What is appointment setting?

We hire the best of the sales team for a reason – they help us grow our businesses. But, between trying to find out leads (and more leads), convincing them to have an appointment with you and then selling to them can overwork your team and kill their enthusiasm.

They will end up being frustrated and low on confidence. Something like this: →

After all, you hired a kickass sales team not to FIND leads but to do what they do the best – close the deal.

B2B Appointment Setting Services

Do you know – According to Larry Myler’s contribution on Forbes, appointment setting is considered to be a one of the most difficult parts of business development and also the most typical barrier in growing a company by increasing its sales

So – every minute of their time spent on calls trying to get an appointment could have been them talking to leads and making a sale. Do what they are good at!

The goal of b2b appointment setting is to turn prospects into interested buyers. Hence, you should outsource b2b appointment setting services to an agency.

How Our B2B Appointment Setting Services Help You

This is where ONLY B2B can help you. But, before we go on to tell you why you should hire us – we will give you 3 compelling reasons of why should you outsource b2b appointment setting setting services

  • Save time: Each of your sales representatives has only eight hours in a day to do their job. If you bombard them with appointment setting, you are wasting their time and skills. Outsourcing frees up their time and lets them focus on selling
  • Save money: if you are planning to do this by yourself, you will need managers, processes, and scripts to ensure quality of the cold calling. This will only add cost to you.
  • Focus on growing your business: Yes, it takes a whole lot of time to gain expertise and figure out the right leads. We already have that expertise and you can use your time and money in growing your business

What are the benefits of having b2b appointment setting services in place?

  • B2B Appointment setting services is a more evolved form of telemarketing services because it is focused on targeted prospects
  • It helps you track progress and ROI because you know the appointments procured and actual sales which took place
  • It is seen as a more useful conversation than a random telemarketing call you get annoyed with
  • It has a strong call to action undertone in the conversation

Out of all those appointment setting comapnies, why ONLY B2B?

We are one of those appointment setting companies in India who have a team of fully trained tele agents who schedule a call with a prospect and introduce the products/services to them, arrange an appointment with your sales team so they can make the sale and win you more qualified leads.

While it sounds simple, it is very important that appointment setters handle the phone class with etiquettes and have the required technical knowledge. We ensure that our telemarketers are:

  • Product Trained: We take out time to understand your product thoroughly and train our telemarketers accordingly. This helps them to be authoritative with their information on any of the calls.
  • Trained for tele-marketing: No-one likes calls from marketers who care about only themselves. We train our team to be “people” with basics manners (which often is forgotten).
    • We ensure of a good hook to grab the attention of your prospect at the very beginning of the conversation
    • We ensure that the data is accurate and we understand the needs of your prospect completely
    • We ensure we are humble and ask “do you have the time to talk”
    • We do not give up on rejection but try to find out to reasons behind it and if possible – offer other services/products you might have
    • We schedule reminders to ensure we follow up on time
    • We do not hard sell on the first call and scare away leads
    • We invest time in maintaining good quality and clean data. We also offer this as a separate service, you can read about it here.

What process does ONLY B2B follow?

  • We spend time with you to understand your product and the targeted buyer
  • We also spend time understanding the way you want to portray your business over these calls
  • We create a well-defined database based on your target
  • We write a call guide that showcases your products/services and finalize it with your approval
  • We train our representatives and they start calling
  • We weed out unqualified leads and set up appointment with interested prospects


What is appointment setting?

Appointment setting is a process of setting up an appointment between your sales representative and an interested prospect.

Who is an interested prospect?

An interested prospect is someone who meets the qualifying criteria set by your company.

Who is a qualified lead?

A qualified prospect has the budget, authority, need and time to invest in your product/services. It is also referred to as BANT qualified lead.

Why should you outsource appointment setting service?

All businesses spend a considerable amount of resources (especially, your moolah) on sales team and strategies. So, you would want them to spend their time and efforts towards making sales instead of finding leads and trying to get an appointment.

Why should you use our (Only B2B’s) appointment setting services?

We take the time to understand your brand and the values which define you (and train our representatives accordingly). We ensure they represent your values and visions in their conversation.

What is a sales script?

A sales script is an organized way of introducing and selling your product/services to your buyer. It helps the telemarketing representative to communicate effectively and authoritatively with the buyer.

Do we use a sales script?

No, and yes. We invest resources in training our representatives to listen to the needs of your buyer, engage with them and get you an appointment when the time is right.

As mentioned earlier – we provide product training as well as training on telephone techniques.

Are call scripts made available upon request prior to campaign launch?

We share it with our clients as a part of our process in order to receive early feedback. Once the client has approved the script, we start with the campaign. We give our clients complete authority to make changes to the script.

Do we provide a satisfaction guarantee?

We don’t argue if the client is not happy with our services, we accept all leads return without any question.

Do you provide with reports?

Yes, we provide you customized reports.

Can I listen to the conversation?

We provide transcripts and call recordings on request.

Do we share leads and appointments with other companies?

No, we do not share any information with other clients.

Which countries will I be able to target?

We deliver leads in United States, Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Austria, Sweden, Greece, Denmark, Norway, Dubai, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, India & Philippines.