6 TED Talks on Lead Generation

6 TED Talks on Lead Generation

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For any business, lead generation takes the center stage. After all, the more leads you have, the better your revenue will be.   But, how to get better at lead generation?   Keeping this in mind, we have compiled a list of 6 TED talks on lead generation that shares valuable and actionable knowledge to improve marketing strategy for your business.   Some of these speakers are not directly related to marketing but their take on things provides a fresh perspective. We assure you, if you utilize these tips to develop and improve your marketing strategy, you will start seeing the difference in your conversion rates.   Lets begin.  

  • 404, the story of a page not found by Renny Gleeson (March 2012)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHrcRqu_Es4   This is one of the most interesting TED talks on lead generation.   Renny talks about utilizing the error 404 (popularly known as this page cannot be found error) to your advantage. He talks about incorporating persuasive content or attractive design to develop your brand and reconnect with your astray audience.   Turn around this disappointing situation (of finding nothing on the page they clicked) to your advantage.   Think about new ways you can generate B2B leads on these pages and put them into practice.    

  • Inventing is the easy part. Marketing takes work by Daniel Schnitzer (November 2011)

Daniel talks about his time in Haiti, where 80% of the population is in energy poverty. It is important to know that the primary energy source in Haiti, is charcoal (which also lead to massive deforestation).   He talks about how clean technologies are developed and proposed to be sold in these places. But, it is not that simple. Daniel talked to street vendors and realized that it is not technology but access to technology that needs to be focused on.   He makes a very important point – inventing is easy but technology dissemination is not.   While it deals with inventions and accessibility, it gives a very important message to the marketers. Hence, we have included this in the list of TED talks on lead generation.   It is common knowledge that we need to know the problems of our audience if we want to convert them into buyers.   But, it does not stop there. We cannot stop at the pain point.   We also need to focus and understand the problems they might face in accessing our products and services (both in terms of accessibility and finance).    

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  • How to Make Choosing Easier by Sheena Iyengar (November 2011)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pq5jnM1C-A   We think we all like to have many choices! But, do we (really!)?   Sheena talks about this paradox of choice.   According to her, when customers are presented with multiple options, they are likely to be overwhelmed by the choice overload and quit. When an offering is of high cost, come up with a way to show them various courses of action and reserve the detail-oriented selection later on. This allows the consumer to become more proactive and engaged.   This TED talk is important for marketers, especially in the eCommerce industry. We often have so many options for the customers that we tend to overlook the complexity of selection.   As marketers, it is our task to resolve their problem and not create another one for them. There is a lot to take away from these TED talks on lead generation.    

  • Gary Vaynerchuk: Building Personal Brand within the Social Media Landscape

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhqZ0RU95d4 Gary talks about how to be truly successful. According to him, if you want to build a personal brand, you really need to love what youre doing.   Its true. If marketers love what they do, lead generation would be an easier task. Because you would do all it takes to understand your target audience.  

  • Choice, Happiness, and Spaghetti Sauce by Malcolm Gladwell

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIiAAhUeR6Y Malcolm rightly points out that businesses cannot see the customers as a unified body. They are individuals with different taste and preferences. That is why marketers often seem to emphasize the importance of segmenting their audience.   This is one of the perfect TED talks on lead generation because it talks about the psychology of the consumers.    

  • The Clues to A Great Story by Andrew Stanton

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxDwieKpawg Storytelling is a powerful tool, we all know that.   Andrew Stanton talks about how powerful stories are an effective tool for communication. However, to build a powerful story, you need a theme, wit, emotions, aesthetics etc.   If you push the right buttons, you are sure to acquire more leads! No wonder, this is one of the most inspiring TED talks on lead generation.   These 6 TED talks not only inspire lead generation marketers like us but also give us new ideas to implement and a new perspective to analyze our marketing strategies.   These TED talks tell you how to look at your brand, your customers, target audience and everything that is important today in terms of marketing yourself and your business.   

If you put these tactics and knowledge to use, we are sure that you can develop a deeper connection with your audience and understand your market better. It increases the trust in your brand and loyalty of the consumers.   In a nutshell, these TED talks on lead generation can help you win the marketing game by higher lead acquisition.  

So, which one of these is your favorite TED talks on lead generation? Comment below and let us know.

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