How Graphics and UI can Generate More Leads


Think about it for a second.



What do you remember from the last website or blog you visited (except for the content, of course!)?


Most of the answers are graphics, infographics, Pinterest image, logo, easy to browse experience etc.


So, if any of these are not at its best, you are running at a risk of losing potential buyers quickly.


Next question is pretty obvious –


What should do you do? Or What can you do about it?


It’s simple. Hire a professional graphics designer and UI/UX developer (or outsource your design work) to work with you and create the best experience for your buyers.


Because experience is all that matters today.


In this post, we will discuss how graphics and UI are used to generate more leads for your business.


Using graphics to generate more leads


Do you know that 37% of the marketers say that visual marketing was the most important part of their content marketing strategy, second only to blogging, which came in at 38%?


One of the most obvious inference from the statement above is that graphic design is an important part of any content marketing strategy, especially when your aim is to generate more leads.


Interesting graphic

Interesting graphic, right?


Attractive and well designed featured images, infographics, logo, thumbnails, Pinterest images etc require professional designing.


And, hence, it becomes quintessential for any business that wants to generate more leads, to find a quality graphic design artist or a partner (like OnlyB2B).



  • Social media is all about images


74% of social media marketers say they use images in their social media marketing, coming in ahead of blogs at 68% and videos at 60%.


I wouldn’t need to look at a research to believe these particular statistics.


Come on!


Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest; you can attract the users ONLY if you have attractive graphics (or images).

attractive graphics

Let’s look at a few more statistics to prove this



  • Post with images have 2.3 times more engagement on Facebook


  • Instagram and Pinterest are totally image based, so no doubt there!


LinkedIn is definitely an exception. However, graphics do play an important role if you are sharing blog posts, articles, infographics etc on the platform.


Look –


The attention span of buyers nowadays is very short. Increase your visibility to generate more leads by using professionally designed graphics or outsourcing your design work.


  • Recall and Remember brand


Consumers recall only 10% of the information they learn from reading about a brand. However, they remember 65% of the information if it is in the form of images and other graphics.


Trademarks are based on this idea itself!




This is enough to understand the potential of graphic designing for any business. Ready to outsource it to an agency?


  • The new graphics, Infographics


Infographics have started dominating the social media space. After all, they are shared 3 times more than any other form of content.


They are attractive, easy to skim through and simplifies complex data/statistics. Much better than blocks of text that need to be read!


No doubt, infographics can often generate more leads for your business. So, go ahead, choose the right graphics partner for your business.


Using UI/UX to generate more leads



Look, making things easier for your prospective buyer will go a long way in achieving your business objectives.


1. First impression with your website


Do you have any instance where you recall the name any website that was difficult to browse?

first website

Mostly, NOT.


That is because their UI/UX must really be sucked and you closed the window!


Now, if you think about it, the entire purpose of creating the website is to generate more leads. A seamless and trouble-free interface will help potential customers find all the relevant information quickly and remember you.


Ask yourself


  • Is your interface user-friendly?
  • Can the customers get all the information quickly? etc


Your website is (mostly) the first touchpoint between your potential lead and the company, so the first impression counts.


2. Landing pages and forms

One of the most common ways of generating more leads through a website is using web forms.

landing pages and forums

Make the UI extremely simple, concise and easy to answer. Ask yourself


  • How many fields do I really require?


  • What colors creates a positive response?


  • Do I create an opt-in/out checkbox? 

3. Call-to-Action


An experience UI designer would have accumulated adequate experience to guide you through the best practices for your website, product type or industry. They also have the knowledge about the psychology of the buyers.

call to actionFor example, they will know if using benefits buttons work better than task-based buttons.


It is darn simple – You will start losing sales if a good product/service is hidden behind a bad UI.


There you go.


This is how UI and graphics can help you generate more leads and grow your business. So, hire today or take advantage of several benefits of outsourcing this work.

how graphics and ui can generate more leads

A good user interface along with attractive graphics has high conversion rates.

What do you think? What is your experience with using UI and graphics to generate more leads? Let’s talk about it in the comments section



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