Telemarketing or Online Marketing? Which is best?

Telemarketing or online marketing, which one do you prefer?


Well, let us look through a few things before we jump to conclusions


Whenever someone speaks of “telemarketing”, a lot of businesses and marketers, get reminded of those annoying calls to reach out to a lead.


Yes, cold calling has SERIOUSLY damaged the reputation and undermined the potential of telemarketing as a tool for lead generation.


According to research, one percent of cold calls ultimately convert into appointments. That said, a few other research shows that 78% percent of decision-makers have actually taken an appointment or attended an event because of a cold calling.

Meaning, telemarketing is NOT dead. It still works!

What about online marketing tactics? In today’s digital age, if we ask the question telemarketing or online marketing, most marketers will (most certainly!) choose later. No doubt, there!


Is that right? Maybe, maybe not.


If you are dwindling between online marketing or telemarketing and wondering what is more effective, this post is for you.


In this post, we will look over the benefits, limitations of both the tactics and analyze which one of the two (telemarketing or online marketing) is more effective.



Scroll up and read the statistics again. There is too much discrepancy!



telemarketing benefits

It is because a lot depends on how you use telemarketing as a tool to generate leads. In our experience, telemarketing is a beneficial tool when clubbed with account based marketing as well as appointment setting.


Of course, there are best practices you need to follow and strategize to achieve the desired result.


Let’s look at the advantages and limitations of telemarketing


First off, there is no other tactic that is as personal as telemarketing. You are directly talking to the prospect, which also means that you can answer all their queries right on spot and measure lead conversions easily. This also helps in convincing a prospect to invest in your product and services.


But, you may ask –


Do I remember any telemarketing call recently that was ACTUALLY a conversation?


No, right? (mostly!) It is because a lot of them don’t understand a few things –


  • Telemarketing or online marketing, you need to follow up. 44% of salespeople give up after one follow-up
  • You need a sales script to guide you on the call but avoid reading it out. Focus on having a “conversation” and learning about your prospect
  • Follow up with emails, calls, send the required information and answer their queries. You NEED to nurture after telemarketing or online marketing


If you follow these three pointers, telemarketing will yield a positive ROI.


That said, telemarketing can be looked at as an invasive method and you are likely to get rejected (or directed to voicemail) a lot of times


Telemarketing is also costly (as it requires additional human resource), time-bound and depends on time zones of other people (unlike many other online marketing strategies, like, email marketing)

At this point, it is important to understand the dimensions of online marketing.


Online marketing, as the name suggests, deals with marketing your products/services using online platforms. It includes an array of techniques like email marketing, social media marketing, display advertising, paid ads, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing and more.

online marketing

Unlike telemarketing, online marketing is not considered invasive and does not necessarily depend on the work timing of buyers (and even if it does, you can automate quite a bit of it).


Online marketing has several advantages, and to name a few,


  • It has a global reach. While you can reach out to 100 people through telemarketing in a day, you can reach thousands of leads using targeted email marketing and millions using social media


  • It helps in nurturing the clients and take them effectively through the buyer’s cycle.


  • It is, no doubt, cost effective and time effective


  • Everything is measurable and can be automated to save time


  • It can be highly segmented and targeted


benefits of online marketing

Telemarketing or Online Marketing: Which one is actually the best

There is actually no comparison and a lot depends on how you use it.


A single method CANNOT fetch you impressive results in terms of lead generation – telemarketing or online marketing.  


Lead generation companies should start including a mix of strategies when it comes to marketing. Online marketing, when clubbed with telemarketing, becomes a more powerful marketing approach.


Let take a few examples –


  • Marketers can encourage calls at later levels of buyer cycle, especially middle and end of the funnel leads. You can ask for contact numbers in lead generation forms and email marketing campaigns, a post which you can approach them using telemarketing and nurture the lead personally.


  • Have a clear goal for telemarketing campaigns – In the quest of earning more business and achieving the sales target, telemarketing campaigns go haywire. Telemarketing is a great tool for customer retention as well as lead generation, but you need to know what buyers want from you. Train your teams to have the right approach and attitude.


Still haven’t gotten your answer on telemarketing or online marketing?




No doubt, digital marketing is growing leaps and bounds, and it is estimated to grow by 12% this year to £8.1bn spend.


It may be seen that traditional marketing methods like telemarketing will be buried


But, did you know that –


By 2020, approx. 70% of the population will have smartphones. Meaning, 7 out of 10 people will make use of smartphones to receive calls as well as consume information in all forms which provide businesses endless opportunities to approach their prospects and nurture them.


Traditional marketing works. It needs to be strategically merged with online marketing tactics. While online marketing has the ability to gather data and nurture leads, telemarketing can help you seal the deal at a more personal level.


What do you think, which one is better – telemarketing or online marketing? Comment below and let us know



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