2 Reasons Your Startup is Not Getting Leads from Your Blog (+How to Fix It)

We live on the internet. Like, literally. People eat on Instagram and buy on online stores.

So does your startup business.

The worst thing that you can do is not utilize the potential of the internet by making silly mistakes.
Especially, with your business blog!

Blogging is one of the FASTEST ways of widening your online presence, increasing your industry authority and attracting leads.

But, it will be a distant dream if you make these TWO MISTAKES


One of the biggest mistakes you are making is NOT writing consistently.

We know that you are busy running your startup business and probably don’t have the time to brainstorm your blog every week or every month.

But, your business need leads to grow and expand.

What is a better way of getting leads than writing about what you are anyway doing every single day?

You are into mobile application development. Oh yeah, let’s write about the trends or the latest apps which are creating a buzz in the market.

You are into cloud computing services. Let’s write about how it can help your customers or a basic guide on security.

It is that simple. And, you know what?

Blogging can bring in a lot of leads even if you aren’t SO big on it.


blogging mistakesThat’s downright crazy!

But, how do you keep up the pace? How to ensure you are writing quality content? How do you come up with topics? How do you keep a track?

Oh god, blogging is this high maintenance? Argh!

blogging is this high maintenance
Yeah, we get it. But, did you know that

According to BlogHer, blogs are trusted sources of information and advice; say 81% of US online consumers.

Which gets us to the next point? How can you handle this effectively?

Every month, begin with creating an editorial calendar. Include

  • What is required for that month? Blog posts, 1 newsletter etc
  • When will you write it?
  • By when will you have each task finished?
  • Which content piece will be published on which date?


Having a calendar will decrease your stress levels big time!

According to a Hubspot Survey, small companies that publish 11 or more blog posts per month drive much higher traffic than companies of the same size that publish fewer than 11 blog posts and about 2X as much traffic as those publishing 2 – 5 monthly posts

Ned Stark
BUT, you don’t need to stress on this.

You can start with 2-3 blog posts a month and increase your frequency as you grow. The results will be slow, but once you write 21-54 blog posts, blog traffic can increase by up to 30%.

The easiest way of creating this calendar is using Google Calendar. It is simple to use and can be shared with your team.

If you are looking for a more visual way of creating this calendar and collaborate with your team, use Trello. It is visual, card-based collaboration tool which will let you create a perfect editorial strategy.

You do not have to spend a great deal of time doing creating this calendar. I know what you are thinking?

How do I come up with so many topics? It’s mind-boggling! It’s annoying. Do I really need a blog?

So, let me divulge a secret.

You don’t need to brainstorm the topics.

There are tools to help you out and, guess what? They are free (to some extent!) which is enough for you in the beginning

First is, Hubspot idea generator. I put in content marketing, blogging and small business and boom

small business blogging mistakes

It has given me 5 topics which are relevant to content marketing and small businesses. I am sorted for the month! You can repeat this exercise and get a few more topics.

Another way of finding trending topics in your niche is to use BuzzSumo.

Just enter the niche and see what’s trending. However, you can see only 10-15 topics in the free version.

small business blogging mistakes


You create content and leave it at that or focus completely on marketing your blog posts.

But, that is not right. Growing a list of subscribers should be your top priority.

For that, you need to collect their emails and use them to land leads.

Because emails can give you 174% more conversions than any social media platform.

Not only that,

According to Campaign Monitor, email marketing has the ROI of $44 for every dollar spent as compared to $38 in 2015.

There are a bunch of statistics to show that email marketing is the most effective channel for lead generation and yet it is overlooked by startups.

According to Neil Patel, not only did email marketing boosted the traffic on QuickSprout by 16%, 666 comments out of 1860 were from email subscribers.

Create a detailed piece of content which is relevant to your audience or start sending out simple newsletters.

Who are we kidding? How do I do that? Taking out the time to create an ebook from scratch? Analyzing trends and content to write a white paper?

Trust me, it does not need to be all that fancy.

To begin with, you can take up your most successful blog post and turn it into a guide.

Your ultimate goal is to be useful to your visitors. If you achieve that, they will happily part away with their email address.

For example, Marketo

Marketo blog

They give you a set of best practices. To download the guide, you need to give away contact information. Now,

If you do not have the time to repurpose your content, you can always make use of a persuasive copy to sell your curated newsletter.

As an entrepreneur, you read about your industry and you read regularly. It shouldn’t take a hell lot of time to collate a few articles you loved to read and share it with your readers.

The Hustle aced it with their home page. They sound quirky and fun. If you sign up, you will get the most important and relevant tech news in your inbox. While The Hustle sends it every day, you can do it monthly or bi-monthly.

The Hustle
That gets us to the next point.

How and where can you ask for emails? You can use a welcome mat (like The Hustle)


Like Melyssa, who provides you access to resources on her landing page


Or like Becky and Paula who are giving away a book on their homepage in return of your email address

Becky and PaulaOr even the QuickSprout which gives you access to a course (along with a secret bonus) if you part away with your contact details

QuickSproutThere are multiple ways of collecting emails using lead magnets.

Similarly, there are multiple plugins which makes it easy to set it up.

You can use Mailmunch, MailChimp, SumoMe or even WPsubscribe. (Read about more options here). The plugins are simple to use and let you customize the design.

There you go. The two mistakes you are probably making (or were going to make) and how to fix it without having to lose your sleep.

Why don’t you let us know what you think about this?

Chhavi AgrawalChhavi Agarwal is a freelance tech and marketing writer/blogger and co-founder at Content Writer Guru. She works closely with B2C/B2B companies and helps grow their online presence through content creation. When she is not writing, she is traveling across India and documenting her experiences on Mrs. Daaku Studio. You can email her at remotecopywriter@gmail.com


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