Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Email Marketing in 2019


Running and growing a small business is difficult. At any point in time, you are required to wear a number of different hats (like CEO, salesperson, accountant, and customer service representative).

outsourcing email marketing

What about the marketing department? Tight budgets and a number of endless obligations don’t allow small and medium-sized businesses to have a dedicated marketing team.


By outsourcing it, you can reap the benefits of having an entire team to yourself without having to hire or invest individually.


In this post, we will discuss 6 reasons why email marketing outsource is something you should consider in 2019


1. Email marketing outsource allows access to expertise and a bunch of necessary skills

For each marketing activity that takes place, there are a bunch of other activities that go on in the background.

Let’s take email marketing. For a great email campaign (with high click-through rates and conversion), you need access to email marketing tools, segmented audience, persuasive copy, brilliant designing and the right time to send the email.


To be able to manage all these smaller activities to the best of its requirements is difficult. These tasks require expertise and skills at all levels.


While you can establish a small in-house team or hire a freelance marketer, they will never have “all” the expertise you want them to have. This is where email marketing outsources outsmarts all other options.


Marketing agencies hire the best talent, have experts in all fields and segments to help you create a marketing campaign that has higher chances of conversion.   


Let’s take email marketing. For a great email campaign (with high click-through rates and conversion), you need access to email marketing tools, segmented audience, persuasive copy, brilliant designing and the right time to send the email.


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2. Access to the latest technology


This point logically flows from #1. Email marketers require latest MarTech stack to drive success.

Meaning – up to date tools are a necessity (not a want). Investing in all the products can be expensive (including buying, implementing and training the staff) and wasteful (if you are not using it on regular basis).

Email marketing outsources cuts down overhead costs drastically. Plus, you have access to professionals who are trained to use the tool to the best of its ability.


3. Knowledge about and employing the best strategies


In the ever-changing email marketing landscape, keeping up is not easy. That said, putting the latest strategies and best practices to use can fetch far more impressive results.


If you opt for email marketing outsource, this would come to you without making an extra effort. Agencies ensure their teams are up to date on the latest trends, changes, best practices and train them to utilize it to the best of clients advantage.


Besides this, email marketing agencies know how to bridge the gap between what you know and what you need for a successful marketing campaign.



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4. Saving time and money


This is a big one.


Time is valuable to any business owner. Outsourcing email marketing to an expert agency can save a lot of your time. It helps


  • Employees focus on work (i,e, what they do best) and not sidetracked with marketing efforts
  • Increase revenue
  • Free owners and c-suite to concentrate on what they do best – running the business
  • Creates an efficient email marketing campaign that drives results

time is money

When it comes to money, email marketing outsources win all the arguments. We say this because


  • Hiring an expert on your payroll requires additional spend, like, benefits, taxes, space, overtime etc
  • Employing an in-house member multiplies the costs of running a campaign
  • Investment shoot ups because you have to buy the required software to run a campaign successfully. Some of these tools are extremely expensive and go up to $1000 a month


5. Increased ROI


A lot of people argue that outsourcing is expensive. Yes, it is – but only if you see the upfront cost of hiring one.


By now, you have understood the other benefits of outsourcing email marketing campaigns to an agency. While the initial number may raise the cost, the pay off arises in leads that are converted and decreased expenditures on many fronts.


In a nutshell, outsourcing email marketing campaigns to quality agencies boost revenue.




6. Flexibility


Let’s say you want to start with email marketing campaigns and you hire an employee or freelancer to do so. Now, you want to expand your marketing efforts but the employee or freelancer is not an expert.

What do you do?


You hire more staff. You let go of existing employee in the hope to hire someone who knows how to juggle between different marketing tactics.


If you were to hire a marketing agency, you can simply expand the scope of your contract to include other activities. You will always have the liberty to increase or decrease their functions.


In case the relationship proves rocky, you can always change the company. Outsourcing campaigns to an agency also mean fresh ideas, detailed reports on campaigns and no burden for a change of strategy.


Outsourcing email marketing campaigns to an agency allow you to have a competitive advantage needed to succeed. They can push you to implement strategies you won’t consider (or have the time to implement) otherwise.


With an agency, you can always test new strategies, tools, and tactics to figure out which one works the best for your business.


Over to you –


We would love to hear your views on outsourcing email marketing campaigns to an agency. Have you done it? If yes, what has been your experience and why do you think outsourcing is good for smaller businesses? If no, what is stopping you to outsource and what benefits do you see in having an in-house team?


Comment below and let us know.

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