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Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies because the ROI is actually impressive. According to an eMarketer study, the median email marketing ROI is 122%.

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What makes it so effective? What is the reason behind such an impressive ROI?


It is because 34% of the people in the world use emails. That is about 2.5 billion people and it is expected to increase to 2.8 billion this year. Radicati group, who carried out this study, also claims that people send out 196 billion emails daily. Out of this 196 billion emails, 109 billion are related to business.


Besides this, a study by Custora from 2013 found that customer acquisition via email marketing has quadrupled in the four years preceding 2013.


customer acquisition via email marketing

No doubt, email marketing is a personal way to reach out to your target audience. Not only can you tailor the emails according to the buyers, but you can also segment them into different categories and ensure your email is relevant to “all”.


That said, it is easy to annoy your subscribers if you send out emails without understanding your end goal. What can you do?


Learn how to develop an effective email marketing strategy. The easiest way to learn everything about email marketing is to watch videos and take notes.


In this post, we will share a few videos for email marketing that can tell you everything you need to know.


10 Human Behavior Hacks That Will Change the Way You Create Email


This is a 40-minute detailed video for email marketing by Nancy Harhut. She is passionate about the impact of decision science on marketing. She is a 2015 BostInno “50 on Fire” winner, an Online Marketing Institute Top 40 Digital Strategist, and a two-time 2015 International ECHO Award recipient for marketing effectiveness who has directed campaigns for known clients such as Nationwide, Dell, AT&T, TripAdvisor, and GM.


In this video, you will learn about


  • Words that work like magic in emails
  • Two ways to position your message for fast response
  • The ripple effect of the consistency principle
  • Why you will sell more using social proof
  • Why negative can deliver positive results
  • What instantly makes you look better than the competition
  • The one thing to do to increase response
  • Which days are best for success
  • The journalist secret to boosting readership


This surely is one of the most interesting videos for email marketing on this list.


Email Marketing: How Much Is Too Much?



This is comparatively a different type of video for email marketing. Marketing Debate (#MKTGdebate) is a 30-minute live debate between Dan Zarella and Sam Mallikarjunan.


Dan Zarrella, social media scientist, and Sam Mallikarjunan, inbound marketing manager, battled out this topic on email marketing – how much IS too much?


To give you an idea about what they will be battling on – Dan Zarella, the social media scientist and author of Hierarchy of Contagiousness, claims that sending more emails is better. On the other hand, Sam Mallikarjunan, inbound marketing manager and co-author of an e-commerce marketing book believes excessive emailing leads to list attrition.


The opinion on this topic differs a lot. While some may think sending more emails is a way to ensure buyers remember you; others think that too many emails is salesy and may annoy the subscribers. What do you think? Do you think what you do is right?


Hop onto to YouTube and listen to this video for email marketing cum debate. We can guarantee fun and learn at the same time.


Tom Monaghan “13 Things to Stop, Start, or Keep Doing (Only Better) with Your Email”



This 40-minute detailed video for email marketing is by Tom Monaghan. To give you an idea, Tom joined Hubspot in 2011 to work on emails. Before that, he started and ended a few startups, researched Autism, and played cards professionally.


In this email marketing video, Tom share tips and tricks that are sometimes backed up by data sometimes backed up with years of email marketing experience, and the other times they are meaningful stories, anecdotes, jokes, examples, and observations that will help you deal with problems you face with your campaign. It also tells you


  • what your stats really mean
  • What your readers want to tell you but are too nice to
  • Why your mom does not read your email (still)
  • How to spend less while accomplishing more
  • How to talk to your boss about the KPIs
  • Why purchases lists are for quitters


Bret Peters “Creating a Multi-Lingual Email Subscription Experience”



This is a rather short video for email marketing by Bret Peters. He is the Chief Marketing Officer of Fig Leaf Software Inc., a full-service digital agency and solutions integration firm based in Washington, DC.


He deals with an interesting and often ignored aspect of email marketing. In this email marketing video, you can learn the strategy for implementing a large number of email subscription topics either in multiple languages. He talks about how exactly did his firm solve the challenge of multi-lingual subscription topics for a client with 20+ email subscription topics along with dealing with the business strategy and the technical approach for creating a good user experience.


Taking your first steps with Email Marketing Automation [Webinar]



This is not a video for email marketing but a webinar instead. Meaning, you are bound to get way more value than others on the list.


  • In this webinar, you’ll learn:
  • The major benefits of Marketing Automation
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes with Marketing
  • Automation systems
  • The best places to start in order to gradually improve your use of email marketing.


Do’s & Don’ts of Email Marketing


This is a video for email marketing by Google Small Business. According to them, 20% of all legitimate emails never reach the inbox? In this video, we discuss the best practices in email marketing


5 Ways To Make Your Email Marketing Strategy Successful

The Surprising Truth About Email Marketing in 2018



This video for email marketing is by Neil Patel and so we know it is full of value. It shows how email marketing still works and how you should be designing an email marketing strategy that gives positive returns.


There you go.


If you watch these videos for email marketing, you will definitely learn all the nuance for a successful email marketing strategy.


So, don’t wait out. Watch them today and comment below to let us know how it helped.



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