7 Demand Gen Marketing Strategies You Should Know

It is one of the big challenges for startups to create demand for their company. Demand Generation is far different than the lead generation and hence it becomes difficult for new brands to make a presence in the market. No need to worry because we have got here a few Demand Gen Marketing strategies that you should know.

In this post, we will see what Demand Generation is and how you can do it in a perfect way. Following are the ways in which you can do demand generation marketing.

1. Provide a free tool or resource

Most of the times, the organizations give away eBooks as a free resource. Though this practice is popular, it’s time to think of a free tool or resource other than eBooks.

You can share with your prospects something that is not very conventional. The example of that can be:

  • Responsive online tools
  • Calendars
  • Certification programs
  • Educational Courses

2. Repurpose your content on social media

Nowadays, creating a lot of content is not being advised because it is not profitable. You can use the blogs content to target your ideal customers. Repurposing content in varieties of ways helps greatly in increasing value of your content.

You can make videos or slideshows of the posts and share on the appropriate channels. Repurposing your content will help you in getting the same content across all channels and reaching your audience by means of that.

You can also syndicate the most popular posts that you have created until now. However, you need to exercise caution while syndicating because it is not a good idea to syndicate all of your content.

3. Use lookalike audience on Facebook

If you use Facebook for advertising, you can use a lookalike audiences feature of Facebook. Lookalike audiences are the customers who characteristics match with your existing users. By creating custom audiences you can reach almost twice your existing audience.  If you upload a large custom audience you can reach as many people as possible depending on your reach. Depending on how much time people spend on Facebook, this Demand Gen marketing strategy can become one of the most powerful techniques for you.

4. Create relevant content

As we have been discussing demand generation is for the benefit of your customers more than for your own benefit. Customers are important in selling the business; hence you need you all above demand gen marketing strategies to supply to their needs. So, whatever content you create, it has to fulfill your target audience’s needs. Different content formats like blog posts, infographics, whitepapers, eBooks, webinars, videos, landing pages content, etc have to be carefully created.

whitepaper: A Complete Guide to a Quicker Demand Generation

5. Create a webinar in collaboration with industry influencers

Partnering with influencers is not as easy as you think but once you develop a relationship with them it can be really interesting as you get to reach their large audiences. If you partner with influencers, it will increase your value in the market. It will, of course, take time and efforts to establish relationships with industry influencers. You should do your best to give away all your best tips and tricks during the webinars itself.

6. How can optimizing your email marketing can help you?

As it has always been, email marketing is the most widely used technique in Demand Gen Marketing. A/B testing your emails can help you greatly to optimize the performance of your email marketing efforts. Everything from your subject line to CTA, text, images, and colors can be A/B tested. As you strive best to gain more success through your drip campaign, understanding the importance of each element becomes essential. Don’t constantly spam your customers by sending low value offers as it will cause them to unsubscribe you.

7. You need a lead scoring system

As demand gen marketing has touch points all throughout the marketing and sales funnel, you need a lead scoring method to decide which leads should be given a priority. You don’t want to focus just on the quantity of the leads but also should be striving to improve the quality of them. Hence, using the lead scoring system will help you with insights such as lead’s historical behavior. A lead scoring system can help you gauge the lead’s interest in your products and services.

Consider demand gen marketing as a long process and decide your demand generation and marketing goals in the beginning itself. Let nurturing key prospects and developing strong relationships with your customers to be your focus. Demand generation goals can be driving MQLs, SQLs, reaching certain conversion rates between funnel stages, etc. It is essential to define targets for all demand generation activities so that you know where you are reaching.

I hope you enjoyed reading about all those strategies. If you need more help please read our blog or let us know by commenting below.

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