3 Dark Secrets of Content Syndication That We Reveal This Christmas

Content syndication has been the hottest trend in the marketing industry for some time now. It has helped many businesses gain a new audience, generate demand and gather quality leads.


But, there are a few secrets of content syndication that no one wants to reveal. The secrets behind finding success with your content syndication strategy.


For those of you who don’t know what that is, imagine that you write an article and publish it on your blog. Then, you take that same blog post, republish it on a couple of other websites (preferably, the popular ones, like the Huffington post), tap into their massive audience and gather high-quality backlinks to your website. You can know more about content syndication here.


This image by Izooto explains a lot about the secrets of content syndication

syndication effect

It may sound too easy to be true, but trust me, it is not. There are tonnes of work involved and most of it is to to be able to write high-quality content that meets the standard of the popular websites. Besides that, you also need to know what content syndication tools to use.


In this post, we will give you 3 tips of secrets of content syndication that will help you get the most out of it.


So, let’s begin

1. Besides syndicating your content, you should start content syndication on your own blog

This is one of the well-kept secrets of content syndication. While businesses and brands use content syndication to gain traffic and generate demand, they also syndication other people’s (especially influencers) content to gain trust, authority, credibility and expand their overall reach.


As a blog owner and publisher of quality content, you can reach out to other websites and influencers for permission to feature their content on your blog. Known blogs like WordStream and Buffer feature content from industry influencers on a regular basis.


Now, don’t go overboard with it. Your visitors love to read original content and it should stay that way for the most part. But, getting original and helpful content is difficult. If you own a blog, you know how challenging it is to get authors that can commit and write quality content on time. So, aim at getting 10-15% syndicated content.

rss feedEven though the content is unoriginal, your readers will benefit from it if it is in your niche and share valuable information (that can help with your reader’s problem).


Pro tip: Instead of reaching out to influencers and asking them to write to you, ask them if they can feature already existing content on your blog.

2. Write original content for websites in your niche that syndication its content to partners

I know it may sound confusing but it is not. It is simple.


You should make a list of niche websites that syndicate their content. For example, if you can publish on Inc.com, they have renowned syndication partners like Business Insider.


Reach out to their editors and propose to write an original piece of content for their blog. It should resonate with their audience and should be one of your best work.

content syndication partners

Now, ensure that each website you reach out to in this manner, syndicate their blog content to partners. So, when your original blog post is published, it is picked up by the partners for content syndication. This will not only broaden your reach quickly, but it also helps you with brand awareness.


Remember to focus on niche websites only. If you do, it will drive targetted traffic back to your site without much effort.

3. Pay to get syndicated on popular websites

One of the major secrets of content syndication is to be on popular websites. Reputable online publishers like the entrepreneur, CNN and Forbes are the places to be. Since they are known in every industry, these are great places to syndicate content.


According to Ahrefs, Content Syndication might sound like a “hack” or a “shortcut”, but in reality, there are tons of hard work involved and 80% of that hard work goes into creating high-quality content that authority sites will be happy to republish.


secret content syndication ways

Considering the huge traffic these websites get every single day, the possibility of driving traffic and brand awareness is enormous. These readers could potentially become a regular visitor to your website and you can grow your blog readership.


This leads me to an interconnected secret of content syndication. Always (and, I mean it – always) syndicate content on a website with a greater site authority than yours. If you syndicate content on an authority website (like the ones we talked before), you can take advantage of the link juice and boost your site rankings. In short, always target websites in your niche that search engines give authority to (for example, a higher Domain Authority).


There you go.


This Christmas, review your marketing plans and include these secrets as your main content syndication strategy. If you implement even one of these tips, we are sure that you will see positive results.


Are you ready to welcome 2019 with a bang? Which of these tips appeal to you the most? Do you think we missed out any secrets of content syndication? Comment below and let’s talk



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