7 Most Effective Tactics To Push MoFU Leads to BoFU Leads


At different stages of the sales funnel, you have to address your prospects with the different content format. As you move down the funnel from ToFU to MoFU, you have more chances of introducing your product/service. Leads in MoFU still need to be educated but they are more receptive to know what offers you have for them.


At MoFu you can nurture your sales with –


  • Newsletters
  • eBooks
  • Whitepapers
  • Datasheets
  • Webinars


One thing you need to keep in mind that MoFU is not where you force people to buy. In fact, this is the stage where you need to still nurture them, as 50% of qualified leads won’t be ready to make a purchase. How then can you help Leads at MoFU to move further in BoFU?


Let us see 7 most effective tactics to push MoFU Leads to BoFU Leads.

1. Marketing Automation

What is Marketing Automation and how can it help you? In simple words, it is a software used to automate all the marketing processes. Many repetitive tasks such as emails, social media, and some other actions can be done using this software.


How does marketing automation help in moving leads from MoFU to BoFu?


Marketing automation captures the data that the prospects share and send them the right content at the right time. This way the sales process becomes more consultative and it results in better customers.


Many people have found marketing automation to be not so effective? What could be the reasons? Before you believe in what they say, think about this –


Would it be helpful to start doing Marketing Automation if you have the only a limited amount of leads? Of course Not! Also, doing marketing automation by buying list is not a wise idea as people hate spam.


Also, if Marketing Automation seems to be difficult and you are not using all of its functions, then first analyze your goals and then think of using marketing automation.


2. Leverage social media

social media pages

80% of the marketers say that email open rates don’t go beyond 20%. People think of emails when it comes to lead nurturing but we can do more than emails.


Why not use social media to nurture your leads? That’s True you can use social media but how? Why not follow below steps?


  • Know your market
  • Embed tweets on your website in your blog posts
  • Use Facebook plugins.


You can generally have their marketing strategy, an advertising strategy planned but it’ necessary to plan even their social strategy. Also, from the many suggestions, it is good to find your voice. A company called Target Corp. speaks with fun and friendly voice, whereas Apple with a slightly distant and mysterious voice. Maybe you too can pay attention to this small thing as the beginning of social media planning. Your voice on social media should echo your voice on other media.


3. Targeted Content

personalize content

Why do they say, one size does not fit all? In other words, all fingers are not the same. What does this suggest? Is that not a call for targeted content? Yes, It is but according to one research, 33% of B2B marketers find it hard to create targeted content.


According to one study, 73 % chose a brand that offered useful information, while 70% chose a brand that looked after their passions and interests and the number reduced to 64% when a brand demonstrated its principles.

Don’ t this numbers tell us the importance of targeted content? Delivering the right content, to the right people, at the right time is challenging. Yes, If we are not careful, we will end up with an epidemic of meaninglessness. We need to rectify that, what we consume as humans and create as marketers should not be different rather we should focus on something meaningful. How can we do that? Creating a Buyer’s Persona can help you!





4. Training and demos


These are some interesting statistics we have found for you to help you understand how important it is to love samples because your customers love them. As mentioned on YA on their website


  • 92% of consumers will try a product sample
  • 53% bought the product sample they tried
  • 56% like product samples because they are looking for alternatives


Your prospects will always have this question when have reached the decision stage – ‘Will this work for me?’


I want to share with you a story of  Benjamin T. Babbitt which I read while researching. Benjamin  Babbit wanted to promote his product; soap. How would he do that? There could have been many other options for his customers. How could he have lured them to buy his soap? Are you on the same stage? If pretty much yes, then this is your key –


Babbit would encourage tours to his manufactory and would offer small samples so that the visitors can try them and come to the decision of buying them.


You too need to do the same today if your product has to thrive because YA highlights 42% have switched their brand preference based on trying a product sample. You surely don’t want to waste the chance now.


Also, if you offer the free training you are offering a sneak peek into how your products or services can be operated. You can offer free training through webinars as another option. Content Marketing Institute says about 61% of marketers use webinars for in their marketing efforts. You too can think of it seriously.


5. Multichannel lead nurturing

lead nurturing

Through lead nurturing you should be able to personalize, adapt, listen and react to the buyer’s behavior in real time. An ordinary buyer quickly moves from emails to social media, then to your website and finally back to the social media. This clearly indicates that email marketing is not enough but your leads have to be nurtured through multichannel engagement. This will allow you to be more personal, more timely and relevant. So more than campaign it is time to think about engagements. Apart from emails, you have the option of blogs, whitepapers, newsletters, sending direct mails, etc. This way you will be able to address the pain points and gain points of your leads.

6. Personalized Emails

email responder

Though we said that email open rate does not go beyond 20%, email marketing still remains the most effective method for nurturing your leads. Personalized emails can drive 6 times more results than those not personalized.


You can personalize emails on the basis of the following information –


  1. User’s past actions
  2. On-site behavior
  3. Purchasing patterns or
  4. By using first name and last name in the email body and subject line.


If a person has already downloaded then you can provide a checklist next time on the content they would find valuable. Personalized emails can generate an average of $17.90 per email sent, as per Ripen eCommerce of Princeton.

But avoid these 7 things in your email campaign.

Yes, this is the way to make customers more interested in your brand.


7. Retargeting

target audience

Do you have your favorite dishes?  And do you have the ones you don’t like? How does one develop a taste for something they don’t like? Probably by eating things they don’t a little bit, by a little bit and that’s it. This is the same tactic that you can use in your marketing efforts – retargeting!


What is retargeting? If someone visits your website and leaves without buying anything. Later, somewhere online you feed them with ads of your products. We all have experienced this at times and this is retargeting. Sometimes people are a bit busy to go through buying at that moment, so if you do the job of reminding them, you will experience a boost in your posts.

There are many ways in which you can retarget. I will highlight below a few of the ideas for you.


  • Buyer Persona Retargeting
  • Account-Based Retargeting
  • Cross-Channel Retargeting
  • Use Facebook Custom Audiences
  • Email Retargeting
  • Customer Retargeting For Brand Loyalty


You have learned how to push your content from MoFU to BoFU. Now, what comes after BoFu?


What’s your role once you have nurtured leads and they have become your customers? Don’t stop at it. Continue to nurture these leads through newsletters, meetups, and user groups. Some of them invest 30% of their budget and 25% of their time to expand existing customer relationships as they are responsible for generating 50% of their total revenue.




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