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Contact discovery!


What is contact discovery and why is it necessary? It’s crucial to know who the decision makers are in the organization as it affects sales. Every organization revolves around its customers and you need to keep the most authentic and accurate information handy when you enter into the competitive environment. Unfortunately, most of the times the job titles don’t reveal much about the role a person plays in an organization.


In lead generation, all the businesses need constant leads, because without them you cannot achieve any growth revenue. It is also necessary to focus on closing the leads that you already have rather than using contact discovery to find more leads. Besides, it is possible to reach all the key persons in the target account through social media.


Out of 10 contacts that we find, only one gets converted into sales. Hence, it is important to focus on closing 95% of your leads than getting more leads. The first step towards that would be disqualifying the leads that are not interested in your products. You need to see if these leads are decision makers and are intended for buying. Also, they need to acknowledge that you have solutions that they require.


Follow the following tips to close the existing leads rather than doing contact discovery anymore –


1. 58% of the buyers want to talk about pricing in their first sales call and they are less concerned to answer questions such as –


  • Who is responsible for the purchase?
  • Company’s timeline for purchase
  • How much budget they have


You need to be careful of the actions that you have taken before as they decide the outcome. No matter what closing techniques you use, the results will depend on the efforts that you take in the earlier sales process.


If you mention about your competitors in an early stage, it will have some benefit but mentioning about it later is futile.

what buyers want to talk in the first sales call2. I have mentioned a few things below which has been traits of successful closing calls. In successful closing calls, the buyers are concerned about making the right decisions and they discuss with a few things like –


  • Pricing
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • How to Implement
  • Customer service support
  • Agreement details
  • Long-term partnerships


3. Nowadays, the selling process has changed quite a bit. Previously, the buyer would contact the seller to educate themselves about the solutions but now 57-70% buyers do their research through the internet before contacting the seller.


This has definitely changed how the sales work. Before, the solution selling was easy. Business people would analyze client needs, adjust them to their item and give solutions.


Presently, the purchasers are characterizing the solutions themselves utilizing the internet.


A sales representative who is endeavoring to pitch to this kind of leads utilizing the old solutions will not succeed in lead generation.


Selling has turned out to be less demanding than previously however you need to get your work done. Sales representatives presently should be increasingly similar to doctors; they “have to complete the diagnosis at the beginning period of the sales pursuit.


4. You will be able to close the deal only if you focus on leading your buyers to the decision rather than forcing them to buy. You need to lead your buyers through emotional hurdles. You need to convince them you are ready to solve any issues they might be concerned about and assure them you are there for long haul.


Keep in mind that it’s not about you and your organization but you need to take care of the prospect’s concern! What’s more, remember that while a viable lead scoring system may demonstrate the prospect is sales qualified, the scoring metric may not generally be precise. You will most likely need to back up your conclusions with data and facts and provide data that will support your decisions while doing lead generation.


Utilizing great questioning abilities should enable you to analyze the issue and the potential solutions all the more practical. You should let the prospect do the greater part of the talking with the goal that you can analyze the genuine pain points you’re being requested to solve.


In case you’re managing a sales qualified lead and you don’t comprehend what their pain points are, you’re likely in a bad position. Probably the best sales questions are “why?”; asking the reason why your prospect needs the solution.


5. Speed is important when it comes to closing leads. If you use technology throughout the organization, you will be able to generate more leads, keep the track of leads behavior and use that data to personalize the content.


6. Study the customers that bring the highest revenue and find out what characteristics do customers that close the fastest share.


We mean well by encouraging you to focus on closing the leads and achieving higher ROI. For any questions or help needed on contact discovery and closing the sales qualified leads, please get in touch with us or comment on the below section.




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