Build A Strong ABM Campaign With Account Mapping Techniques

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Account-based marketing (ABM) is transfiguring the B2B marketing and sales sphere because of its efficacy in outstretching high-value target accounts — but it’s not a very easy strategy to juggle upon.

ABM has many fragments that need to be combined and synchronized to bring success to the business or organization.

Luckily, we can reach the desired set goals only if we plan the ABM strategies smartly. Strategic planning makes things a lot easier.

Setting the goal and mapping the targeted accounts is the foundation of bringing success to your ABM campaign.

In this blog, we will disintegrate the steps to build a strong ABM campaign by adopting Account Mapping Techniques.

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What Exactly Is Account Mapping? 

Account mapping in very simple terms involves a better understanding of your accounts. In which one needs to identify what accounts to be selected and targeted, i.e. ‘Mapping of the accounts’. This is the most fragile step of any ABM campaign.  

Now, once we have our mapped accounts, the work of the sales and marketing team starts. They collaborate their engagement strategies to maximize the ABM campaign’s success.

Build A Strong ABM Campaign With Account Mapping Techniques
Account Mapping

What Is The First Step To Start With Account Mapping?

Account Mapping is about researching and documenting the fine details to get the insights of the targeted accounts. Here are the steps to start with your account mapping in order to get a successful close.

1. Spot the Decision Makers

The very first thing in Account mapping is about identifying the decision-makers and influencers of the organization. You need to understand how the decisions are made and what is the flow or structure of working.

Start from the person in the highest position of that functional arena. This is an excellent way, to begin with, account mapping.

The bigger the organization, critical is the task. Because there are many fragments in the company and are many influencers.

In this, you should know the buyer’s role by tracking the role and information of each contact. During the research, you can encounter that single contact plays multiple roles, in such situations think and act smart.

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2. Content Is The King

Content Strategy

When you researched the decision makers and influencers it’s time to know their pain points. Another indispensable step in Account Mapping.

Identify and catch the accounts needs an important point for ABM engagement planning. For any approaching methods, you must have proper points to communicate or converse upon. Powerful content with the right channel does half of your work easier.   

Whether it is for sales outreach or the buyer’s journey. It is mandatory that you should gather relevant and exact content.

You can gather up such information by calling, which is considered to be an excellent way of digging into the account’s need. Also, you should take help from your widespread sources to assemble the finest fine information.

Social media, search intents are an excellent way to understand the perspective of decision-makers and account’s need.

Once you gather all insights for mapping an account, it’s time to target them with relevant and powerful content.

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3. Engagement Of The Targeted Accounts 

Before you start with account engagement, it is mandatory to have well planned structure of when and how you will engage the targeted accounts. Analyze the right channel to greet the account.

Market out there is full of software, you can take help from such platforms to maintain the balance between sales and marketing engagement theory. They will help you to get a standardized approach to spot the loopholes or improvement areas.

The engagement approach varies in every sales cycle of the ABM strategy. The best way to warm up your accounts is by, targeted advertising.

4. Structure The Decision Making Approach

Decision Making Approach

Until now, you gathered much information or data which is essential or worthy for the sales and marketing departments. Now, document the whole engagement process. Structure your strategy and be sure the course of action you choose should add values to the prospect and organization.

Time to put activities to the job. But, do the thorough research again via LinkedInlinked sales navigatorsZoomInfo, or any trustworthy tools. This will help you to gain more insights about future engagements and interactions.

After all this, you must understand, who will influence the purchasing decision. Ensure that you have all the necessary communications regarding deals and contacts recorded into your CRM.

Final Words 

ABM Mapping proves to be a very effective process when it comes to the sales and marketing team. It gives insights about the crucial accounts. Though, this mapping process can be executed with the help of marketing tools, which makes the whole process more precise. Account Mapping is a powerful technique to work upon.

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