Top 5 (and compelling!) Reasons of Outsourcing B2B Marketing Agency

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Vikas Bhatt

top 5 compelling reasons of outsourcing b2b marketing agency

Doesn’t outsourcing B2B marketing agency sound like an answer?

Yet, but it is a less common phenomenon.

According to Gartner Marketing Organizational Design and Strategy Survey

1. Readily available knowledge

Outsourcing B2B marketing gets you instant access to an experienced team. It translates into obtaining knowledge from people with years of experience experimenting with strategies, tools and fulfilling the varied needs of their clients.

2. Reduced costs and time

It ties in with the earlier point. Imagine the cost of hiring such a team! It is prohibitive unless you have a huge budget. Not only that, marketers are humans. So, they go on leaves or leave their jobs for varied reasons. There is a gap in implementing marketing strategies between the one who leaves and the one who takes over. It not only costs you time and confusion, it also costs you leads and money. Outsourcing B2B marketing to an agency eliminates this burden of management along with reducing the cost of tools, technology, teams etc by sharing it amongst their clients.

3. Access to tools and technology

There are zillions of tools available for marketing nowadays. As a B2B company, you will be bewildered by the options. Even though you get free trials, how much time can you devote to trial and errors? Not much, we assume. B2B marketing outsourcing not only gives you access to a team which has experience with various tools but also evidence of which marketing tools will deliver the best results.

4. Execute campaigns well

There are numerous marketing tactics and you need to decide which ones suit your goals. But, you cant decide on one and expect a tenfold result. You need to execute multiple tactics (lead nurturing, Social Media Marketing, Account-based Marketing etc). By outsourcing, you will get access to specialized professionals (who are not the same people most of the times!) who understand each of those marketing tactics in depth. Can you employ specialists in every field? No! So, figure out what are the relevant metrics for your content and start measuring it. As Peter Drucker says  

Did you know that 62% of companies outsource all or part of their digital marketing tactics, primarily the most difficult types to execute?

5. Increased accountability

There is a structured reporting system. You are most likely to receive reports and get on weekly calls for discussions. At least, thats what we do! These agencies also identify the relevant metrics to analyze the effectiveness of the campaigns as well as your ROI. So, there you have it.

The five benefits that you could have if you outsource B2B marketing.

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