6 Best Strategies for Targeted Lead Generation

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Arit Kumar Sinha

Targeted Lead Generation

You need a lot of high quality leads to make your business successful. Targeted lead generation is equally important and just putting your website together with a contact form is not enough. You will require various tools in your toolbox for enough lead generation to make your business profitable.

We have put together 6 strategies in this article that will help you to target lead generation effectively.

Use Email Marketing for Lead Generation

The biggest question here arises is can you use email marketing for generating targeted leads?

The reasons may be enough for questioning the liability like the ones who are already in your list also lead, right?

The answer is yes, but they aren’t paying you, yet! Are they?

It can also happen that they must have just signed up for a free eBook that you were giving away on your website. There are still in the first stage of your sales cycle.
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Targeted Lead Generation

There are a few things that you can do for converting them into your customers.

  1. Great delivery: A rich delivery includes the use of better typography and the best images to attract subscribers. Human brains process images better than they process texts and things become even more interesting if you use images or human faces in the emails.
  2. Subject line: A subject line in an email plays a very important role in making people open the message. If you personalize your email, by using either the first or the last name of the prospect, you will have higher chances of getting increased open rates.

An ideal email marketing does NOT start and end with sending emails 10 times in a week. Instead, you should focus on building a better relationship with your contact list. Give them quality content and let them trust you before you begin promoting offers.

Let them see you as a friend or at least a next door neighbour.

Use Effective Landing Pages

This is directly related to the above technique. Like your content, your landing pages should also look like they are providing value to the prospects.

You can use the tripwire offer, an offer that is hard to resist because it is full of value. It works something like this:

Suppose you offer social media marketing services to businesses. To make them take up your service, you can make them a tripwire offer saying you will set up their social media page for $10 and will bring in leads for only $0.02.

Trust me, plenty of offline business owners don’t even know how to set up a Facebook page, leave the targeted lead generation list for 2 cents.

After you are done with your initial campaign, they will realize how effective your service is and would want more. This is where you offer them services as per your price.

You need not use the tripwire element on the landing page but you can surely use it somewhere to get in more business.

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Use LinkedIn for Targeted Lead Generation

The reason for using this strategy is that people not only consider LinkedIn to be a social media channel but also a platform where they can share their resume with others. They are also looking for information for growing their careers or for helping their businesses.

Therefore, LinkedIn will have a more targeted audience than any other social media channels who are just waiting to become leads.

  1. LinkedIn Ads: Using LinkedIn can be a great way to flaunt yourself in front of your target audience. 
  2. Profile Views: You are required to have a premium profile if you want to see who has viewed your profile and it’s worth it. You will identify the leads that are stalking you. Send them a message and ask them if you can help them in any manner.

Create Great Content

What are the types of content that you think your audience values? The best place to determine such content is to go through the reader’s social conversations.

You don’t need to learn rocket science to achieve this feat. All you have to do is use tools that allow you to see the information that the potential leads share around freely. Some of these tools allow you to specify a particular keyword and then read conversations that are taking place around that keyword.

Now, determine what your target audience needs. Listen to their problems and then offer solutions in the form of your products by creating valuable content. To do this you need to give them exactly what they need.

Speak at Events

Events, mostly offline, can be a good way to acquire more leads. There is more honesty when you stand in front of your audience and talk to them about how you can solve their problems. People love immediate solutions and more so when they see the face behind it. They love face-to-face conversations.

Incorporate Live Chat

People struggle to find solutions that fit their needs and which is not costly. They tend to read the reviews and then trust a specific product.

If you stand there and do not solve their problem your targeted lead generation list might wander and contact someone else. You can set up a live chat option where they can contact you and be quick to help them.

The bottom line is that support emails are fine but nothing beats instant live chat or quick call (if feasible) option.

A targeted lead generation list is like a lifeline for every online business. Try all or any of the strategies that can eventually get you the right leads.

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