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Websites are a great way to generate leads and web analytics can help you with that.


If used and understood properly, google analytics can give you vast amounts of data about your website which can be used to your advantage. Besides that, if you rely on your business website to generate leads (whether it is through an email lead generation form or a call to action asking them to call), GA will give you insights on how to lure your visitors to take action.


In this post, we will tell you 6 simple way to use web analytics to generate more leads. Let’s begin.

1. Understand visitor flow and make changes

Google Analytics allows you to watch and understand the visitor flow. You can access it from the dashboard > behavior > behavior flow.

visitors flowThis is an extremely important metrics to provide and keep a positive user experience throughout the session. It shows you the flow of how a visitor navigates (where they drop off or leave your page for another) through your website.

With the help of this information, you can make significant changes (for example, plan for future pages, interlinking other resources or the potential route you want the leads to take) that will lead your lead to take the desired action and move through the buyer’s journey smoothly.

2. Optimize for the right devices

Google, now, pays more attention to mobile indexing. This clearly reflects that mobile traffic is increasing day by day. Once you understand what the buyers are using to access your website, you can optimize it for user experience.


To check it out, go to your dashboard. Audience > Mobile > Devices or Overview


While devices will show you the names of exact product (like iPhone 7 plus or Microsoft Windows RT Tablet); overview will show you whether your users prefer mobile, desktop and tablet.

mobile overview

Mobile Overview


devices overviewDevices


3. Understand your traffic sources

It is important that you know where your traffic comes from.


Each year we all revisit the marketing budget and allocate resources to different channels – content syndication, guest posting, social media, influencer outreach etc.


Once you know which of the channels is providing you with quality traffic that converts well, you can allocate more of the budget into that and ignore channels that do not pay off.

traffic sources

Traffic sources


4. Know exactly what your leads are looking for

This one of my favorite ways to utilize web analytics to generate more leads. Go to Behavior > Site Search.


You can use this feature to find terms people are searching for while they are on your site along with the page they visit.


According to Cannon, co-founder of FindProz – “This will help you pinpoint lost opportunities for product placements or additional mid-to-low-funnel content, and where they should be located on your site. For example, “someone might search for ‘photographer’ and then refine the search with ‘wedding photographer.’ [So] now you know to advertise wedding photographers.”


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5. Helps build a buyer persona and tweak landing pages accordingly

Google analytics allows you to understand your buyers a little better. Besides the obvious demographics information (age, gender etc), GA also tells you



  • What your audience is interested in?
  • Where are they based and what language do they use?


Using this information, you can understand if your buyer persona is correctly drawn. If not, you can make the changes according to what is actually happening (and, not based on an assumption).


Besides that, if you know the location of most of your buyers are in Texas, you can allocate a marketing budget to local and area-specific ads. This way, you can boost conversions and generate more leads.

6. Rank higher, improve your SEO and know what your buyers look for while searching for your products

Hands down, this is the best way web analytics can help you generate more leads. Google search console is now merged with Google Analytics giving your detailed insights on your SEO efforts.


Go to Acqusition > Search Console > Queries


You can see a list of queries that you are currently ranking for. The list can be sorted according to the click-through rate (CTR), position on the page, impressions, etc.


Use this information to improve your ranked posts. For example, if you rank for “lead generation for small businesses” but you haven’t used that in your blog post, go ahead and add it in.


Similarly, if you are ranking high for a word you focused on, update that post at regular intervals. This sends a signal to Google that your website is active and your evergreen content is up to date. So, you don’t lose your position quickly and keep crawling higher.


You can also improve the posts that already rank in the top 10. Look through the rest of the 9 articles and see if there is anything you should add in or include details for. This can help you be in one of the top three (which is where you get the most organic traffic)


These are some of the simples tricks to use web analytics to generate more leads for your business. You can hop on to your dashboard right away and start making changes.


So, which of these metrics are you planning to start with? How else do you plan to use web analytics to generate more leads? Comment below and us know.


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