8 Demand Marketing Strategies For Upcoming Brands


At its simplest form, demand marketing is done for, wait for it, generating demand in the market for your product. Yes! This is what demand generation marketing is really all about. You have a brand and you need to create a demand for the same in the market.


Effective marketing is one thing that makes you believe that the product is indeed one of its kind and your customers are ready to invest in it. Easy, right? Well, I hate to break it to you but demand marketing is no easy task, especially if you are a new brand in the market and if your competitors are some big players captivating the larger part of the market.


Demand generation, as we have mentioned in the previous blog, is a long-term relationship that the brand’s marketing team has with the sales team.


Here, we are going to discuss the different demand marketing strategies that can help your new product/service escalate to being sold out. Well, at least you’ll get a better kick-start! Read on to find these strategies and how you can use them in your business.

1. Provide Free Resource, App or Tool

This is one of the most effective methods of demand marketing campaign where you can offer a resource or tool for free. Although developing a free tool or an app isn’t cheap and there can be times when you will have to reconsider this decision, overheads such as development budget pale when compared to the value that AdWords Performance Grader offers the advertisers and its place on your strategy for generating demand.

2. Give Away Your Best – For Free

Whether you are providing a piece of content for downloading, or giving out an offer, or providing any other promotional campaigns, you need to keep in mind that you only give out the best stuff that you own, for free. Offering giveaways that have real value have various benefits, even if it seems counterintuitive. This, firstly, creates a sense of trust in your audience for your brand, which makes it more likely that they will come back to your website for the content. Secondly, free giveaways reflect on your brand, so much that excited prospects talk about your brand, on your behalf. Last, but not the least, your website visitors will most probably provide any information that you seek and therefore becoming a potential lead.

3. Collaborate With Industry Experts For Webinars


Some brands ring it in when it comes to organizing webinars. Although it is relatively easy to use if you don’t give your best to this, why will your audience be interested in it? If you want to make webinars as your demand marketing strategy, you should dive deep into it and partner with your industry’s big-wigs on webinars. If you do so, you will increase your stature in your industry, forge connections that are valuable and increase your brand awareness.

4. Run Display Campaigns With Managed Placements

Display advertising is sometimes getting a bad reputation these days. Though it has its limits many business advertisers ignore to look at the power of managed placements in their campaigns with display network.


If you are unfamiliar with it, managed placements allow the advertisers to showcase their display ads where they think it will be more effective and the audience will respond positively to them. It is more of a targeted approach rather than approaching every user, almost everywhere.


Since the main purpose of display campaigns is to increase brand awareness, it can be very effective in the demand marketing campaign.

5. Build Brand Awareness

If you want to increase your conversion rates you can consider remarketing because it is a powerful strategy. Apart from increasing conversion rates, remarketing can also be used for building a strong brand awareness tool.

6. Invest in Content Creation

A flawless content strategy undertaken for demand marketing adds elements of your previous recommendations. This can include giving your best piece of content for free thereby providing your customer with valuable insights. Also, content is undoubtedly a long-term investment.


If you have been publishing blogs on your website regularly, you should think about the ways in which you can make them more resourceful. To do this, you need to ask yourself some really difficult questions like why people should spend their time going through your content as compared to your competitors.

7. Optimize Email Marketing Strategies

email marketing

Email marketing is by far a strong component of demand marketing but advertisers, a lot of them, either misuse it or fail to use it to its full potential. If you think that carpet-bombing your potential customers with emails on a regular basis is necessary, you will risk losing these prospects and harm your brand. Rather than blasting your email list every time, learn to work smarter not harder.

8. Try Implementing a System For Lead Scoring

Demand marketing isn’t targeted for just increasing the number of leads but it also needs to maintain the quality of leads. Lead scoring is the best method to make sure that your leads are valuable to the sales team so that they can close more deals.


The lead scoring system determines the historical behavior of your potential customers and the actions that they might have taken during interaction with your brand. This is done to ensure that the interest of the prospects is fair enough to consider them a hot lead for your sales team. If you are willing to take your demand marketing strategy to the next level, you can consider lead scoring.


Your business will turn out to be profitable only if there is as much demand in the market as is the supply, if not more. By using any or all of the demand marketing strategies listed above, you can make a mark in the market and build enough demand for the sales team to get a lead and possibly convert them into customers.

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