Cost vs Quality: How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Marketing Agency

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Cost vs Quality How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Marketing Agency

I won’t advocate for paying loads of money here! Yes, you read it right. It makes no sense (really!) BUT there are times when spending more is the right choice. After all, the bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory. Isn’t it? No? You think so? You are at the right place then! It is damn easy to get caught in buying cheap services as long as you are saving money upfront. You are easily convinced. We get it! Unfortunately, investing in cheap services results in spending more eventually.  While it is easy to settle with low quality for an unimportant purchase (cleaning supplies for your office perhaps!), it is difficult to convince ourselves with low quality when it is a rare buy – like a car or a house. But, what about marketing services for your business? I am sure they are not an unimportant purchase. They cannot be! Let’s discuss a few examples.

  1. ACCOUNT BASED MARKETING: EFFORT VS. RESULTS Account Based Marketing is one of the most in demand marketing solutions today. The process is tedious as well as time consuming (if done the right way!). But, there are sooo many players in the market. Can all of them get you results?  No! If they did, every brand would be Apple or Microsoft (which is not true!). Let’s see. The process of ABM should look something like this -Before identifying high-value buyers, we spend ample time in understanding the target audience. It’s (more than) logical to sit down with clients to figure it out. Similarly, it is important to conduct A/B testing to find out what is driving real results. There are a lot of other aspects which needs attention to ensure a profitable campaign and a memorable client experience (for example, hassle-free access to reports or follow up sessions to discuss the progress). While we cannot discuss everything here, you can read it here (scroll to the end) Sometimes our team members feel like this – Do you think an agency which charges way lesser amount for an ABM campaign as compared to other players can be detailed or thorough in their process? No! We know so. We understand minute differences in pricing, but a stark difference is a red flag. 

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2. CONTENT CREATION: Yay or Nay? A good agency will take the time to understand the client’s voice and brand values before jotting down a word. Not only this, there are several other factors good agencies ensure before delivering content to you (for example, assigning it to a writer who understands your field). A few others are listed here (scroll to the end, again). What happens when you look for cheaper options? You spend more time briefing them, correcting their work, ensuring there is no plagiarism or grammatical mistakes and the list goes on. You should read this (and this) to understand the after effects of bad content. These are just two examples for you. There could be many! It is absolutely logical that price plays an important factor in choosing the perfect marketing agency. But, how do we know what is competitive but a trustworthy price? What means assured low quality? How do you know whether the marketing agency upholds the quality and preciseness you need? It is simple: If it seems too cheap, it’s probably just too cheap. You have to do the market research to catch a sweet spot between cost vs quality.   It is important to find the balance between cost vs quality when choosing the right marketing agency. Read cost vs quality analysis here. Do you agree with me? What are your thoughts on this? Please comment below and share it with us. 

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