The Benefits Of Interactive Content For Lead Generation

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The Benefits of Interactive Content for Lead Generation

One Size Fits All – Interactive Content

Interactive media is similar to pizza. It may have any topping in the world and comes in a variety of sizes and forms. Nevertheless, we do enjoy pizza, don’t we?

Similar to this, interactive content performs effectively regardless of where it is used or the type of content it is used with. This is so that your clients may benefit from the engaging nature of interactive content.

Two times as many conversions are produced by interactive content than by passive content. Users of interactive content are more willing to provide personal information, resulting in the production of quality leads.

How Can Interactive Content Benefit in Lead Generation?

In comparison to static content, interactive content is more successful in generating leads. Here’s why.

How Can Interactive Content Benefit in Lead Generation - Benefits Of Interactive Content For Lead Generation
How Can Interactive Content Benefit in Lead Generation

1. Engagement

More than 75% of marketers think interactive content captures website users’ attention. Interactive content can certainly attract your interest in this age with such short attention spans. You become immersed and engaged by it. It includes tasks like choosing options, expressing preferences, and responding to inquiries, which adds to its attraction. Users are prompted to provide information more frequently as a result.

2. Value-Based

Interactive content offers something in return. The customer is informed and provided with the necessary information. A bank may employ a savings goal calculator, for instance, to assist its customers. This calculator may be used by both businesses and individuals to see how much money has to be saved each month in order to reach annual objectives.

3. Simple Data Gathering

There are several interactive content creation tools available. You may also examine the data and make inferences using these tools. Interactive content makes it simple to gather this information and put it to good use.

For instance, you may gather user information like skin type, skin tone, and allergies if you design a quiz to propose cosmetic products (if they have any). Using all of this data, more specialised offers may then be sent.

4. Informs The Viewer

Another excellent technique to educate your audience without using lengthy posts and blogs is through interactive content. You may teach them considerably more about your brand by using calculators and tests. As a result, their experience is enhanced and their likelihood of providing lead information through the interactive content piece rises.

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Calculators, Tests, and a lot more

You may utilise the following incredible content categories for your lead generating process:

lead generating process - The Benefits Of Interactive Content For Lead Generation
Lead Generation Process

1. Calculators

Information collecting using interactive calculators is quick and affordable. They aid consumers in finding straightforward solutions to challenging problems. In return for your contact information, they enhance your B2B leads. Imagine that your business is construction. For the benefit of your potential clients, you may create building quotations for businesses, residences, etc. Before working with you, they will have a general concept of what they may pay. Additionally, based on the data you gather, you will be able to segment your leads. You may create calculators to figure out things like staff productivity, meeting costs, and mortgage payments.

Think of a ROI calculator, for instance. Businesses could input their details and get a clue of their return even before they decided to get involved. This is a sign of trust that fosters loyalty in the businesses of potential clients.

2. Results Tests

You must be curious about what type of pasta you are. Or which 90s rock song best describes your character? Indeed, quizzes are entertaining. But they’re also a fantastic technique to increase the number of leads coming into your company. To further inform its clients, a marketing firm may employ a questionnaire like “Which Marketing Tool Is Perfect For You?” Depending on their interests and choices, they may target various firms with various programmes.

Here is a test by Staples, a well-known supplier of office products.  The “How Strong Is Your Brand?” questionnaire was formulated. They utilize the test to probe businesses on their awareness of their own brand.

They may also take part in other co-marketing projects. Additionally, the business may target clients with certain items and boost sales based on the results. Additionally, this increases brand recognition.

3. Assesments

True, nobody enjoys taking assessments and tests. However, interactive exams aren’t your standard fare. They’re a fantastic interactive content type that awards grades based on your response to questions. They’re a fun approach to inform your prospects and clients. Users like knowing where they stand in relation to other users thanks to evaluations. This immediately raises the interactive assessment’s social proof.

In reality, a variety of sectors may utilise assessments to learn more about their potential consumers’ knowledge and what they can provide for them. Online testing is a tool that businesses may use to qualify their customers. Companies may target the correct B2B clients by using assessments like the one labelled “How Much Do You Know About Our Software?” Or a marketing firm may utilize a test to see whether you’re an expert in Facebook marketing! These tests not only help you qualify leads (Marketing qualified or Sales qualified), but you can also make them different offers based on the outcomes.

4. Polls and Surveys

One of the most economical methods of getting leads is through surveys. People like expressing their thoughts and providing comments. Additionally, surveys are a terrific sort of content for quickly and easily acquiring large amounts of data. They experience a tonne of social interaction. They are also excellent for gathering lead information. Polls function similarly to surveys in this regard. When trying to obtain data on a specific issue, polls are more beneficial.

The universality of surveys and polls is their finest quality. Any sector or business can use them. Additionally, businesses may utilise surveys for “Target Market Analysis” to better understand their clients.

People are the centre of businesses, and feedback is the final but most crucial component. Retail enterprises may also utilise polls to learn about the preferences and choices of their customers so they can tailor their own products.

5. Giveaways and Competitions

Who knew receiving gifts was so easy? Marketing professionals most certainly did when they invented the idea of giveaways and competitions. Big names and businesses have adopted this strategy to generate leads, market their products, foster brand loyalty, and boost engagement. This interactive material is a fantastic method to build trust with your audience and introduce them to you and your business. It is a quick and efficient technique to bounce back from periods of low activity and poor sales. 


These were some excellent interactive content formats that you may employ to improve and produce leads for your company. Customers like these interactions, and you may also learn from them. They help you save time and money. Is there a more ideal mix in your mind? Well, except for interactive content and lead generation. And if you are looking for any assistance, you know where to call Only B2B

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