The Right Way for Email A/B Testing this Thanksgiving

Holidays have arrived. It is time to thank all the loving ones and spend quality time with our families.

But, there is a distinct business opportunity that lies in the holiday season. The time between Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday is a crucial time for most marketers and businesses to make tonnes of sales.

email A/B testing


The possibility that your customers are bombarded with sales emails, discount codes, new offers etc are extremely high.

But, you need to capitalize on the holiday seasons as well and hence, you need to distinguish yourself in the crowd.

This is where email A/B testing help. In this post, we will discuss the right way to implement an email A/B testing campaign this Thanksgiving.

Before we start, however, let’s us understand what is email split testing or email A/B Testing in short.

A/B testing is basically a conversion optimization technique that is used to test emails, web pages, lead generation forms and much more.

As the name suggests, email split testing or email A/B testing is all about testing the original version of the email against another version where you have changed a single element, like, the subject line, call to action, picture, or any other part of the design.

These are a few elements that you can change

email A/B testing

Source: OptinMonster

Usually, email A/B testing refers to changing just one element. However, if you want to make multiple changes in the original email, it is known as multivariate email testing and we will not be discussing that in this blog post.

This gets us to the next (obvious) question, why do you need to split test email campaigns?

A/B testing emails, especially during the holidays like Thanksgiving, allow you to take an informed decision about the email content and design, and not rely on guesswork or instincts. It tells you what works with your audience and what does not, based on actual buyer response.

If you carry out email testing with all your marketing campaigns, you can effectively get more subscribers to open the emails, click through your links, take desired actions and ultimately convert along with minimizing the risk involved in these marketing campaigns.

email A/B testing

So, how do you implement an A/B testing for emails?

#1 Begin with knowing your audience in and out

This is the basis of any successful marketing strategy – know who you are marketing to. For this purpose, you should work on a detailed buyer persona that includes your customer details like gender, education, location, sources of information, and key challenges that they face every day.

Gather all the information from customer feedback, sales team, marketing team, customer experience teams and other sources that are reliable. Put them into a specified format which is easier to understand for everyone and design marketing campaigns around it.

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#2 Segment your audience according to their buyer persona

Email list segmentation is important if you want to send emails that resonate with your buyer. Look at it this way –

Not only are your buyers aren’t a single homogenous group, but they are also not on the same stage of the buyer’s cycle. That means they will have different interests, challenges etc.

Hence, it is important that they are segmented into different groups so you can send them the right message at the right time. Besides this, segmentation is foundational for designing a successful email A/B testing campaign.

Did you know that segmented email campaigns have an open rate that is 14.32% higher than non-segmented campaigns? No doubt, segmentation is a proven way to make a difference in your email campaign ROI.

According to Mailchimp’s data, segmentation makes a huge difference int he results and here is what they have to say 

email campaign stats

#3 Create the Thanksgiving email marketing campaign

It is now time to create your Thanksgiving email marketing campaign. While you can read the best practice to design an email marketing email, here are a few pointers you must follow:

    • Select an attractively designed and mobile-friendly email marketing template
    • Pay attention to fonts, branding, images, and color. Be festive.
    • Emails should be short, simple and easily scannable
  • Insert a single call to action that encourages subscribers to take the desired action

Once you have sent out the email marketing campaign, it is time to track the metrics to see which variations are doing well and what changes are resonating with which group of audience.

Track the metrics carefully

Before we go on to discuss the metrics you should consider tracking, there is one thing you need – your current and last holiday campaign results to be used as a baseline for measuring the success of this email marketing campaign.

These are the email marketing metrics you need to track:

    • Open rates
    • Click through rates
    • Deliverability and bounce rates
    • Unsubscribe rates
    • Leads and sales that are a result of this specific email marketing campaign
    • Revenue per email or click
  • Revenue per subscriber

Once you have gathered all this information, you need to analyze it and see what can be done to make it effective. What you need is to OTSM –





Let’s take an example to understand this.

  • You observe that your click-through rate has declined by 2%.

  • You, then, go through the entire campaign and think about what could be the reason. Let’s say you notice that your call to action is not clear enough for the audience.

  • You suggest changing it to something bolder and clearer

  • If the click-through rate goes up by 2%, you will know it has worked.
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This is an important exercise to do while carrying out an email A/B testing campaign. So, do not skip over this.

Email marketing campaign is a great way to get repeat business and gain new buyers. Your subscribers have already parted away with their information because they trust you and they are ready to receive information from you. Hence, it is important to carry out A/B testing at regular intervals and improve campaigns to get better conversion rates and increase revenue.

Have we missed out on any factor? What has been your experience with email A/B testing? Comment below and let us know. We love to hear from you.

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