7 Amazing ToFU Hacks To Try Right Now


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Amazing ToFU Hacks To Try

7 Amazing ToFU Hacks To Try Right Now

ToFU! As we all know can be read as Top of the funnel and describes initial efforts put in order to grow sales. When we talk about sales, why do we always consider the sales funnel and its different stages?  A very simple thought can help us understand and that is where did the word Funnel come from in Sales? What is the idea behind it? Can you think of Sales Funnel as an ordinary funnel? What is the job of the ordinary funnel?   Isn’t it to make things easier and cleaner? You, of course, don’t want to spill all the oil so, you use a funnel to make sure that most of the oil goes into the engine. Sales funnel is also meant for the same purpose and that is to decrease the probability of spilling(losing) potential customers.   Every activity in the sales funnel can be divided into different stages:  

  1. ToFu – Top of the Funnel
  2. MoFu- Middle of the Funnel
  3. BoFu – Bottom of the Funnel

In every stage buyers needs have to be addressed but doing so can be at times challenging. Thus, to begin we are discussing here the 7 amazing ToFu hacks to try right now. Made easy? We know!  

1. Have Lead magnet in a place on your website – pop-up

ToFu is also called as attention or awareness phase where instead of just waiting for people to come and Read information or call you to find out about your products and services, you take initiative to inform them about these things. One of the techniques for this is to make a website pop-up.   Landing pages lead to more sign-ups and it is best to include lead magnets or a pop-up on your website. The Lead magnets can be made to educate prospects in order to make them ready for entering into your sales funnel. Examples of such content can be condensed Ebooks, checklists made as a summary of your blog posts, or short video courses.   And I tell you just one lead magnet or pop-up would be enough.  

2. Attract more visitors to your website using compelling content

Do we see the need as to why our content should be compelling enough to attract the visitors to the website? Your content helps buyers to connect the dots from the problems to how they may be able to solve them. This is why you need to create educational content which will address buyers needs in the initial stage of a buyer’s journey.   Whether it is blog content or email content, high quality has to be maintained. What content can increase your email open rate? Or how is it that you keep your visitors engaged in regularly reading your blogs. It has to be a combinational effort of both email marketing and SEO optimized content & website collectively.   A to-do list for with regards to content  

  • Create a podcast and share on social media (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Write guest posts
  • Create an infographic or SlideShare presentation

  A lot of other points can be added to this and finally, when your content is ready it has to be syndicated.

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3. Submit your website to directories

As we have been discussing for long, how would someone come to know if you have not told hem about yourself first? My point is how would Google or any other search engine come to know that your website, more precisely your products exist unless you have them? Or how would people recommend you unless the other ones have seen your potential? It is this important to submit your website to different directories related to your niche so that you are shown in the results when buyers search for products like yours on the internet on these directories.   Submitting your website to the directories is one way making an impression that you are recommended by people or whatsoever. Have you ever been inclined to download an application that is listed as Editors choice? I have, a lot of times! Well, that’s impact directories are going to have for you.  

4. Optimize your email strategy for maximum clicks

If how to increase email open rate is your question I am going to restate pretty much the same things you might have been hearing all the time. It is those simple things that make your job great. Thinking of basketball, what is the good practice? Wouldn’t you say – Dribble! Dribble! Dribble? It takes nothing extraordinary to make anything ordinary sound perfect!   What is simple Dribble formula for optimizing your email strategy for maximum clicks? I have listed below –  

  1. Create an engaging subject line & preview text for your Email
  2. Use email personalization
  3. Avoid spam filters

5. Make research reports to grab the attention of customers

Numbers speak a lot! If that is true how can numbers do the work for you? There are different ways in which research reports and all the statistics in it can help you. Doing a market research as the beginning and making a report on it can give you valuable information about your competitors, economic shifts, demographics, the current market trends, etc and this information can be used to grab the attention of your prospects.  

6. Add a value to your website by creating a video

Could I have done better use of GIFs available than I did? If you your answer is yes, you know the impact the videos can have on the human mind. Humor, laughter, and video are long remembered than anything else, in this case, information! Exactly the point!   Videos have made our job easy. The information that photos can not provide can be conveyed easily using moving pictures and that’s why WebdesignerDepot encourages to show and not tell.   To make your video drive more traffic for you, write a full transcript of the video and add it on the page where you put your video & use optimized meta tags to increase your SEO ranking.  

7. Format your messages for mobile devices

According to Movable Ink, 66% of emails were opened on either a smartphone or tablets and thus you know that ignoring mobile-friendly email or website guidelines is a big mistake you would do. What realistic steps can you take to avoid that mistake?  

  1. Make your subject lines short
  2. Use single column templates rather than using multiple column templates which look very condensed and confusing while navigating.
  3. Keep your email width 600 pixels or less than that
  4. Use big font and display small images

Before you decide your marketing goals and dream of achieving them, it is crucial to be modest and believe in giving your best in the first stage of attracting your customers and later lead through your sales funnel. That is why it is necessary to have a look at ToFU hacks we have listed above.   Let us know in the comment section if there is any difficulty you face in achieving your ToFU goals. Why not work together towards your goals & that is our job!        

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