5 Reasons Your Sales Funnel Isn’t Working


What are the reasons for sales funnels failure?


We are mentioning below a list of 5 things that you should monitor with regards to your sales funnel and we will also discuss Lead Generation Technique To Boost Sales Funnel and to correct your mistakes.

1. Effective question solving

Present yourselves as best as you can in front of your customers when they interact with you and come ahead with questions. To answer these questions you need below things –


  • A contact form
  • A live chat
  • Easily spot able email addresses
  • Automated messages system on certain social media platforms which support that. You don’t always have to converse with your leads manually.


Whenever your prospects ask something, you need to answer as quickly as possible for you. You also need to read all the replies from leads to your emails. And also, caution to should be taken to not use a no-reply address. Webinars are question-answer sessions which are full of expert advice, so make sure you invite them for webinars once in a while so that their questions are solved.

2. Not using a targeted approach

Your content needs to targeted suiting to different sales funnel stages. When you are moving through a common sales funnel, totaling an email list first and afterward pitching to that list, it is massively imperative to understand why they agree to accept your email list. This will help you to understand what content you can use for a targeted approach.


You can send your latest blog posts via newsletter to nurture these leads and offer free eBook sometimes in between. You can ask them questions to know what they are interested in to personalize your content accordingly.


You can incorporate stories in the form of testimonials, case studies, and personal stories. This kind of content is meant to help your prospects understand how your product can really help your ideal clients after they take the next step. Target you free content precisely at the people are well on the way to purchase your product. Build trust by showing the quality of your products when you offer them free content.

3. Don’t understand the purpose of landing pages

Bad landing pages result in low revenue hence; do well to identify the purpose of the landing page.


Create 2 – 3 samples of it and after testing select the one that provides the best results. You can use A/B testing to know which one will work best for you. You need a reason why your landing page would bring better results with a blue button if at all you are using that.


Rather than doing the process manually using tools website traffic monitoring tools, it will be easy for you to come up with the workable ideas.


Use heat maps to understand what element or portion of your website has to be highlighted.

4. Not getting enough leads

Marketers today put a lot of efforts but their brand hardly gets noticed because of the too much competition in the current market. (In other words, there is a lot of noise)Sometimes the problem is that they don’t have leads to carry forward through sales funnel or to Convert Marketing Qualified Leads to Sales Qualified Leads.


As simply put by Marketo –


Solution to a lot of noise is making a noise but sound different than others. This is what means Blue-ocean strategy. I have a great idea to help with this –


  • Creating Facebook Ads can help you reach many people and it will also create awareness about your brand. For many, this has proven to be the biggest traffic source which fills sales funnel with many leads.
  • Call-to-action – How are you encouraging your clients to take actions? Your call-to-action can have a great impact on your buyers.
  • You can strongly emphasize the benefits of your products. Also, through CTAs tell them what they are missing if they act otherwise.
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5. Technology problems

There are so many tech problems that can drop your leads off the sales funnel. The examples of that can be –

  • Contact form not functioning right
  • Your emails are not delivered
  • Leads don’t get your lead magnet
  • Videos don’t work properly


All these problems can be solved if you are careful enough. For example, when you make contact form you should test it first with dummy values.


So carefully design the sales funnel and remember what works for one business might not work for others. There are many marketing methods to keep your sales funnel flooded with sales worthy leads. Which one is the game changer for your business? Is it a traffic issue or conversion issue for you? Generally, the conversion rate is perceived to be 1 or 2%. Sometimes you don’t get as many leads as you need to while the other times these leads are not nurtured properly. What problems you had previously and what tips have helped you? We are eager to hear! Why not comment below?



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