Maximize your ROI with our Contact Discovery Services

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Vikas Bhatt

Maximize your ROI with our Contact Discovery Services

Have you wondered why is your competitor scoring more leads than you? And have you ended up being doubtful of your sales team?

Walked through the conference room slamming the door because you are lagging behind your sales target?

Long hour discussions with the Sales or Marketing head on what the hell is going on?

 If you have Please don’t.

Chances are, they aren’t spending their time in doing what you want them to do. But, you do not realize it yourself. You think it is a part of their job.

 What are we talking about?

We are referring to the time your teams spend on getting the right details of your target buyers each time. With each outdated piece of information, each unanswered or wrongly answered call and each bounced or unanswered e-mail – you lose tons of money.

And, the solution? Outsourcing database gathering and contact discovery services.

We provide you with a list of targeted buyers (or leads) through B2B List Building services. Once we have the specifications of the targeted buyer from you, we start working on it.

We start by searching for your targeted buyer in our proprietary database. While most of the times we have matches, there are always rare exceptions. There have been handpicked instances where we did not find a lot of matches.

In either of the cases (whether we find matches or not) – the lead information is verified using various advanced software.

But, we do not stop there.

 We have a team of telemarketers who call your prospective buyers and verify the gathered information. Only this information which is verified twice is shared with you.

In cases where we do not find matches, our data research team starts from scratch and gathers all the information which is then passed through the software and telemarketers.

So, if your team is super busy cleaning and maintaining a kickass data or building one, they are overworked. Instead, we are here to take away that burden from your team so they can work effectively.

Your team has to no longer spend hours researching on a prospect to append the data or fix it. We do it for you with B2B List Building and contact discovery services.

B2B List Building and contact discovery services is the simplest way to fix that loophole which leads to wastage of resources.

It could save you from spending millions of dollars on an ineffective marketing campaign and harm your brand reputation.

Contact discovery services made easy!

 Did you know? A salesperson invests 90% of his time discovering contacts and building a list. We help companies save time by discovering quality leads online and building a list for the same via contact discovery. We verify their office location, name, company name, phone number, job title, email and deliver it to you as per specifications. Let’s save your money and build useful database with ONLY-B2B.

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