Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Design Work

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Abhijit Wadpalliwar

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Design Work

3 Ways to Supercharge your Business by Outsourcing Design Work

You: Hey Brian, could you please create this graphic for us?

Brian: Sure, what do you have in mind? You: Something different. Brian: You must have something in mind. You: *Refers to something you saw on the internet yesterday*   Brian creates something similar. But, you dealt with too many questions and too much discussion!   Have you begun to look like this? I really hope, NOT! I am sure the end product was good but have you thought about improving this entire process? 

 Minimal discussions. 2-3 options to chose from. Saving your time, effort and lots more. Sounding like a dream? IT IS NOT! However, we have noticed one deadly trend. The trend to hire in-house graphic designers instead of outsourcing the work.  Well, if you have regular requirements for graphics, it is sensible to hire 1-2 designers in-house. However, it is far (far!) more beneficial for businesses to hire an expert agency to do the job.

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Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should consider outsourcing design work


Most of the times we have a vague idea of the designs we want. We desire to have certain colors, shapes or designs and sometimes we just want something to be unique or creative.  If you have an in-house designer, they might do a good job of it. But have you ever thought of the extra advantages outsourcing design work can give you in terms of uniqueness ? Thinking now? Don’t! We will tell you –   First off, creativity, novelty, expertise, and perspective on a consistent basis is a tough requirement for a team of 1-2 employees.   In an outsource graphics design agency, the work is assigned to a carefully chosen team of experts. They have worked with different brands and dealt in varied industries, which gives them an edge over in-house designers. Hence, your design result is an undiluted focus, creativity, and perspective. Definitely, a huge plus!   Secondly, it is possible to outsource tasks to different people based on skill-set requirements, and then tie it all together. For example, designing an infographic requires the different skill set than designing an advertorial. Isn’t it?  Thirdly, an agency is better at interpreting minimal information and create something novel for you. Next time you want something creative, you don’t have to sit long hours explaining (or brainstorming) your requirements with Brian. 


Designing, branding, and marketing are fast paced. The trends change quickly and you need to keep up with them. Like this man – 

What happens when you have an in-house team?

You will HAVE to spend heavily on keeping them updated on the trends, giving them access to the latest tools and training them. This will not only cost you money but a lot of time. Ouch!   Agencies take on the cost of training the employees, licensing the tools and ensuring that the services are upto the mark. They are also aware of the color schemes and what they mean in different countries, various surveys and studies on preferences of the audience etc.   Outsourcing graphics design agency provides you an opportunity to exploit these resources and expertise without having to take on hiring troubles or training costs.   It is a simple transition from ouch to yaay!


First off, you cannot deny the fact that it will burn a hole in your pocket if you go on hiring a group of designers, marketers and experts in the field of branding.   Outsourcing design work allows you access to expertise without having to spend a penny on maintenance.   Secondly, outsourcing graphics design agency allows you to hire on a project basis. You do not have to maintain payroll for them. *fist bump*   Thirdly, outsourcing allows you the flexibility of agreeing to certain conditions or services and omitting the rest. There you go! I am sure you begin to see the lucrative side of outsourcing at least now.   It can help you grow your brand faster. It gives you the time, money, equipment, personnel and resources which you won’t be able to afford otherwise. What more do you need?   So why not start outsourcing design work? There is absolutely nothing to hesitate.

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