Next to Google, Youtube is the largest search engine.
87% of marketers incorporate video into their content strategies.

Do you see a pattern? A shift of preference?

Videos are increasingly becoming an effective (and preferred) method for boosting visitor engagement, conveying your message, illustrating ideas, building credibility and persuading potential buyers.


  • 91% of B2B buyers prefer to consume interactive and visual content
  • Video boosts traffic from search engines 157%
  • Videos in emails increase click-through rates 200-300% and Landing pages with videos increase conversions 80%,
  • Marketers who use videos grow revenue 49% faster than those who don’t.


Videos are a great way to

  • Drive traffic: Videos are loved by Google! It has great SEO value which can drive high amounts of organic traffic, likes and social shares.
  • Stay on top of your audience’s mind: Videos boost information retention in your customers. They are likely to remember your brand if you had an video which caught their attention.
  • Increase your revenue.
  • Increase engagement in your email marketing campaigns. An introductory email that had a video received an increase click-through rate by 96%!
  • Emotionally connect with your audience: This ties in with the point above! You can catch your audience’s attention by playing in their feelings. You can evoke sadness, rage, anger, lust, happiness, awww or anything else you think works for your demographics!

This is the right time to start video marketing strategy including videos in your content strategy and take advantage of the growing buyer preference.


We, at Only B2B, develop custom video marketing solutions for your brand which includes

  • Understanding buyer personas and their customer journey
  • Creating goals and KPIs for your campaign
  • Recommending the type of video suits your needs.
  • On-site consultation to understand your needs, brand values and drawing an effective storyboard
  • SEO for videos to increase visibility on search engines
  • Professional video script copywriting that speaks directly to your audience and shares your brand story
  • Pre-production, Video Editing and Production of the final video
  • Promotion of video on the right platforms to increase traffic and generate leads
  • Creating cost effective videos

Of course, we have a process in place which helps us provide you effective video marketing solutions.

Needs and conceptPreparation and ProductionReview and DeliveryBenefits and Results
We will sit down with you to understand your business, brand values, marketing and growth goals.Our team prepares to begin the shoot for your video. We get all the required equipment, travel to locations if needed and ensure you have the picture perfect videos.Once the filming is done, our team begins to edit it. They watch the video as many times as required to add the required audio, graphics or animation to get the perfect frame.That is not it.
We also help you video SEO tips, promotion tips etc which will help you gain followers, visitors and increase your online presence.
We will create a storyboard and a script that you will love!If we are traveling to your location, we ensure you have a good experience on the day of shoot.We will send you the edited video for your critique or approval.
You will never feel that you haven’t received the maximum benefit from your investment because we ensure you love it before we move on to the next step.If you need any changes, we do it quickly and send it back.

We can help you create

  • Demo videos that showcase the features and benefits of your products in a compelling manner. We will create a convincing pitch, clear script, entertaining moments and go-wow aesthetics.
  • Brand videos: We will create a powerful video which showcases your brand values and vision.eo.



According to Comscore, adding a video to your website can increase the chance of a front page Google result by 53 times.


  • Expert interviews: We will create videos that have questions that play into the interests and pain points of your audience. Remember, everyone wants to hear expert views on a subject.
  • Explainer videos:  One of the best ways to establish yourself as an industry authority is to have explainer videos! Our videos explain, describe and simplifies relevant subjects for your target audience. They will keep coming back for more!
  • Animated videos: We create short, fun and memorable animated videos for your audience along with simplifying complex subjects which are difficult to get with explainer videos.


We also offer custom videos including case studies, event videos, educational videos, live videos and personalized videos.


The videos are crisp, entertaining and most importantly, produce tangible results for your business.

It’s lights, camera, action and convert. Let’s start rolling the camera?