Best Social Media to generate B2B Leads Facebook vs Twitter vs LinkedIn

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Best Social Media For B2B Lead Generation

Tips from 12+ Experts After my successful hunt for curating tips for generating B2B leads via Marketing Automation, I decided to talk with more such like-minded experts circumscribing around social media and lead generation.  

The past few days had been interesting as I got a chance to have a word with social media experts and B2B Lead Generation experts. Keeping it unbiased, all these experts decided to give away their best tip for this question: What is the best medium to generate B2B leads when it comes between LinkedIn, Twitter, and/or Facebook. The tips given by these experts are solely based on their views and experience in their market, however, all their tips hold true for any niche who want to generate B2B leads via social media.  

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Having worked with brands ranging from Global Fortune 500 to VC-backed startups in a variety of industries, Allen has over 15 years of brand, marketing and advisory experience. He currently handles the marketing, digital transformation, and growth at When comparing social media channels, LinkedIn, followed by Twitter has resulted in the most qualified leads (Marketing qualified or Sales qualified).

With 500 million users on LinkedIn alone, the ability to pinpoint our buyers with granularity has given us the best opportunity to engage with our target audience. Twitter is primarily used for brand building and thought leadership awareness, which in my opinion, aids in our efforts to identify leads on LinkedIn.

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Anne Janzer is the author of the book Subscription Marketing: Strategies for Nurturing Customers in a World of Churn. Shes on a mission to help people (and businesses) communicate more effectively through writing. Find out more at Focus on the quality of the leads and the possibility of an ongoing relationship rather than raw lead generation numbers. Choose the social media platform that connects with the people who are most likely to become loyal customers of your business (the best leHaving worked with brands ranging from Globalads), and helps you sustain those relationships after the initial purchase. For that reason, Id vote for LinkedIn or Facebook groups, depending on your buyers. Yes, building community on these platforms takes more work and time than simply blasting out tweets, but in the long run, its better for your business. 

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Under Rick’s direction, the Whittington Consulting team created a digital marketing methodology combining websites, marketing software and CRM to help companies generate new business. Rick helps companies grow by improving their online presence, helping them generate more website visitors and sales leads, then empowering sales reps with digital customer intelligence. Your website should give people multiple tripwires for conversion. That might be a checklist, a webinar, a video training series, a template or a reference sheet. Don’t just rely on your contact us page, because people know if they fill out a form on that page, they will be hounded by salespeople. Warm them up to your company by finding other ways to convert them. 

Glenn is Director of Product Design @ Treasure Data and he is responsible for building the design team future products including their Customer Data Platform (CDP). The amount of data available is skyrocketing, which provides an opportunity-rich environment to build a scalable design system with marketer-friendly user interfaces as well as building a creative, product team of designers to work with PMs and Engineers to succeed in the next wave of IoT UX. I have never done a test or a study on that subject. I dont use Facebook because its a cesspool of fake news and people I dont really care about. I dont use Twitter because it is filled with Bots and conversations there devolve into nonsense pretty quickly.

I use LinkedIn to network with my professional groups because LinkedIn is a monopoly for this sort of thing. I dont read the feed very much at all tho. I find it annoying when people get in touch with me for sales.   Im a much bigger fan of double-opt-in permission content marketing, inbound marketing, and event marketing to generate leads than by annoying people on social networks. Not because its more effective, but because I personally dont want people bothering me. Some friends of mine maintain a €œHall of Shame€ from emails and messages from lame salespeople who dont do any research and are just flooding the market with nonsense messages.   If you really want to general more leads, then make a better product. It a huge marketing advantage when your system is objectively better than the competitions. 

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Rachel Kavanagh has coached hundreds of clients, including top firms, on marketing strategy, demand generation and automation. She was part of the successful start-up at Marketo, is a speaker, and contributes content to various publications. She has an MBA from ESADE business school and worked at large multinationals such as General Electric. The wonderful thing about lead generation in todays environment is that you have all of the data to learn whats working. I always start by looking at two distinct groups. Who are my highest lifetime value customers? And what are the highest converting segments? Then depending on what my strategy is, I can invest in what I need the most. It may make the most sense to chase those I know are the right customers and put most of my budget into the longer term. Or I may need some leads to grow the brand and continue to discover my market.   When you establish who you want to attract, you can make the decision where to find them. Facebook and Twitter will even tell you how many users they have in your market. Both will allow you to mimic your competitors and target to a granular level. Key factors include the industry, the function, and the age-group of your audience. I recently attended Gary Vees event in London, arguably the best social marketer in the world. He said that €œFacebook and Instagram are STILL #underpricedattention until #B2B and Corporates wake up€. Brands need to become publishers. Instead of posting in the Wall street journal, they need to become it. This is across all channels and Twitter is included. The untapped opportunity, however, is Facebook.

Steven Macdonald is the Co-Founder of KingsPoint OU. He is a Digital marketer since 2005. Grew the SuperOffice blog from 0 to 2.5 million visits per year, generating 100,000+ business leads. Previously, increased online sales at Hurtigruten from $3 million to $65 million per year. Twice nominated for “”Best SEO team”” in Europe and nominated for “”Best content marketing campaign”” in North America at the US/ EU Search Awards

In my experience, the best social media platform to generate B2B leads is LinkedIn.  

For SuperOffice, LinkedIn has driven 4x more B2B leads than Facebook and 10x more B2B leads than Twitter, even though we have fewer followers on LinkedIn. You wont be successful on LinkedIn if you only share posts inviting people to take a free demo of your product or run a text ad promoting your free trial offering. With LinkedIn, you need to provide value.   We provide value by sharing blog posts, articles, white papers, and guides with our network and then optimize those landing pages to convert as many social media visitors as we can.   Again, this works well on LinkedIn, rather than on Twitter and Facebook as conversion rates on LinkedIn are 2-3 times higher than any other social media network.

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Stephen has been focusing on the design since 2012 and has served many companies and has successfully delivered his services with 100% client satisfaction. Once the values of the brand and the audience are aligned, it’s about creating with a brand identity focus, personality and a voice that resonates deeply with that audience. Visit his portfolio Linked is the B2B king without question. But think of the approach on the platform the way brands are required to approach their consumers today. Its no longer one-way broadcast communication. An audience will see a brand 6-8 times before they are prepared to engage. Do your research, find their groups, comment on their posts and have an opinion on what they are interested in, or better, what issues they have. Study their language, do they use jargon? are they overly formal or conversational in their engagement? We all know you don’t send a copy past email to the masses. That’s the basics. But be authentic, tell them why you are approaching them rather than saying I just came across your profile€. People appreciate honesty. Be as raw as you can be (while still being professional). 100 raw messages will get more bites than the I just came across your profile message.

With 10+ years of B2B Lead Generation, Vikas Bhatt now runs OnlyB2B, a reputed B2B Demand and Lead Generation company from India that serves most European nations, the US, Mexico, and Canada. Vikas is a renowned Demand Generation expert, motivational speaker, and a B2B entrepreneur

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