Reach Customers across the Web with Content Syndication Services

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Vikas Bhatt

Reach Customers across the Web with Content Syndication Services

You create content which is valuable and absolutely brilliant in terms of value. But, is that enough?

No. A point blank – no. We have seen thousands of blog with good content, die. Why?

Because of non-existent content marketing or content distribution

Businesses often create high value content but forget to promote it. While people do like reading quality content, they are’

t going to stumble on your blog posts or white paper just like that!

Create, publish and pray to God that your target audience is going to find it. This approach will not work anymore.

Your buyers have at least a dozen of alternatives and they are likely to get attracted to someone who has put in efforts to attract them.

Isn’t that the same case with all of us?

By efforts, we mean b2b content distribution and marketing.

Creating valuable content is as important as content distribution in the B2B market.

What is b2b content distribution or content syndication?

Content syndication is a way to present your content to a broader audience by use of third party sites like Twitter and LinkedIn or by using strategies like telemarketing and e-mailing.

But, b2b content distribution doesn’t end there. It includes every platform which can put you in front of a larger audience. Be it – paid ads, email marketing, sponsored posts etc.

What are the strategies used for b2b content distribution?

One of the best methods for content syndication and distribution is to create your own network. This is the group of people you inform as soon as your new content piece is created so they can share it with their audience. They can be influencers, colleagues, bloggers, thought leaders etc.

Strategically guest posting and including links to your white paper or blog or e-book on a website with established audience. Try not to be spammy, though!

Repurpose your content into infographics or a flow chart or a presentation and share it on different channels.

Last but not the least, is the paid channels offered by social media platforms. For example, promoted or sponsored posts or promoted tweets

Why is b2b content distribution or content syndication services so important?

We have said it before, we will say it now (once again!)

Content creation and content syndication services can help you with

Improving your websites visibility.

Gaining industry authority.

Enhancing your brand value.

Developing long-term relationships with your prospects.

Building trust with your buyers

Why should you hire us for content syndication services?

While B2B content distribution has many ways around it (as we already stated above), we have expertise in using telemarketing and e-mailing as a medium to enhance your visibility.

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You might have heard: riches in the niches? Just that!

We have Telemarketing team who will get in touch with your target buyers and offer them to send them content you want to promote (and the content they want to read). Remember, every human being likes information they are looking for – come to them. It is the basic (read, lazy) human nature!

While doing this, we ensure that

  • We aren’t pushy or hard selling in the first call.
  • We take time to strike a conversation with your buyer and understand their needs. Only then, do we propose to send your content.
  • We have basic etiquettes – we ask €œis it the right time to talk to you.€
  • We filter out uninterested leads.

This process will also help you track buyers interest further on and makes it easier to convert into a high value sale. Want to know how, read MQL and SQL.

But, why telemarketing and e-mailing?

The three most commonly used B2B lead generation strategies are email marketing (78%), event marketing (73%), and content marketing (67%). (Demand Metric Research Corporation via Direct Marketing News)

  • 78%

Email Marketing

  • 73%

Event Marketing

  • 67%

Content Marketing

Email ranks as the third most influential information source for B2B audiences, behind colleague recommendations and industry-specific intermediaries. (BaseOne via Imagination)

59% of B2B marketers say email is the most effective channel for generating revenue. (BtoB Magazine)

BtoB Magazine


It is expected that by 2017, the number of emails sent daily will reach approximately 297 billion. (The Wonder of Tech)

The Wonder of Tech


Well, imagine you want to have a Chicken Zinger from KFC. But, you are dreading to go out in the sun and get it for yourself.
Hey, it is the internet age (not Stone Age!). Takes out the phone, flip through a few pages, clicks on an app and ordered it.
See, we are so used to getting things delivered to the doorstep. We do not want to search for it or spend time browsing through options.
It is the same with your target buyer. So, if you have it served to them right on a call – they will be happy to have it in their inbox. Ready for them to savor it.

Makes sense?

Also – it is easier to track the interested quality leads by keeping an eye on the CTRs or separating the non-interested ones after the call. We do that for you.

We know exactly how to nurture your buyers by using the right B2B content distribution/marketing tactics and take them through the sales funnel effectively.

So – dont wait for them to wear the pants and go out in the sun.

Instead – take the food and go to them.

We mean – call us and we can build content marketing strategies that work for your business.


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