What is Account Based Marketing, after all?

B2B Marketers write down pitches, e-mails, and tons of kickass promotional content. Decide on the platform to promote and end up focusing on a big net of target buyers.
They make two BIG mistakes (as big as the net, you know!):

  1. They target a vast net of buyers and try to appeal as many companies as possible;  or
  2. They aren’t marketing to the targeted buyer the damn right way

Basically – Write. Decide. Target. Repeat! This must definitely sound familiar to you?
Account Based Marketing is a strategic and smart way which has replaced the traditional sales funnel.

With the implementation of B2B Account Based Marketing, the sales and marketing resources are able to identify that one target account (these are businesses) they have to woo. They start to think of the target audience as one single person and then create personalized campaigns which talk the language of their target buyer.

This way, your potential buyer start to relate to your brand and see your product as a “solution” to their problems.
Hence, it is named account (target) based marketing.
The name says it all.

Why should you use Account Based Marketing from right this moment onwards?
Yes, we all want to know the top benefits of account based marketing. Isn’t it? You might not believe us completely, but you can believe an extensive research conducted by Altera Group

97% business agreed that Account Based Marketing had higher or much higher ROI than other marketing tactics.

While this is pretty much enough to boost your confidence in Account Based Marketing, we can still give you more benefits
Yes, what else is in it for you? 

 A rocketed ROI – We are not the only ones who say this. The 2014 ITSMA survey found that Account Based Marketing delivers higher ROI than any of the other B2B marketing strategies.

 Easier tracking – You do not have vast metrics, but focused targets to look at.

 Reducing wastage of resources – It allows your teams to focus on your ideal buyers and hence, stay connected. After all – only 60% of businesses say they’re “somewhat” or “tightly” aligned with sales. Gone are the days when sales and marketing teams used to run behind the same buyer (and creeped them out).

  • 60%

 Quality leads – We needn’t say this again – you build connections with Account Based Marketing. You don’t JUST sell.

 Helps build a stronger brand – Wondering how? Your promotional materials are personalized to a specific buyer. Look at it this way – Your name is John. Would you prefer reading an e-mail which reads “Dear John” or “Dear sir/ma’am” “Dear team” “Dear whosoever it may concern”?

A research by Aberdeen shows that 75% of customers prefer offers which are personalized.
It is that simple!

  • 75%

Now that you know the benefits of B2B account based marketing, the question is
Are you making a big mistake by sticking to traditional methods?
YES. A million times yes.

Thinking, B2B Account Based Marketing isn’t for you? or which businesses are meant for Account Based Marketing?

In one simple sentence – Account Based Marketing is for every business who want to grow more systematically than others. If you are seeking to acquire high quality leads which turn into high value customers, then Account Based Marketing is definitely for you.

According to Demandbase, Over 96% of B2B marketers who used ABM reports a positive impact on their success

According to Alterra Group, 97% business agreed that Account Based Marketing had higher or much higher ROI than other marketing tactics.

According to SiriusDecisions, more than 90% B2B marketers agree account based marketing as an important tactic Marketing had higher or much higher ROI than other


Don’t do the mistake of not paying attention to Account Based Marketing until
….it becomes the buzzword of the B-town (We mean, B2B town!)
Are you going to be one of them? We hope, NOT.

By the way, it has already THE talk of the business-town.

But one more question is still unanswered



The experience you get with ONLY B2B is going to be different than any other traditional Account based marketing agencies or companies.
No fluff, no exaggerations. A simple “because”

  • We invest time in understanding your ideal buyers by talking to sales, reviewing CRM history and researching competitors
  • We understand that each company has multiple decision makers and buyers. Hence, it’s important that we nurture and guide all these buyers at the same time.
  • We use tools like marketing automation platform to identify specific buyers and engage them to effectively lead them through the sales cycle
  • We use tools for real time personalization which helps us gather necessary information about your buyer and then customize content accordingly
  • We use predictive scoring tools which help us send relevant materials at the right time to your potential buyer in order to accelerate them towards purchase
  • We use ad tech tools and sales intelligence tools to ensure we have all the relevant information about your ideal buyer
  • We also conduct A/B Testing during the campaign to ensure that the strategies are working