12 Lead Generation Examples for Successful Campaigns


We have already discussed in the previous blog about the lead generation campaigns that can get your marketing gimmicks rolling successfully. Generating leads is no cake walk since you need to have tried and tested marketing approaches so that your potential customers are interested in your business enough to allow you to contact them. This being said, we can always take a cue from various lead generation examples that guarantee a sure-shot success in generating leads.


If we tread around properly for getting the leads, we can convert every platform to a lead generation one.


Here are 12 lead generation examples that you can try for increasing your lead score.


Check them out!

1. Give your best for free


Giving out your best product/services for free can actually get you more leads. You can provide the free stuff by asking your audience to subscribe to your website. If you make it seem that you are providing something which looks like its unique, you can attract the audience who are looking for something which is unique and different from what your competitors are providing.

2. Set up an effective landing page

You should always try to have multiple landing pages, at least 2. To convey the powerful and easy solutions, you should use bold title and sub-head combination. You can use the badges of your website at the bottom of the landing page to establish legitimacy and trust. Track every platform to understand what people want and why they click your website.

3. Provide CTA when user is about to exit

You can use exit detection plugins to understand if your potential leads are about to leave your website so that you can provide them with CTAs. You can also detect if the user is the same within the same session and then adjust accordingly. By detecting their exit you will not annoy your visitors by showing your CTA every time they visit your website.

4. Invite guest bloggers to your website

lead generation examples

Inviting guests on your website to blog has its own share of benefits. You can get excellent content which can act as an insight for your audiences. It is also more likely that these guest bloggers will share your link. You can also build long term relationships with guests.


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5. Add content upgrades to your blog posts

By adding content upgrades I mean that you add an extension in the form of a free e-book, worksheets, PSD filed, video training, source codes and infographics. You can provide access to these upgrades by trading in email addresses from your audiences.

6. Connect with customers on a regular basis

If you want to remain at the top of your customer’s mind when they are trying to resolve a problem, you should maintain consistency with your target audiences. It is one of the easiest lead generation examples, albeit time-consuming, you can use. Users usually comment in the comment section in case they have any queries which you need to patiently reply. You can also include links to your blogs in the comments.


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7. Use pop-ups

You should use pop-ups to grab your audiences’ attention to straight up where you want it. Since attracting the attention of your website visitors is quite challenging you can use your most important content stand out by using a pop-up. You will be able to differentiate your call-to-action button, by using the pop-up, from all the other information from the page.

8. Create Quizzes

lead generation quiz time

To create quizzes you need to know your customers and what they are looking for. You also need to ensure that they are willing to provide their contact information to get an answer from you. Creating the quiz in such a way that it answers the questions for your potential leads in an automated way is an effective way to gain new leads.

9. Offer a free trial

Since everyone loves free trial offering your potential client one will captivate them into a paying customer at a lower cost. This makes your website seem like a subject matter expert. Make sure that you publicize about the free trial on your website and all the social media channels so that new customers can readily notice it.

10. Create templates

If you have a template for your business plan, you can remove some of the difficulties associated with changing or developing your business plan. You can help your customers in creating these templates and therefore start a powerful relationship that can result in a potential lead actually purchasing your product/service.

11. Share success stories from experts

You can showcase how deeply you intend to deliver great advice out there by scheduling interviews with industry experts so that they can share their stories and ideas. By doing this, your reputation of being a source of expert details amongst the audiences will skyrocket.

12. Make help videos

If you add help video to your website’s landing page, ass a form so that you can collect information in the video player. You can get more leads for your product by doing this. The best bet is to use your video that is educational and designed to appeal to a wide range of use cases and audiences.


Lead generation examples, if used properly and on time, can be fruitful for your business. Lead generation isn’t as easy as people make you feel since it uses a lot of planning for being available at the right place to get the information of your prospects.

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