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Only B2B ITES is a Digital Marketing Company that offers marketing solutions that are strategic, meticulous, intelligent and quite often bespoke. We cater to all B2B companies irrespective of their size or the nature of their business.

Only B2B ITES aligns with your company as a skilled, competent, full-service marketing arm that is trained and ready to take over your Lead and Demand Generation needs and any other Digital Marketing needs you may have and represent your brand with the same fervour as the rest of your in-house teams.

We are the preferred choice for our Clients because:

  • We offer not only a full suite of Digital Marketing Solutions but also plans which our clients can tailor to their specific needs.
  • We deliver 100% Verified Leads.
  • We, like our Clients, value Quality over Quantity.
  • We have a stellar record of On – Time Delivery.
  • We stay ahead of the curb – In marketing, things are always changing and to ensure our clients get the best service possible we are constantly updating and evolving our techniques

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a service that proffers a comprehensive insight into the operational methodology of a potential customer. It gives you an in-depth understanding of how the customer’s organization is structured, a look into its decision making process

Content Distribution

Traditional marketing techniques have always relied heavily on advertising and promotional activities to create Brand Awareness and these methods are as applicable today as they were before. The approach, however, has changed considerably.

Database Solutions

59% of Marketing Professionals maintain that one of the biggest challenges in B2B Lead Generation facing them today is generating high quality leads. Having good, reliable leads is the backbone of Digital Marketing and without them companies are haemorrhaging Sales and Marketing budgets chasing dead end contacts.

Targeted Appointment Setting

Every business needs to grow and the best way to accomplish this is to increase profitable sales. For this reason most companies hire the best marketing and sales executives they can find. But is this enough? Unfortunately, no it’s not. If you speak to any sales professional, he or she will tell you that unless they speak directly to a prospect

Still in doubt?

Call us, now. We’d love to demonstrate the technique to you.

Client Testimonials

  • “Working with Only B2B has been an amazing experience, we had very niche quality parameters, and all credit goes to Only B2B’s persistence we ultimately satiated our quality goals. ”

    Global IT services Company
    Global IT services CompanyDirector Sales & Marketing
  • “The relationship with Only B2B has been really gratifying. We have found them to be immensely economical and responsive; their flexibility has proved to be highly constructive.”

    Leading Marketing & Advertising Company
    Leading Marketing & Advertising CompanyCampaign Manager
  • “Only B2B was quick to provide us with excellent leads, which were not only accurate but have proved to be very valuable as well. Please keep up the work with such high levels of precision and we hope to continue the association in the long run.”

    Vice President Demand Generation
    Vice President Demand GenerationA multi channel marketing company
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