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Lead Generation is the way toward pulling in your optimal clients and getting them keen on purchasing your products or services. Leads can engage with your business in a few different ways. For instance, organizing events, web-based social networking, and ads all can help you generate leads in 2019 at a higher rate. Any business without leads won’t exist long. Right now is an ideal opportunity to look forward and begin setting your marketing strategy at the start of the New Year. You can’t simply reuse similar old tools and strategies; you will need to Redefined Strategy for Marketing to prevail in 2019.


lead generation cycle

Don’t forget lead generation is imperative at each phase of the buyer’s journey.


  • Awareness stage – Here individuals realize they have an issue, however, don’t yet realize that you can help.


  • Evaluation stage – At this stage, they’re searching for solutions, including your business.


  • Conversion stage – Here they’re at the point of choosing whether they want your solutions or not.


We are discussing in this article 20 Lead Generation Hacks for 2019.


  1. A standout amongst the most critical places for lead generation is your website. Website visitors progress toward becoming leads by taking actions like:


  • Subscribing to your email list
  • Requesting your lead magnet
  • Signing up for a webinar
  • Beginning a free trial


  1. Utilize a plugin like Yoast to optimize your website for SEO which will guarantee your site ranks in SERPs. In case you’re not utilizing SEO as a component of your marketing strategy, you’re passing up on an extraordinary chance to get increasingly qualified leads by drawing in more traffic to your website.


  1. Select an email specialist provider (ESP) (for e.g. Constant Contact, Drip, and AWeber) that is anything but difficult to use, fits inside your financial plan, has features you need, and incorporates effectively with your website’s plugins. Numerous ESPs offer a free plan or trial for beginners


  1. Use split testing for your emails as it gives understanding into your prospect’s preferences and can enable you to increase email marketing metrics: open rates, clickthrough rates, change rates, and more.


  1. The keywords you use increases your site’s search ranking, hence don’t forget to use keywords that customers use to search on Google as this will help you get backlinks. Use Google Search Console to know people are already searching for on the internet.


  1. SEO optimization serves as a channel, bringing in a surge of leads your site. This is why you need to make your site a standout amongst the best lead generation tools you have.


  1. To get the right kinds of leads you need to first define your target audience. You can decide your target audience by Age, education, income, pain points, likes and interests, and behavior.


  1. You can utilize Google Analytics to perceive what keywords are as of now directing people to you and you can look at where content ranks with SEMRush.


  1. Doing content analysis is a critical part of utilizing SEO for lead generation. Since SEO best practices change routinely in light of Google algorithm changes, it’s vital to make this sort of review a normal part of your strategy. To begin with, upgrade titles and Meta description, as these are what individuals find in search engines when they choose to click.

landing page


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  1. Do the content analysis to know which pages are as of now performing great. You can also find it in Google Analytics in » Behavior » Site Content » Landing Pages section.


  1. Title length changes depending on what gadget are being used, making it progressively hard to come up with ideal title length. So ensure you put your objective keywords early in the title, so it will appear on any gadget searchers use.


  1. Google presents content that answers questions through answer boxes and featured snippets. Use lists & bullets in your article and make lists sufficiently long so searchers need to navigate to read the full article.


  1. Use lead magnets and offer them in return for an email address. Your lead magnet can be an eBook, checklist, cheat sheet, or whatever else that your subscribers would need.


  1. If you find out what your potential client needs and answer that question by attaching it to a high-converting landing page, you’ll reliably create leads.


  1. A webinar is a moderately affordable way to broadcast your message before a targeted audience who requested it by registering. This way, you will be generating targeted leads according to 52% of marketers.


  1. Videos represent 80 percent of all web traffic, making it by a wide margin the most predominant type of digital content and additionally, it’s extremely successful. Video marketers get 66% more qualified leads every year and accomplish 54% expansion in brand awareness. If you aren’t yet doing video marketing, or you’ve just dunked your toes in the water, it’s an ideal opportunity to dive in.


  1. If you are a startup, you can make a list of 20 individuals who know you well and can be your potential clients. You can start pitching them and setting up meetings to share your marketing plans with them and you can also ask for referrals and contacts.


  1. When you realize which organizations you most need to pitch to, start networking using LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an extraordinary asset for B2B lead generation since you can utilize it for research. Join LinkedIn groups that influence your industry. By being increasingly proactive on LinkedIn, you can go into these discussions and develop a reputation for being a keen, helpful resource.


  1. Tools like Google AdWords have re-re-targeting capacities that empower you to show your ads to the individuals who visited your site previously. This is a useful tool because according to Google up to 97 percent of the individuals who visit your landing page doesn’t convert promptly.


  1. Even if you are a start-up and have a lean budget, you can still nurture your leads. You don’t have to invest in a CRM system or software but simply use excel sheet to keep track of your target audience behavior. You can keep an eye on your communication with your target accounts. Naturally, as a startup, you will face a lot of challenges as there will be long to-do lists


Whether you are a startup or existing business, you can generate as many leads as you want, if you use the correct lead generation approach. This way, you will generate leads in 2019 more easily than you expected who will be later converted to customers. Yes, as you start implementing above Lead Generation Hacks for 2019, you can generate leads in 2019 with redefined strategy.

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