• 50%

PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors. (Unbounce)

  • 65%

65% of B2B companies have acquired a customer through LinkedIn paid ads. (HubSpot)

  • 64.6%

64.6% of people click on Google ads when they are looking to buy an item online.

  • 70%

Website visitors who are retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert on retailer’s website.

The statistics can go on and on to show the limitless benefits of paid advertising services for businesses.


But, paid advertising services can quickly become an “expense” if not done properly. Horrific, isn’t it?

We at Only B2B provide you with solutions that work

  • Research and requirement gathering: We spend a lot of time in understanding the needs and budget of our clients. Do you want branding? Are you looking to increase visitors or focus on selling their product/services? etc.
  • Analytics: We measure, manage and analyze performance of all the ad campaigns to maximize your ROI
  • Keyword research: We do an extensive keyword research to create themed campaigns which targets specific audience and increase online visibility.
  • Have a structured campaign, not just ads: Our structures are scalable and at the same time, easy to understand.
  • Crafting a proposal: Based on these inputs, our team works on an extensive proposal which contain details on what ads to use, how to use and how the budget should be allocated for different campaigns to ensure maximum returns
  • Updates: We read the trends, competitors moves and customer preferences from the analysis and modify strategy accordingly

Depending on your requirements, we include the perfect mix of these ads in your paid advertising strategy

  • Text Link Ad: It appears above the search engine’s organic result. We provide you with copy and a strong call to action that compels your target audience to visit or call you.  
  • Ads on Social Media platform: This includes,  
    • Facebook Ads
    • Instagram Ads
    • Twitter Ads
    • LinkedIn Ads
    • Reddit Ads
    • YouTube Ads

Facebook alone has 2.072 billion users! Yes, that is true and not made up. If you are not advertising on these social media channels already, you are missing out on leads and revenue.


  • Google Ads: Every second there are 2.3 million searches performed on Google and most of these pages include Google Ads. They are the perfect way to drive relevant traffic and appear when your target audiences is finding businesses or products similar to yours.
  • Geographically targeted ads: What’s better than targeting your customers based on their location? Increase your revenue and brand awareness, locally!
  • Shopping Ads: Again, if you are appearing on page 1 of any search engine in related search, you can drive crazy amounts of conversions.
  • Retargeting: Follow your visitors and remind them of your existence. No, it’s not stalking, it is retargeting ads.


Do you know that 63% of smartphone users are using apps that require them to share locations?Also, 90% of US marketing agencies have been asked to carry out a geographically targeted ad.

Still think, paid advertising is not for your business? Think again!

If you are looking to grow this year, double your sales target and revenue or gain a foothold in the market, a proper paid advertising campaign can help you!


Make no mistake! A proper PPC campaign takes years of experience and understanding of your industry. This mean, our experts work with you to understand every minute detail before your paid advertising campaign goes live!