3 Ways You Can Use Intent Data In B2B Marketing


B2B marketing companies should be focusing on intent implementing intent data in their marketing techniques as its benefits are great. In the posts earlier we have been seeing what intent data is and where can you gather it from. The marketing technique which gives you details about the prospects whether directly or indirectly is a great opportunity for you. Intent data marketing is one of the opportunities. In this post, we will see how to use it in different ways as a part of your B2B marketing strategy.


Following image can briefly summarize the basic information about the types of intent data and along with their uses. As shown, you can both gather first-party or third-party intent data and analyze the information provided on thousands of topics. First-party intent data allows you to gather individual-level information while from third-party intent data you can account level information.

difference between first party and third party intent data

You can use intent data in different ways to target in-market audiences. In-market audiences are those who are actively searching for similar solutions.  Yes, it provides an exciting frontier to the marketers! Let’s see how.

Video Ad Targeting

Videos are mostly preferred by all of us when it comes to learning something online or perhaps just gaining information. Video content can be seen on any device and hence appeals to business customers. According to one survey, it is found that 64% of individuals increased the use of videos.


Google now declared that marketers can use video ads to target the prospects on YouTube. To be able to do this, the marketers use Google Adwords to create video ads using keywords that the prospecting audiences must have used to search. For example, a company that sells intent data would target those searched using ‘purchase intent data’ keywords on Google.

Account-based Marketing (ABM)

There are many tools available in the market with the help of which ABM is taking firm hold in the market. Intent data can be one more tool which can greatly benefit ABM. ABM involves only the top 20 percent of people that drive revenue which includes all the key decision makers. You also have to treat these decision makers as a group rather than treating them as individual buyers. You need to focus on all decision-makers in this process.


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Content Marketing

As a B2B marketer, you need to consider potential buyers’ purchase intent before creating content. If your marketing content matches better with the buyers’ intent, your pages will rank better on Google. As a result, the potential buyers will engage more with the users. If you know which terms do the prospecting audiences use while searching, you can improve the content marketing strategy. Also, intent data helps in segmenting the email list better than segmenting them on the basis of job titles.


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Benefits of Intent data

To sum it all, let’s see the overall benefits of intent data. The amount of data available on the internet is increasing rapidly and with the use of technology and tools, it is possible to gather and analyze intent data. You will know the best time to reach people so that their intent buying becomes even stronger. AI can be used to understand the user’s intent and to know what marketing material is used so that they respond to your CTA. It can be used to analyze the purchase intent of the potential buyers as they carry out an online search.


B2B marketers usually download whitepapers, subscribe to an email newsletter. You can process these buying signals and know what exactly keeps your potential buyers engaged. Using intent also aligns sales and marketing teams together and the sales team can understand potential buyers better.


You surely might not be short of data but you need to understand the need to go for intent data. Connect with your buyers in a more relevant and meaningful way by capturing and analyzing intent data.  Create demand for yourself in the market and shorten the sales cycle. Unlock the intent data with us today and accelerate more deals.

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