5 Signs You Might Be Losing Attrition from ToFU to BoFU

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5 Signs You Might Be Losing Attrition from ToFU to BoFU

Consumer Insight Group says, 83% of social media customer service users do not buy because of bad experience. A study also reported that 40% of visitors don’t return to a website after having a negative experience. There are the reasons why people are going beyond your reach and are not buying from you. Why not discuss a few of these reasons? Find below 5 Signs You Might Be Losing Attrition from ToFU to BoFU. Exiting prospects start giving negative reviews online. You have a negative review and is that making you lose your leads? No problem! We can Positively handle it.

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Respond Promptly

By promptly responding to negative reviews, you need to show your customers that you value their opinions. Whatever the problem caused the visitor to give a bad review, many apologize in response and this has changed the way people think about their products/services. It is best to solve these issues offline than giving a public comment. Take time gather all the thoughts and reply politely with words like, Thank you for your valuable feedback… After all, these are the chances for your visitors to know you as a better service provider.   Mostly, when people give you negative reviews they don’t mean to defame you but they have honest opinions which are intended to help you. So, you must take these reviews seriously and positively at the same time. Also, make sure to tell both positive and negative reviews to your employees and chill it is very easy to handle bad reviews this way. After all, bad reviews do not mean bad business, so it is not necessary to remove all the bad reviews because few bad reviews in the midst reflect good light on good reviews saying that they are genuine.    

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High Bounce rate

If you have not tailored your website according to the need of your prospects then you are likely to lose attrition from ToFU to BoFU. A person should not feel undirected and trust me it doesn’t achieve any results. Where do you expect to arrive when you take the bus you should not have? How much frustrated do you feel after having wasted a lot of your time on that? So now think of the visitors on your website. How if they don’t get what they expected they would? A simple answer to this €“ They will leave your website with the chances of never again visiting it.   That’s quite sad! What can you do? They would go away! But how can you reduce bounce rate? Have you thought of using Web Analytics for that? That’s one of the ways.   A website that hard to navigate frustrates the visitor. As a rule, Ads shouldn’t be the first thing your visitor should see. Also, Ads/pop-ups should not cover the content that attracted your visitors. If your ads cover space than your content then, the visitors are likely to leave your website. Also, if your visitors are not able to find what they are looking for because of the bad content structure. You should highlight keywords that visitors might have been looking for & have introductory lines. Avoid videos that automatically stream interrupting visitors browsing experience. Also, It is not good to ask the visitors to fill certain forms before they start browsing your content. If it requires a visitor to sign up, at least give them an idea of what they will be receiving.    

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Check your social media statistics and see it’s behavior

Getting likes on social media is not enough rather you should be more interested in monitoring how many engagements you got, how many leads, and how many of them you could get converted is all you need to check. Thus, it is necessary to monitor your social media activity. Track your KPIs, beyond your followers, fans, and likes.   So what thing should you monitor? You want to know if you are reaching qualified people and how many of your social media followers are asking for your product/services? By seeing which links get the most clicks will tell you what interests your visitors and what goes. You might get many clicks but fewer likes comparatively tell us that you did not deliver the high-quality content. If you are getting tagged, it shows that people are talking about you and it is a good sign.   Well, these are just a few points but you can monitor your social media to see if it’s generating quality leads with this article from salesforce.   

They don’t open your emails

All of us know how flooded our mailboxes are and we all dont have much time to review all of them. Is there any chance that your email doesnt get opened? Firstly, we need to know if your email reaches the inbox of the recipients or not. It may be likely that they get spammed. If your IP address was at some point used by someone else for spam then your emails will never reach the inbox. This is most likely to happen. The statistics say that only 79% of commercial emails reach inbox and this makes it necessary to know why your emails are into spam.   If your emails already cross this stage, then the question is how you are losing leads because of low open rate? Maybe your subject line needs to be corrected. Have you thought of segmenting your email list so that you can personalize? As we said above, your email will not be opened, if you dont send it at the right time.    

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They don’t respond to your CTA

70% of small businesses don’t use CTAs, even if they use, they have to keep this in mind that not every CTA is designed in the same way. It surely isnt an easy task because it takes art and strategic mind to develop a sense of urgency rather than pushing visitors to respond to your CTAs.   But there is nothing as difficult as we might think. A handful of insights and 2 handfuls of practice and monitoring will do it all. Where to place your CTAs? It doesn’t matter where you place your CTA but only this matters that you inspire your prospects to respond and are able to make you CTAs sound relevant to them whichever stage they are in sales funnel. There are three things you want to keep in mind.  

  1. You cant help but click CTAs that say free trial. Havent you observed this yourself? So dont push people to respond but inspire them. People take offers when they are temporary.
  2. Make it rare. Anything and everything that is abundantly available on the internet would not attract people. Make your CTAs the only chance for them to get valuable information they would hardly get anywhere.
  3. Tell people what to do next in your CTAs. An example can be click the button below.

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