives you the reach to a broader audience, Only B2B also provides content syndication services and content creation services that can help your business reach a wider audience. Keeping in mind the benefits, we are sharing few tips on how to build an audience for your blog via content syndication: Choose quality sites:

14 Tips to Grow Your Blog Traffic via Content Syndication

1. Choose quality sites

If you are dealing with questions like How To Increase Blog Traffic? Utilizing effective content syndication tools can be a valuable strategy. These tools can help you identify high-quality websites for syndication, ensuring your content reaches a wider audience with greater credibility.

It is very vital to choose quality sites to syndicate your blog post. It adds to your content credibility giving you a more authentic reach.

The websites that manually review each post sent to them and do not use automated RSS feeds are good examples of Quality sites for syndicating your blog post.

2. Good feed for the site:

You always must make sure that your content is a good fit and relevant to the website.

Moreover, the content should consistently fit into one or more of the categories on the syndicated network.

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3. Regular Publishing Schedule:

At least 3 months prior to offering your content to the syndication network, make sure that you have been on a regular publishing schedule.

Reason being that all the well-reputed content syndication networks typically check for consistency before approving any blog post.

4. Consistent theme and standard:

Most of the sound and reputed networks are in search of a consistent theme and writing standard before approving syndication.

That is why while drafting your content make sure you have a consistent theme and writing standard.

5. Appropriate internal links:

The fact being that internal linking captures more traffic to your website along with reducing bounce rate and is an essential step, try to make as a standard practice to use and check whether the internal links in your blog content is appropriate or not.

So that after syndicating your content when the blog gets viral those links provide an incentive for readers to click through back to your website. For example, check out how we have used internal links on our 404 page so that we can capture and divert the audience to other pages.

6. Capture with CTAs:

Call To Action is the answer to your question How to grow blog audience? A well-crafted CTA specifically designed for content syndication lead generation helps you convert your visitors coming in from the syndicated network.

CTAs will directly engage and direct your readers towards the services on your website. Converting your readers into the lead is a crucial stepas it will ensure your readers loyalty as well.

7. Host the content on your website:

One of the best ways of getting recognition and credit for your content through contbeneent syndication is to make sure that you have hosted the content on your website. Many search engines will tell that you are the initial author of the content now trending on other sites.

8. Backlink to your site:

There are pretty good chances that a copy of your original content or a snippet may rank high, especially if the syndication site is ranking high on Google.

However one of the best ways to deal with this is to backlink your content well to your website so that if any part of your content is ranking high you can capture traffic through the backlinks you generate.

Listing down few edu. and govt. domains and commenting manually with your backlinks may also help in creating good backlinks.

9. Use rel-canonical tags

Recently Google algorithm has changed to the extent that it does not give any space to spamming or keyword stuffing. It has criteria to search for the complicate content first, categorize it and then allow it on their platform if it is free of duplicated content.

Rel-canonical tags often called canonical link  will help you prevent duplicate content issues.

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10. Really Simple Syndication:

There are many ways of content syndication one of which is RSS or Really Simple Syndication. hile this method often applies to text-based content, video content syndication can also leverage RSS feeds to distribute content to a network of readers.

You can manually syndicate your blog posts by sending your selected posts to a syndication site to review and post the content on their syndication site or network. Alternatively, you can use an RSS feed to convey your message to readers on a network.

11. Target blogs editor:

While there are a thousand of sites for content syndication you must list down the best websites for content syndication.

Most of the big publications or content syndication sites make the contact information of the editor available in their websites itself.

Write a short email to the editor mentioning your most shared and best-written blogs to get approval for guest blogging.

12. NoIndex tags:

Similar to Rel-canonical tags No-Index tags are used to prevent content duplication during content syndication. So whenever you reach out to sites about syndication make sure If they would be willing to use No-Index tag for their version of content.

This in return will make sure that you don’t lose organic search engine traffic. This will also secure your original content from being outranked by your republished content.

13. Don’t be a one-timer:

To make your content syndication more effective keep doing it more than just one time. This will maximize your content syndication as well as be regular will give you a good syndicating network.

You can also be regular syndication partner with the sound publishers and utilize a syndication network.

14. Content Syndication sites:

Last but not the least here are few of the reputed and sound content syndication networks which you may consider pitching for:


Being one of the popular platforms their posts are further re-published on Yahoo Small Business, Monster.com, and more.

Social Media Today: 

A wide range of industry professionals widely read posts on this network.

Business Insider: 

Best for business topics, you can write on this sites. Moreover, this content syndication website has a growing readership.


Forbes has a special section where the top Quora questions and answers are featured.


Their top performing posts are featured on Small Business Trends.


They further syndicate content on Forbes, Yahoo Small Business, and Fox Business. 


Promote your non-spammy content on the right Reddit.

Huffington Post: 

One of the largest content platforms!

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