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We provide you with email marketing solutions that speed up your sales cycle and shorten the buyers journey

We know how your audience interact with email communications and will build an email marketing campaign strategy that meets your business objectives and revenue goals. Email marketing is a no brainer! The statistics speak for themselves

  • Email marketing typically returns  £40 for every £1 invested
  • Email has a median ROI of 122% over 4x higher than other marketing formats
  • 89% marketers said that email was their primary channel for B2B lead generation.

If you aren’t already using email marketing strategy to generate leads, you are seriously lagging behind in the race with your competitors. 

1/3 of consumers have purchased products and services from emails We know how your audience interact with email communications and will build an email marketing campaign strategy that meets your business objectives and revenue goals.

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With a custom email marketing strategy for your brand, you can

  • Increase ROI on each dollar spent: Did you know that the average return on investment for email marketing in the UK is 2964%? With many years of experience, we have learned how to drive tangible results for your brand.
  • Drive more conversions: We create campaign that reach your audience in style. They are compelling and talks directly to your audience.
  • Track buyers: With analytics, we will track your potential buyers behavior and generate high-quality leads
  • Credibility: With email marketing, you can build credibility and brand name in the market
  • Stay on top of their mind: Regular emails can help you reach out to your target audience and stay on top of their mind. When they want to invest in a similar product/service, you will automatically come to their mind.
  • Segment: It is important that you use segmentation to nurture leads for maximum conversions
  • Nurture leads: You can direct your prospect through your sales funnel smoothly, provide important data and increase your website traffic Did you know that

Segmented email marketing campaigns get 14.31% more opens and 100.95% more clicks than non-segmented campaigns.

At Only B2B, we help you with

  • Tailored messages: We help you send tailored messages at the right time with a strong subject line which will ensure that the prospects read your emails and take next step in the buyer’s journey.
  • Email Marketing Promotions: We will find you the right offer, perform A/B testing on best alternatives, and then optimize email templates to create a campaign that your readers cannot ignore.
  • Bulk emails: With bulk emails for clients who wants to run large volume of campaigns which can drive results which align with your revenue goals.
  • Drip email: We help you create Drip Email marketing strategy which will nurture your leads according to their behaviour and achieve higher lead conversions. We send the right emails at the right time to maximize conversions.
  • Email Marketing analytics: Establish email analytics to ensure ROI on every penny spent. We share regular reports on click through rates, bounce rates, conversion rates etc to keep you updated on what works best. With analytics, you can also know who opened your email and who took an action. Isn€™t that great?
  • A/B testing: Email marketing isn’t a quick exercise, it is a constant endeavor. Our team will help you test email designs, time and other things to ensure maximum click throughs and conversions.
You have revenue goals. We have a broadmap for itYou have amazing products/services We create campaigns that motivates your audience to buyYou keep business on mind We keep your business on top of your buyers mind.
You decide a budget We create cost effective strategies within the frameYou think of WOW campaign designs? We do it for you. We give you stare-at-me designsWorried about ROI? We provide you detailed analytics to show ROI.

We brainstorm to figure out what works for your business and develop a tailor made email marketing strategy that works wonders for you.

If your email marketing strategy is in the right hands, you can quickly see return of every penny invested. This is where we come in! Our campaigns are tailor made to your audiences needs.

Whether you want to welcome buyers, send follow up emails for abandoned shopping carts, share your best resources, re-engage or send event triggered emails, our campaigns will serve your needs and reach more inboxes.

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