Today’s B2B Marketers Need To Start Closing More Deals!

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Vikas Bhatt

Today's B2B marketers need to start closing more deals!

Even though the title might seem like click-bait, I can promise you that it is not. I don’t even suggest that the sales department be taken over by the marketing department.

I’m aware that the majority of modern B2B marketers think they could sell more effectively than the sales representatives, but let’s work smarter rather than harder.

Modern B2B marketers must start closing deals, in my opinion, in order to streamline the work of the sales force and warm up leads for quick conversion and revenue growth.

Selling includes persuading a potential customer about the worth and functionality of a product. This approach takes a lot of time and resources.

What if the potential customers are already persuaded of the worth and effectiveness of your offerings? The sales force can move quickly, complete more transactions, and increase revenue.

Let’s see how you can make it a win-win situation!

We must first comprehend the various phases of the B2B Sales Cycle before learning about how present day B2B marketers should begin to close deals.

Various Phases of a B2B sales cycle

You will be informed of the stages of the sales cycle that each marketing strategy supports as a B2B marketer. You might even notice fresh possibilities and seize them.

1) Prospecting

Prospecting is locating a possible customer and evaluating their need for, willingness to purchase from, and other factors.

2) Preparation

During this phase, information on the client is gathered, and the initial contact and presentation that will follow are prepared for.

3) Approach 

You make contact with the client, either in person or digitally, and have a dialogue with them to learn about their needs.

4) Presentation

You introduce your products and solutions in a manner that they are aligned to be the solutions to the client’s requirements.


The subject of the discussions may be the cost, the desire for further features, custom izations, etc. Customers are constantly looking for the greatest deal.

6) Closing

The client made the transaction official at this point. You can swiftly conclude the sale by utilizing a variety of closing methods. After that, the customer can use the product or service.

7) Follow-Up

You must keep in touch with your client during the follow-up phase in order to help them with any questions or problems they may have. This makes it simple to get recommendations and repeat business.

So how do modern B2B marketers start closing deals?

Modern B2B marketers can start selling by implementing marketing tactics and engaging in activities that either completely remove or drastically simplify the processes in a B2B sales cycle.

You may close more agreements concurrently with a shorter B2B sales cycle. Sales cycle times improve constantly, which causes revenue to expand exponentially.

Let’s look at some strategies you can use to start selling right away. 

How Should Modern B2B Marketers Approach Sales?

Let’s examine all the various techniques and actions a modern B2B marketer might use to start making sales.

Leverage Marketing Automation

By utilizing marketing automation, the prospecting and preparation phases of a B2B sales cycle can be entirely removed.

Of course, you’ll need to create and maintain a profile of your ideal clients. You may automatically filter, qualify (Marketing qualified or Sales qualified), score, and classify leads using that information as a foundation.

The sales team’s planning will be simple if they choose a single customer view framework. The B2B sales cycle can be automated to save a lot of time.

While it is possible to claim that these actions are not sales-related, if you look at the B2B sales cycle, automation shortens it considerably.

You’re fully automating the tasks that the sales team would typically conduct in addition to carrying them out. This helps the company save a tonne of time and money.

Secure the Hesitant Buyers

Let’s face it, many B2B vendors have failed to fulfil their commitments. As a result, many of our B2B customers are hesitant. 

Because of this, it takes a lot of persuasion and advocacy to persuade a customer to believe in your product, its usefulness, and its worth. These merely raise the expenses for your company.

By monitoring reviews on independent review sites like G2, Capterra, or TrustRadius and publishing client endorsements, you may encourage confidence in them.

You may establish your brand’s credibility by doing this. Brands with a high level of market credibility are simple for B2B customers to trust.

Moreover, mentioning your rates’ competitiveness or offering a financial guarantee like a money-back policy can help.

Making sure these hesitant customers have a good customer experience will make them brand evangelists who will help your business even more.

Build an Air of Exclusivity

Even B2B companies can profit from this strategy, which is frequently seen in the B2C sphere. The scarcity concept is at the heart of this strategy.

Your aim should be to build anticipation before launching a limited-time or limited-quantity offer. Start by launching a successful marketing effort.

Concentrate on generating buzz in the market by highlighting innovative and clever features, making the claim that your product would be more useful and profitable than its competitors, etc.

A fair price needs to be applied after this. Prices shouldn’t be overly lucrative. It must be reasonable and guarantee stable income for your company.

Then, follow it up with a limited-time or quantity deal. Thus, a feeling of exclusivity and  urgency on part of the potential customers to finalize the deal.

Customized Offers

It was previously impossible to pinpoint a customer’s exact location in the customer journey. This has become a reality thanks to technologies like customer journey monitoring.

Analyzing a customer’s journey might yield a lot of insights. Customers who might be delaying purchase decisions due to a poor offer can be located.

The sales executives can approach and interact with them in such circumstances. There is a possibility that it will fail and cost you time and money.

The best course of action would be to examine all the information you have about such customers and identify any potential barriers to growth.

It may be the cost, the absence of a certain feature, an added benefit, etc. As soon as something is recognized, you can immediately present them with a customized offer.

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Strategic Guest Posting

A key component of outreach and link building is guest posting. However, by strategically using guest articles to market your goods, you can further boost its usefulness.

How can one accomplish that? There are numerous methods to go about it.

First and foremost, you can use your brand as an illustration of how a company ought to approach marketing, sales, customer satisfaction, etc.

Here is one instance. We were able to strategically position ourselves as an example of inspiring branding in this post titled, “12 Inspiring Business Branding Examples.”

All of our information is now in the article. As a result, we not only positioned ourselves favourably but also acquired access to readership.

In addition to enhancing your brand’s reputation, this encourages readers to choose you anytime they require one of the services you provide. It is impossible to overstate the impact of strong examples.

Listicles are another choice. Include a mention of yourself and the other leading competitors in your industry in an article like “Top 10 Tools for….”

Product-led expansion

An increase in the use of a product-led growth strategy has been observed in recent years. Vendors of SaaS and B2B software solutions will benefit the most from this strategy.

The strategy makes use of the product as the main tool for client acquisition, growth, conversion, and retention.

Using this strategy, you can select a free trial model. Let customers feel the product’s functionality and user-friendliness.

The sales process becomes simple when they are motivated by the customer experience because the product has already completed the first four phases of the sales cycle.

This allows for quick development and revenue growth while also significantly reducing the length of the sales cycle. The customer experience is the sole thing on which you should concentrate.

Within your company, you can build up a feedback loop to make sure you regularly improve the customer experience.

Product-led expansion
Get a thought leader in the industry to speak publicly for you

Influencer marketing is similar to this tactic. The only distinction is that it takes a tactful approach rather than a forthright one.

Many significant individuals look up to industry thought leaders for guidance and inspiration.

You will gain a lot from having someone who uses and promotes your items. Just consider what Elon Musk accomplished with Tesla or SpaceX.

Tesla is renowned for having $0 marketing spending. Elon has held a position of influence throughout numerous industries. His connection to Tesla has made it possible for the company to sell without any promotion.

While not everyone has someone as powerful as Elon Musk on their team, you might try to get the help of a reputable thought leader in your field.

With this strategy, you get the respect and interest of everyone who follows the relevant industry leader. Moreover, by participating in such organizations, you increase your credibility.

Final Words

Traditional methods of marketing, and even sales, are ineffective today. For a modern B2B company to increase income, sales and marketing must be synchronized.

Modern B2B marketers will therefore need to take additional steps to boost sales. Sales made using marketing tactics significantly increase revenue.

We’ve shown you a couple different tactics in practise. You can discover fresh opportunities if you approach the stages of the B2B sales cycle from a marketing standpoint.

Remember, all you have to do is make the B2B sales cycle’s stages quicker and simpler.

Which strategies are you going to try out first? Tell us in the comment section.

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