Generate Leads with Marketing Automation Tips from 10+ Experts

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Vikas Bhatt

Generate Leads with Marketing Automation Tips from 10 Experts

So what could be the best marketing automation method for generating leads? We are bored with generating quality leads and we wanted to find a more productive way to do so. We thought to roam around, shaking a few hands with marketing experts, and asking them to drop 1 tip would enlighten us – and trust us it all works. We have collected a few tips that summarize their lifetime expertise of lead generation via automation. We would like to thank all of these below marketers for dropping by 1 tip and are we feel grateful that they are sharing their experience with all of us.

1. Douglas Karr

Douglas is a MarTech Expert, Speaker, and Author. He is the founder of MarTech blog and CEO of DK Media. Douglas has been recognized by LinkedIn in their Sophisticated Marketing Guide as a top marketer, and his blog is known internationally as a resource for marketing-related technology research and discovery. Visit his website to know more about him. Connect with Douglas: Linkedin | Website | Twitter | Blog | Facebook | YouTube Set a follow-up survey about your service to the client that’s sent upon project completion. When they state that you’ve done an outstanding job and will provide you a testimonial, ask if there’s anyone in their network they can recommend your products or services to. This does a couple things: 1. It provides a testimonial that can be published online to build your credibility. 2. It provides a peer-to-peer recommendation, which is the strongest in the industry

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2. Samantha Stone

Samantha a.k.a. “”The Revenue Catalyst”” was Director of Marketing of SAP back in 2003 and she is currently the founder of The Marketing Advisory Network. She authored Unleash Possible which is receiving postive response from the buyers in Amazon. Read more from Samantha from here. Connect with Samantha: Linkedin | Twitter | Blog Most organizations don’t leverage marketing automation to it’s fullest potential because list segmentation is underutilized. However, the most effective way to improve click-through rates and engagement is simple. Don’t send the same message to everyone. Take the time to craft nurture streams that are relevant to the role of the person you are communicating with, the stage of the buying process they are currently in and the content they have previously consumed.  It’s more work, but it completely pays off.

3. Carlos Hidalgo

Carlos is currently the Founder and CEO of VisumCX and was previously the founder of ANNUITAS. Carlos is widely recognized for his expertise in strategic integrated marketing, demand process, and marketing automation. His book on Amazon is favorite amongst the techno marketers. Connect with Carlos: Linkedin | Twitter 

Using marketing automation without a defined strategy will yield little in terms of tangible results. However, when organizations develop a buyer-centric strategy that aligns content and channels to their buyers and their purchase path the results can be impressive. Organizations need to take the time to understand their buyers, gain insights into their pain points and challenges and develop content that speaks directly to them. Once this is done, you change marketing automation from being an email tool, o a conversational platform.

4. Brynne Tillman

Brynne is the Cheif Learning Officer of Vengreso. According to her, there are 8 steps to rolling out an effective digital sales or social selling program. Whether you are an entrepreneur, sales professional or team leader, ensuring that a productive plan and process is in place is foundational to success. Connect with Brynne: Linkedin | Website | Twitter Make sure that you are offering value in your messaging, not a pitch. The moment you tell them how or why they should hire you, you become noise. However, if you offer insights that create curiosity and gets your buyers thinking differently about their current situation, company or industry, you gain credibility and earn the right for them to take your call.

5. Laura Ferruggia

Laura is a holistic digital marketing specialist based in southern New Jersey who can assist you with content strategy, technical SEO, marketing automation, social media, and web development she operates via her own website. Connect with Laura: Linkedin | Website | Twitter Tactics like using Twitter bots to follow users and build lists allow you to get exposed to your target audience. Those users may click over to your site if your profile interests them. Twitter automation is almost like paid advertising but for free. Ideally, your targets are on Twitter, and you use the automation to generate interest but have great content on your human-managed profile and a killer value proposition. When this is the case, Twitter automation is a method that can excel at generating leads.

6. Sam Hurley

Nobody knew “”Sam Hurley”” before. He went on to become zero to hero in 15 months and is currently a Digital marketing pioneer. He is the Managing Director of Optim-Eyes. Connect with Sam: Linkedin | Website | Twitter | Facebook Two words: Gated content! The opportunity with gated content is the fact you can gradually build up detailed profiles of each subscriber by using marketing automation software (which has the intelligence to progressively auto-fill fields on various CTAs or forms within your website). These profiles can then be scored over time using what’ known as a lead scoring matrix, based on the leads’ propensity to buy from you. Consequently, you can tailor your marketing to each and every person. The bottom line? Tasteful gated content is critical to building a database of potential customers. Those who take the time and energy to hand you any of their details are already one step closer to your brand. Give plenty away for free but nudge your audience to help you out, too.

7. Vikas Bhatt

Vikas has 10+ years of experience in generating B2B leads. He is the owner of Only-B2B, a business to business lead generation company based in San Francisco with operational offices in India. Check out his articles here. Connect with Vikas: Linkedin | Website | Twitter | Blog | Facebook It is very difficult to mention just one marketing automation method. Any Internet Marketing Automation method is impossible to operate with a set of other IM Automation methods. Website pop-ups, social media greeting messages, and drip campaigns, etc. will always give you a hot lead. My personal best would be none of those. I would rather prefer to give away content for free and closing them when they need the most. This could be sounding brutal to some, but the customer’s will to pay is reasonably higher than what you might expect. For them, it would be a value-based price but for you, it is always a cost-plus price. Best example here is Google which has made their search free, it uses its algorithms to rank and index but asks money if they want to promote in their network.

8. Bruno Ramos Lara

Bruno has vast experience in online content management in Magazines and other Online Media. Currently, he is the content writer with Increnta. Connect with Bruno: LinkedIn | Website | Twitter | Facebook In the last quarter of 2017, I followed a very powerful strategy for generating qualified leads almost automatically. Everybody uses smartphone a dozen times in a day, and push notifications are checked in the next 5 minutes. So, this was a great opportunity for creating new funnels to capture new customers. So, I used one of the most effective channels that I’ve tried so far: Instant Messaging groups. I created a Telegram group on a very specific niche, where I share extracts of high-quality content that I publish on my own blog. Shared by all other channels (social media, email, Youtube, and blogging) 430 subscribers later, the 7% have become customers of my products 😉 Focused in solve the pains of my buyer persona, this medium lets me connect in real time with a lot of very segmented customers, that I can capture with lead magnets served in the best time with bots. Moreover, now I use this channel for sharing exclusive content to create a solid community and engage new leads every day. Today it is one of the most successful channels in Spanish about web monetizatin with Google AdSense

9. ShaheenAdibi

Shaheen is a search engine marketer specializing in organic lead & revenue growth through Inbound Marketing, SEO, & Digital PR.  He is also a full stack developer concentrated on leveraging digital experiences to build value between brands and their users. Connect with Shaheen: Linkedin | Website | Twitter | Blog Currently I’m obsessed with the idea of creating a funnel not just between SEO, content marketing, and eBook magnets, but also stacking on-site chat bots and Facebook chat bots Right now MarTech feels disparate, but connecting all of the various email drip campaigns, content marketing efforts, and PPC with this more AI focused conversion stack is my #1 tip to focus on in 2018 and over the next couple of years. Especially as traffic gets more costly and SEO gets more difficult, people will need to convert a higher and higher proportion of visitors to stay afloat.

10. JorisBrabants

Joris considers himself as a speaker, consultant, marketer, and growth hacker. He is currently Growth Marketing Manager at TravelPerk. Connect with Joris: Linkedin | Twitter | Facebook 2017 brought a lot of changes on how businesses generate qualified leads (Sales qualified or Marketing qualified). For me there’s not 1 specific marketing automation method, it’s the combination of several. Chatbots are great to warm up prospects, put them into buckets and move them to the right lead magnet eventually to convert them to leads. From there on your e-mail nurture flow takes over, and once they become customers there’s so much other things you can do to get the most out of them.

11. Kayla Lewkowicz

Writer, Thinker, and Doer. From Washington Post to Hubspot and from Buffer to SproutSocial, she has her presence on almost all the famous online media. She is currently the Marketing Manager of Privy. Connect with Kayla: Linkedin | Website | Twitter | Blog The best advice I can give about marketing automation is to not forget to keep it human. Even if it’s a triggered email, make sure your voice and tone sound conversational and that you’re speaking to your user or visitor where they are at that moment in time. To do this right means you can’t make assumptions about your customer journey. You need to be looking at your datayour traffic patterns, your sign up rates, and so onand you also need to include qualitative data in that mix. That means asking your customers why they chose your company, what’s stopping them from upgrading, and why they canceled if they left. Understanding the human element will be what differentiates you from every other automated email that your prospects and customers receive.”

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