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In the age of remote work, outsourced SDRs are becoming an increasingly appealing option for companies that want to expand. So, why consider hiring an outsourced SDR, and how can they aid in growing your organization? This article will explore all of your questions about outsourced SDRs.

What Is an Outsourced SDR?

An outsourced SDR provides a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to staff a sales team without incurring the high costs associated with hiring an in-house SDR. Typically, a third-party company employs and manages remote sales representatives for their clients. Companies in the B2B SaaS and technology industries frequently engage an outsourced SDR to fill their pipeline during periods of high growth while they prepare and train their internal sales development team. Many SDR outsourcing companies offer a dedicated team of one to three representatives for a monthly charge, dependent on the quality and type of service needed. The client’s requirements determine the number of SDRs needed, whether full-time or part-time.adva

An outsourced SDR’s primary responsibility is to manage leads provided by the client and perform lead qualification (Marketing qualified or Sales qualified) based on their criteria. Outbound prospecting and outreach to potential clients on behalf of the company are typically performed by outsourced SDRs. The type of outreach performed depends on the company’s needs, whether via email sequences, phone calls, or both. Outsourced SDRs may also meet with prospects or demo the products or services on offer.

By providing lead information to client team members, outsourced SDRs can help make the prospecting and outreach process more efficient. The information gathered by outsourced SDRs is valuable to all departments in the client company, serving as market research. The sales and marketing teams can modify their target demographics, while product teams can adapt their offerings based on newly discovered market insights.

An outsourced SDR also helps track results and provides weekly reports to the client. With this information, the client can easily track their progress, identify which aspects of their campaigns are working well, and invest more time into them while scaling back on others.

Why Consider Employing an Outsourced SDR?

There are numerous advantages to hiring an outsourced SDR for businesses.

Firstly, outsourcing to an SDR company provides access to a wealth of experience and knowledge in outbound sales. These companies have worked with similar clients and industries, enabling them to offer valuable suggestions to enhance your campaigns, boosting your company’s ability to generate quality B2B leads.

Secondly, outsourcing frees up time and resources for other aspects of the business. For smaller teams where resources are limited and every moment counts, hiring professionals to handle outbound prospecting and outreach can help expedite the process.

Lastly, outsourced SDRs can work remotely, offering flexibility in hiring skilled professionals from anywhere globally. This could result in cost savings on employee benefits and relocation expenses while also providing a competitive edge in the market. By having outsourced SDRs in various time zones, businesses can have a growing presence around the clock.

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Who Manages Outsourced SDRs?

Outsourced SDR management is handled by SDR outsourcing companies like ONLY B2B, which take care of hiring, training, managing, and deploying outsourced SDRs for client businesses.

To ensure a successful engagement, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the scope of work and lead-generation goals before partnering with an SDR outsourcing company.

Once the requirements are identified, it’s essential to ask other critical questions, such as the outsourcing company’s experience in managing outsourced sales forces, team size, and performance measurement metrics.

Many SDR outsourcing companies have experience in managing outsourced SDR teams of various sizes and are familiar with measuring success through key metrics. By partnering with an SDR outsourcing company, businesses can leverage their expertise and experience to boost lead generation and improve sales performance.

Outsourced SDR vs In-House SDR

One notable advantage of outsourced SDRs is that they require minimal onboarding as they are already trained by their previous companies and familiar with the system they are working with. In contrast, hiring in-house SDRs can take several weeks for the hiring process and orientation.

Outsourced SDRs are trained by SDR outsourcing companies, which typically provide one week or more of onboarding before sending them to their clients. This saves the client money and eliminates the need for in-house training.

Another difference is the pricing structure. SDR outsourcing companies charge a monthly fee based on various metrics and offer guarantees for certain amounts of leads generated. For example, a $500/month outsourced SDR may be expected to respond to 20 emails and make five phone calls daily.

Despite concerns about turnover, outsourced SDRs employed by outsourcing companies have a low turnover rate as they are well-paid and offered benefits such as remote work.

Is Outsourcing the Future of Outbound Sales?

Outsourcing may be the solution that changes the future of outbound sales forever, with prospecting skills becoming more important to success as inbound marketing grows in importance.

The primary objective of an outsourced SDR is to generate a high-quality prospect list and set meetings with decision-makers who have hired them. As a result, most SDR outsourcing companies will focus most of their time on prospecting, often through automated outbound outreach methods such as emailing, messaging, and even automated cold calling.

Email automation sequences are a popular tool used by SDR outsourcing companies to automate emailing and messaging. These sequences automatically send emails to a prospect based on their engagement, allowing SDRs to spend more time on manual outreach and personalize their messages for readers.

Many companies today use outsourced SDRs for their outbound campaigns, indicating that outsourcing is not only part of the future but also part of the present of outbound sales.


Outsourcing SDRs offers many advantages to businesses looking to enhance their outbound sales campaigns. Outsourced SDRs can provide a wealth of experience and knowledge in outbound sales, which can help businesses generate high-quality leads and boost their ability to close deals. Outsourcing also frees up time and resources for other aspects of the business, allowing companies to focus on their core competencies.

Additionally, outsourced SDRs can work remotely, offering flexibility in hiring skilled professionals from anywhere in the world, which can result in cost savings and a competitive edge in the market.

Furthermore, outsourcing SDRs can save companies time and resources when it comes to onboarding and training new hires. SDR outsourcing companies have a deep understanding of the training that outsourced SDRs require, and many spend significant time onboarding new hires before sending them to their clients. This saves businesses money compared to hiring in-house SDRs who must be trained from scratch.
Moreover, automation is an increasingly important factor in the success of outbound sales campaigns, and SDR outsourcing companies have expertise in leveraging automated tools to enhance their clients’ campaigns. By automating certain aspects of outreach, such as email and messaging, outsourced SDRs can focus more on prospecting better leads and personalizing messages for readers, ultimately driving better results.

Overall, outsourcing SDRs is not only a big part of the future of outbound sales but also part of the present. Many companies today use outsourced SDRs for their outbound campaigns and can benefit from the many advantages that outsourcing provides.

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