Top 5 Highly Effective Content Distribution Strategies To Drive More Traffic

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You’re convinced the content you’ve created is worthy, so why are you not seeing the traffic and conversions?

Often, the problem is down to distribution.

Sure, you execute all activities like religiously posting on social media handles, sending out an email campaign or a Whatsapp blast. But where’s the traffic? Where are the conversions? Where’s a hike in ROI?

Your business can combat this problem with a proactive content distribution strategy. 

We are compiling a list of 5 can’t-be-ignored pointers that can go a long way in achieving your business goals. 

What Is Content Distribution?

According to HubSpot, Content distribution is the process of sharing, publishing, and promoting your content. It’s how you provide your content to your audience members for their consumption through various channels and media formats.

Although the content distribution process is administered post content curation, it should be step one of your data driven content marketing strategy.  Your marketing team should know when, where, and most importantly how you’re going to publish and promote your content. Otherwise, your team’s effort and resources could go to waste. 

Before we explore why content distribution is imperative to your content marketing plan and how you can leverage it to skyrocket your web traffic, let’s dive and understand various content types you can produce for distribution. 

Content Types For Distribution:

  • Blog posts and articles
  • Social media posts & influential marketing
  • Infographics and How-to guides
  • White paper, case studies, eBooks, and reports
  • Email newsletter
  • Podcasts
  • Videos

Why Content Distribution Matters? (now more than ever!)

The volume of content that is created and published daily is mind-boggling! 

Look at these statistics published in an article by Foundation

  •  Instagram users publish 46,740 posts per minute.
  •  Twitter users send 456,000 tweets per minute.
  •  Google conducts 3,60,7080 searches per minute.
  •  LinkedIn has more than 100 million users logging in every day.
  •  89% of marketers say brand awareness is their #1 goal. 

It’s important to acknowledge the underlying fact these statistics are pointing to, there’s humongous content being produced each second. At any given point of time, there’s also infinite content consumption by your users through multiple media formats. 

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Needless to say, getting people to see and consume ONLY YOUR content has become a chore. To sail through the cut-throat competition and grab users’ attention, you not only have to generate quality content consistently but also do a stellar job distributing it.

Curating content is one thing- distributing it another! 

Without content distribution, your content fails to reach your target audience. There will be a deficiency of leads to sell your product or service and generate surplus revenue along the path. Business objectives like establishing brand loyalty and brand awareness fail miserably without an exceptional content distribution plan. 

Content Distribution Strategies To Drive More Traffic

Businesses often associate ‘promoting’ their content to dumping links on social media platforms. Well, that may be one way to go about it but it doesn’t make for an effective content distribution strategy. 

Below are 5 highly effective content distribution strategies to drive web traffic. 

1. Engage With Popular Communities

Engage With Popular Communities - only b2b
Engage With Popular Communities

When we speak of communities, we often assume multiple Facebook and Whatsapp groups we are a part of. It’s time to do more than these cliche tricks. Begin engaging in popular communities with millions of active followers like Quora & Reddit. Answer queries related to your industry, plant links wherever permissible, and contribute in discussions to gain brand visibility and influence on your niche.

2. Tap Influencers

Influencer Marketing - only b2b
Influencer Marketing

Cultivate relationships with influencers in your niche. Their massive popularity and following can be leveraged to educate netizens about your business (product or service) Brands today are tapping into influencer marketing to drive awareness about their products and services. Collaborating with influencers can give your business the eyeballs it deserves. 

3. Republish Your Content

Republish Content - only b2b
Republish Content

Create versatile content for your channels. Content that fares well on Instagram will not on LinkedIn. One is a visual platform and another purely professional. But creating quality and consistent content won’t cut it. A pivotal element related to content is republishing it on sites with higher domain authority and not just your website.  Republishing your content on such sites can drive more traffic to your website. Do not ignore the power and influence of article submissions, guest posting, and participating in forums. 

Below are some popular tools you can use to get it done.

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Content Distribution Tools

  • Medium
  • HubSpot
  • LinkedIn Pulse
  • AddThis
  • Outbrain
  • ClickToTweet
  • GaggleAmp
  • AddThis
  • Mention
  • PR Newswire

4. Audit Your Distribution Channels Regularly

Audit of Distribution Channels

Auditing your content means assessing the quality and effectiveness of your content. It means analysing which content is helping or hurting your distribution efforts. 

While there already maybe some published content on your website and social media handles (blog posts, videos, etc) content auditing can help your team curate effective content marketing strategy. 

5. Encourage Your Readers to Share Your Content

Reshare The Content

Do you know who your best advertisers are? For free? Your readers. 

It’s fairly a common sight to see your friends or colleagues endorsing brands (product or service) they absolutely love via post or stories. Leverage it!

Sharing user-generated content builds trust and credibility because it is coming from sources your users know and can rely on.

These techniques work incredibly well for B2B and B2C landscape. 

Get Your Content Noticed By A Wider Audience. 

Need to content promotion and distribution strategy that can scale up your profits?

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