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Traditional marketing techniques have always relied heavily on advertising and promotional activities to create Brand Awareness and these methods are as applicable today as they were before. The approach, however, has changed considerably. The internet has made direct advertising to your target audience a reality, making it possible to reach those most likely to buy your product without wasting any funds marketing to a large and redundant populace.

Spreading Brand Awareness using the internet requires suitable distribution of your company content, be it in the form of white papers, case studies, podcasts or newsletters. The idea is to send relevant content to prospects periodically so that they can be aware of your company and recall it in time of need. But, as any marketing guru will tell you, you need to be consistent with content syndication or not do it at all. Half measures rarely reap any results.

To convert a lead into a sale, it is easier if the prospect has not only heard of your company but of your products and services as well. Your Marketing or Sales professionals are more likely to make a sale if the prospect has already shown interest in your Portfolio.

Hire the Best Content Marketing Company to Work for You

But regular syndication is time consuming and tedious.Instead, you can employ our Content Distribution services. We offer –

  • Digital Asset/e-Guide Promotion
  • Webinar & Webcast Registration
  • Free Trial And Demo

Our expert Telemarketing team will get in touch with contacts specific to your target audience and offer to send them any literature you want to provide them, thus changing a contact into a lead. This process can be hugely beneficial to your business.

Simply put Content Syndication can

  • draw in more traffic to your website.
  • improve your website’s visibility.
  • enhance the image of your brand and assist you in developing a long-term relationships with your prospects.

Digital Asset/e-Guide Promotion

It is needless to say that your company is spending a considerable sum on creating Digital Assets in the form of Whitepapers, Case studies, Press Releases, Company Newsletters, New Product/Service literature, Podcasts, Brochures, Flyers, Online Seminars, etc. But are these assets justifying their cost to the company? No, right? The reason is that they areeither not reaching enough people or not reaching the right people; maybe even both.

To counteract precisely this problem, we compile a list of contacts as per your specifications and subsequently reach out to every name on that list offering them the relevant white papers you provide us. The list of interested contacts is then carefully compiled into a list which we provide to you. Any new digital content you wish to distribute is periodically sent to these leads. This list is continuously expanded and updated so that the content is never falling on deaf ears.

Webinar & Webcast Registration

Let’s face it; no one likes to talk to an empty room! If you have a webinar or a webcast scheduled, you most definitely want a large audience. You want to get the attention of as many people in your target demographic as possible. But how is anyone to attend your event if they are unaware of it. Our team helps clients to get in attendance a focused list of attendees who are interested in the content being presented at the event. A meticulously assembled list of a targeted audience is used to promote the event through email as well as by telephone.

We handle the entire invitation process, assist with registration, remind potential viewers before the event and follow up after it. We also calculate the ROI of the event, thereby helping you to judge the efficacy of the event.

Free Trial And Demo

Offering a free Trial or Demo of your company’s products or services is a great way of engaging customers and building their confidence in your brand. It helps to demonstrate the quality of your products and services and it is well documented that if outreach in this manner has better responses even when compared to inbound prospects. In fact, it has been seen that Free Trials and Product Demos not only reduce costs per acquisition they have also shown a rise in customer retention rates. But most companies hit the same roadblocks with Free Trial and Demo promotion as they do with Whitepaper Distribution – not reaching enough people and not reaching the right kind of people.

Our team of Skilled Telemarketers approach the contacts that fit parameters set by you. We garner the interest of the contacts and then offer the Demo or Trial thus converting that contact into a lead. This process also ensures a lasting connection with the prospect as he or she becomes more amenable to receiving other literature from your company in the future.

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