3 Reasons Why Demand Generation Needs Personalization

I bought it. I knew it would help.


Her content was always so valuable. Without paying a penny, I learned so much and implemented strategies that got me results.


I knew one thing – the product WILL help me do what I want.


There it goes – her content help builds trust, credibility, and loyalty throughout.


And, this is what we are going to talk about today.


Personalizing demand generation trends / efforts and why you should!


But before we go there, let me tell you what personalized marketing is.


Have you heard Dale Carnegie saying? A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language


Did you also know that personalization stats show that 75% of customers prefer buying from a seller that knows their name, purchase history, and recommends products based on their previous purchases?


Personalized demand generation works on this basic principle. It refers to integrating personalization (making it as relevant as possible for your target audience) into different types of marketing mediums, such as blog posts, social media, and emails.


How you do this?


By collecting data related to your customer’s challenges (pain points) and creating marketing campaigns to address them.


In this post, we will look into 3 reasons why demand generation needs personalization.


1. Helps customer resonate with your brand and drive awareness


Demand generation is all about spreading awareness and driving new leads to your business, right?


And, personalization is your best tool. I am assuming you already have detailed buyer personas and profile at your disposal. Using the details hidden in these profiles, you can create content that will resonate with your audience.


content creation

So, let’s say this is how your profile looks like –


Luke M.


Age – 35-45

Married with kids

Lead generation marketer


Goals – Generate leads, drive demand, manage communications

Challengers – too much to do; not sure how to get there; showing ROI at every step


Based on this, you can have content related to these topics –


  • Top 10 tactics for lead generation in 2019
  • How to justify lead generation budget every time (+ how to show ROI)
  • Lead Generation: 1000+ Strategies, Ideas, Best Practices & Examples etc




Now, if you write content on topics like these, Luke will keep coming back for more information and guides to keep up with his challenges. He sees you as someone who understands his problems and has a solution to it. You are helping him get better at his job and hence, your content talks to him.



One of the best ways to do is to write an introduction that touches on his pain points. For example, you say – There are so many lead generation tactics out there but marketers don’t have the time or budget to try it all. Not to forget, there is so much to do for us in the little time we have. … in this post, we bring to you top 10 tactics for lead generation and tell you exactly how it helps you in generating leads, driving demand and managing communication with your target audience.


See, what we did there? That introduction will act as a hook and Luke is more likely to read what you have to share.


As you nurture your target audience and show how your products and services can answer to their problems, there is a huge chance they will end up taking a demo, trial or investing your product in the future.


Another way to boost this further is to interlink content and share recommended readings. This keeps them on your website and takes them on a journey (with your product as the end requirement)


The principle is simple –


Personalized content talks directly with your target audience. A study by Contently shows personalized content is considered “more effective” and “much more effective” by a wide margin

personalized content

Source: Contently


Similarly, with personalized emails and relevant content, your leads are far more likely to engage with your message.

A study showed that 57 percent of consumers are willing to exchange personal data in return for tailored offers and discounts. Also, 52 percent said that they are willing to receive product recommendations.


Result? You have qualified leads in your demand generation funnel!


2. Builds trust with your readers


Personalized demand generation activities / efforts also help in building trust amongst your readers. If you can motivate readers to sign up to an opt-in (or other lead generation forms), they are much more receptive for future communication and recommendations.


This means you have just improved your chances for higher engagement and conversion.

content trust with readers

Remember, trust does not build up in a day. Keep providing relevant and valuable content to your readers and it will happen.


3. It moves readers through the funnel and qualifies them


According to a study by Demand Gen Report, a 20% increase in sales opportunities are produced through leads who are nurtured with tailored content.


Meaning, the biggest contribution of personalized demand generation efforts is lead nurturing, revenue and ROI


Personalized marketing efforts are your opportunity to connect with your readers, help them, build trust and understand their requirements thoroughly. For this purpose, you HAVE to invest time in segmenting your leads and creating campaigns specifically for each.


When you ace segmentation and personalizing content, you will skyrocket lead generation, revenue, and ROI.


This is exactly why I ended up buying her recommended products and this “her” can be you.


personalizing content

If you aren’t investing in and making efforts to personalize content according to your target audience, you are losing tonnes of money.


Over to you –


What is your experience personalizing demand generation needs? Have I missed anything on the list?



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