Online Demand Generation Tactics vs. Offline Tactics: Which is best for Your Organization?


The world is going digital and thus online nowadays but according to Google’s Consumer Barometer, 40% of worldwide consumers purchase online. This means remaining others stick to offline sales which are quite higher than the online percentage. This should make all marketers think about offline demand generation tactics as well. You might be thinking thus, whether online demand generation tactics or offline demand generation tactics are best for your organization. Why not have look at a few reasons? After all, choosing either of the methods to generate demand is not that simple choice.


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If you see the above image, we come to know that B2B companies spend most of their budget on digital marketing but interestingly 53% of spending is on tradeshows. Digital marketing methods are still standing but offline methods have not gone completely because marketers still use print advertising and public relations to engage with their target audience.


Demand generation is meant to create awareness about the products but demand generation is more than the top of the funnel marketing or branding. Demand generation is applicable throughout the sales cycle and offline demand generation programs are still powerful in this respect. You can nurture key prospects and build long-term relationships.


Offline demand generation has advantages over online which are as follows –

Higher conversion rate –

In online methods, you have less time to approach prospects. If you miss that chance, they are unlikely to get back and hence offline methods have proven to be helpful as you can build a relationship in such way that you can contact the prospects in their convenient time.


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Personalized experience to leads –

As human conversations are involved, it is possible to have meaningful conversations which lead to building trust and better engagements. Also, it’s more noticeable as with online ads people hardly tolerate irrelevant content.

Impactful Human touch –

In Online marketing, there is little human touch until the lead reaches a certain level in the sales funnel. As man is a social animal, offline marketing is beneficial because it fosters human interaction.

Higher recall -

Printed Ads are highly recalled than online ads by 60%, according to VistaPrint. Direct mails or printed guides are easily remembered by the human brain than digital media. Also, it requires less effort to process prints as compared to digital information.


Following are the offline demand generation activities –

  • Trade Shows
  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions and Events
  • Direct Mail
  • Print Media
  • Print Marketing Materials


You can use offline tactics to drive traffic to offline pages without minimizing your online presence. Because online tactics offer you a few facilities which offline doesn’t do?


Following are the online demand generation activities –

  • Email
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Online Display
  • Webinars
  • Content Syndication
  • Video Marketing

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Most implemented marketing methods


The advantages of using online demand generation methods are as follows –

Online Nurturing

Most of the people are online most of the time in a day. With online demand generation tactics it is possible to capture customer data such as clicks, searches, shares. This data can be used to analyze prospects and give them personalized experience.

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Automated marketing services

It is possible to automate digital marketing processes. For example, you can use marketing automation to automate your drip marketing as this increases efficiency and saves time.

Targeted marketing

With online marketing, it is very easy to focus on your target audience through paid ads in search, social media marketing, and content marketing.

Focus on qualified leads

With online marketing, you can do lead scoring using the captured data about the leads. This will help you to understand which are your qualified leads and focus on them.


You can ask yourself the following questions to decide how to divide your budget for both of the activities.

  • You can first decide for yourself the goal of your demand generation strategy whether you want to increase revenue, sales pipeline, or brand awareness. This will help you decide on the best marketing method suitable to achieve your goal.
  • Both the tactics are useful for different or same purposes and have their own advantages. Now, it depends on ideal customers’ usage, which one you focus on.
  • Also, if you have used both the techniques, you need to see which methods provided the highest ROI. Depending on this historical data, you can decide which one gives you more profit.
  • Depending on what suits your buyer’s journey, you can use both the methods for better results as they both are beneficial.


What do you have in your mind? Have you heard about digital marketing methods like drip marketing, social media marketing, etc? Would you like to tips and tricks for any of these? Why not contact us for all these services. We are ready with the best demand generation strategies which can prove helpful. Why not comment below to help us know what are interests you?

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