25+ Udemy Courses on Lead Generation | Be A Pro for this Christmas holiday


Holidays are here.


Except for lots of fun, decors, and presents, we also have some time off to brush up learning and know more about the trending lead generation tactics.


And, Udemy provides us with an excellent platform to learn lead generation and become a pro for this Christmas holiday.


Without further ado, let us look at 11 courses that you can take today.

lead generation courses this Christmas1. Lead Generation Machine: Cold Email B2B Sales Master Course

This lead generation course is developed by Patrick Dang. In this master course, you will learn


  • A proven cold emailing strategy to woo leads
  • How to build a lead generation machine and get consistent leads every month
  • Writing compelling emails that boost response rates
  • How to get meetings with influencers, businesses, sales personnel etc


2. LinkedIn Marketing, Lead Generation & B2B Sales for LinkedIn

This lead generation course is also developed by Patrick Dang. In this course, you will learn


  • How to generate leads using different sales techniques and marketing LinkedIn lead generation strategies
  • How to optimize LinkedIn profile and get 10x visibility
  • How to convert LinkedIn leads into meetings
  • How to write an effective outreach script
  • Sending cold LinkedIn messages and landing meetings with Fortune 500 companies
  • Creating a LinkedIn group and a company page that quickly builds credibility
  • How to drive traffic to your website using LinkedIn Videos and LinkedIn Blog Posts



3. How To Build An Outsourced Lead Generation Machine

This lead generation course is developed by Scott Britton. In this course, you will learn


  • To build an avatar of their ideal buyer
  • Build a scalable process around finding ideal customers
  • Identify, vet and hire outsourcing agencies to research, build quality lists and work for lesser costs
  • Understanding out how to use scalable software in order to touch 1000’s of prospects in a fraction of the time to generate business opportunities

outsource lead generation machine


4. Small Business Lead Generation

This lead generation course is developed by Scott Britton. In this course, he teaches you to connect with new clients and grow your business using cold emails. You’ll also learn a system you can use on a regular basis to constantly drum up new business



5. Lead Generation Mastery – How to Generate Targeted, Qualified Leads For Your Business Using Smart, Cost-Effective Strategies

This lead generation course is developed by Jason Smith.


In this course, you will learn how to generate targetted demand, qualify leads strategically and how to use cost-effective strategies to gain maximum ROI.



6. Increase Your Sales Through Powerful Lead Generation Hacks

This lead generation course is developed by Steve Casteel.


In this course, you will learn to


  • Identify business leads (ahead of your competition)
  • Use multiple resources at an optimized cost
  • Use automation tools to market your business
  • Setup your email to receive business leads on an automated, daily basis.



7. Lead Generation Shortcut Techniques

This lead generation course is developed by Arifur Rahman.


In this course, you will learn to

  • Find information within a few minutes
  • To be a lead generation expert
  • Save money and time to find Leads


8. The Perfect Intro To Lead Generation Using Solo Ads

This lead generation course, developed by Mike DeVincent, tells you how to build a list of loyal subscribers who know you, like you, and trust you consistently and reliably using solo ads.


It is one of the most extensive of course I have mentioned till now and has content for 6 hours. You will learn


  • To build a list of email subscribers who know you (using solo ads)
  • Develop relationships, rapport, and prestige with your users
  • Use solo ads as a consistent and reliant means to generate leads in the Internet marketing, biz op, self-help, or weight loss niches.
  • Develop goodwill and trust with users
  • Discover exactly what your buyer wants to know
  • Determine the best-selling and most reliant solo ad vendors, using little-known but powerful techniques that are 100% evergreen.
  • About the biggest and best solo ad marketplace on the planet, with rigorous traffic filtering


lead generation using solo ads

9. Future of Sales: Lead Generation in B2B Sales

This lead generation course, developed by Matthias Kubicki, tells you how to build a sales pipeline using the best tools and improve your performance.


You will learn to

  • Build a new sales pipeline for B2B Business
  • Integrate a new CRM system
  • Learn how to generate relevant leads



10. Increase Your Sales By Building A Lead Generation Website!

Get the full blueprint on How to Build POWERFUL lead generation websites that drive TARGETED BUYER TRAFFIC to your business!


This course is developed by Adrian Knight and helps you learn

  • How to build lead generation websites that can double business sales
  • How to build a website that increases qualified leads to your business
  • Building valuable business assets
  • Tapping into large volumes of potential buyers for practically zero cost
  • How to outsource the process to an offshore team and build a website that works for lead generation
  • How to gain a major advantage over Your competitors and so much more!



11. Become a LinkedIn Power User: Networking and Lead Generation

Are you ready to expand your network and generate new leads for your business? If you are not using LinkedIn, you are at a big loss.


This lead generation course is developed is Chris Wilkey. In this course, you will learn about


  • Optimizing your LinkedIn profile
  • Basics of LinkedIn
  • Different mobile apps that make your life easier with LinkedIn
  • Building your network on LinkedIn in the right manner
  • How to convert a cold call into a warm call using LinkedIn
  • Preventing waste on time that can easily happen to try to figure out LinkedIn


There you go.


All these 11 courses are highly valuable and helped many marketers get a steady stream of leads. You can start taking one today and watch the positive changes that come along


So, which of these lead generation courses are you going to start with this Christmas? Comment below and let us know.



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